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Let's get it started *cracks knuckles* · 1:38am May 22nd, 2015

Chapter 9 is coming to you guys soon! I plan i releasing it before Monday this week as I have kept you guys waiting long enough. Even though my chinchilla has just past, and my finals are coming up, i suddenly feel full of energy. SO MARK MY WORDS! I will get this chapter out on time this time! Or i will shave my freaking head! :moustache:

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It's probably been a long time, and there's a possibility you don't read my story anymore, but...

I'm one chapter away from finishing "Elements Change the Dark Hearts". If you care to give it a look, I could really appreciate the critique and personal thoughts of readers, now that it's so close to being done.

Thanks for the follow! :pinkiesmile:

ey boss, is your story dead?

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