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In the land of Azeroth, the dragon aspects fought their former brother, Deathwing. The mortals failed them and they were unable to defeat him. In a desperate attempt to save their own world, they sent Deathwing to another world in hope that he would land somewhere unpopulated or simply die. Neltharion/Deathwing lands in Equestria, free from his own corruption he seeks to redeem himself and find his way home to his family.
Meanwhile Princess Celestia have a vision of Neltharion destroying Equestria and she sends Discord to find him before that happens.
Friendships will be made and be broken. Love will blossom and anger rekindled. But in the end, will Equestria survive? Or will it all be consumed in Fire?

Takes place after S4 finale but does not include S5 canon

World of warcraft crossover

There will be some shipping in this story and it will have somehwhat of an impact on the plot simply because I think it's too good of an opportunity to miss.

27/04/2015 UPDATE: All chapters have been corrected of most grammar related mistakes. Correction and editing was done by Exaxxion

This is my first fanfic, just so you know. Critique would be highly appreciated, since Im trying to get better at writing. Hope you enjoy the story.

Cover picture is by the amazing and talented Hussii. I have not asked permission to use his art as he, unfortunately, has been offline for over six months. If he by any chance stumbles across this fic and is not okay with me using his art, please message me and I will remove it.

Chapters (27)
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Comments ( 423 )

Dude..... this is getting good

"Besides, he's not powerful enough to overpower me even if he tried" Twillight winked at her friends as she walked over to Neltharion.

Hmmm now that just jinxed her lol

Twilights now doomed to be ovrrpowered.

Its fun how he thought spike was just some sort of Lizard and not a dragon.
Also im pretty sure that Neltharion is at the top of the magical food chain in equestria he was afaik the strongest of the aspects even before they where diminished by the Dragonsoul and he didn't get any weaker during his time as Deathwing and we all know that it took a deus ex machina in the form of green jesus and time travel to believably take him down in the end.

Spike cannot even be considered a dragon compared to the dragons of Azeroth.

Also, Blizzard puts too much faith and responsibility in their green jesus, that's for sure. All he really did was point a disc in the direction of the living embodyment of the apocalypse and thinking This better Damn work.

And in case you were wondering, NO! I won't be nerfing Deathwing in this story.

I think I've read another story like this, Deathwing being sent/banished to Equestria, but I'm not entirely sure... :rainbowhuh:
Though I do like where this is going! Though I'll be honest it'd be funny if somepony started crushing on him, I bet that would just confuse/freak him the fuck out!

Twillight took a breath about to continue when interrupted.

"Don't tell me some ponies are moving the sun and moon aswell" Neltharion said rolling his eyes, his voice dripping with sarcasm.

"Don't tell me some ponies are moving the sun and moon aswell" Neltharion said rolling his eyes, his voice dripping with sarcasm.

"Wait, what?" Neltharion asked wide eyed, his voice full of doubt. There were ponies powerful enough to move the celestial bodies? This was getting rediculous.

Repeated paragraphs, think you accidentally put it in instead of the one you intended.

I also noticed you spelled "psysical" instead of "physical" multiple times in the story now, might want to fix that

"Don't tell me some ponies are moving the sun and moon aswell" Neltharion said rolling his eyes, his voice dripping with sarcasm.

This line appeared twice, also Twillight seems to be missing a line after that. Other than that it was a good read.

5584579 Well that's embarassing.. Sorry about that, it's fixed now.

Oh Shits about to go down i can feel it

What is this a crossover of? Why does this have a gore tag, but not a dark tag?

It's the world of wibbly wobbly Warcraft :pinkiehappy:

5583285 I remember the story you're talking about, although it ended up with Neltherion returning to the size of a whelp or slightly larger. he ends up living with Fluttershy.
It was never finished and I can't find it anymore, but it was pretty good.

Comment posted by SoaringCoal deleted Feb 4th, 2015

5584790 im not sure if this story can be categorized as "Dark". It probably can, but i want to be sure before putting in a "dark" tag. Gore tag is for later.

Get an editor. You need one badly.

Burnnnnnnnnnnn everything!

Edit: I like how you are start to build things up. Especially with his presence causing those dream even though he don't intend to do those atrocities ever again.

"And im Scootaloo!" The orange pegasus with blue mane said

If that's blue then I need to get my eyes checked...


Seriously though, good chapter. I was HOPING for him to transform into that gigantic dragon that we all know and love.

no dont go, its just getting good:applecry:

5599635 Thanks! Though it kinda sucks that it's possibly abandoned. Do you think anyone will attempt to finish?

even though he knew deep in his mind that they would never forgive him for all he had done.

Actually, they'd probably be horrified to learn that you were trapped in your own mind while your body acted on its own.

But that doesn't excuse you from the pain you've caused him

Really, Twilight? So, you'd rather leave Spike's injury unattended than cause him a instant of pain that would prevent him from remaining in agony? Wow, you must be the worst big sister ever, of all time.

although she had never heard of such a thing as relocating bones.

Which shows how stupid you really are. Seriously, Twilight knows a bunch of trivia, but nothing actually useful. Not even simple medical knowledge.

There were ponies powerful enough to move the celestial bodies?

No, actually, there aren't. The fact there is no gravitational distortions and the fact that species who do not live in Equestria have no qualms about getting rid of the princesses and the fact their world even exists before the ponies came into existence proves that neither they nor the unicorn teams before them ever had any influence over the sun, moon, stars, etc. Thinking in this way it becomes obvious that they move the light (sunlight, moonlight, starlight, etc.) and even then, only over Equestria. Still no mean feat, of course. Quite impressive, but also utterly nothing compared to what they claim. Though, perhaps they really do believe it, since ponykind in the show is obviously extremely isolationist and sheltered, even the princesses probably don't realize that their spell has no effect outside of Equestria.

It had been a massacre on both sides.

I guess that's what happens when both sides suck at fighting but are armed. They just stab at the other guy, who is also stabbing them, so they both get impaled and die.

They had no idea of what it was capable of.

They had best pray they never discover just how right they are.

I don't think you need an editor. There are very few mistakes and they are quite minor, almost unnoticeable. I look forward to more chapters from you. Don't let it die like most good fics do! Keep it alive and full of win!

Stay away from my friend!

Personally, I would've let him kill Discord if only because Discord attacked him unprovoked and is a devious monster who has betrayed the ponies several times to near apocalyptic results. Besides, if he's stupid enough to believe he can defeat something that Celestia can't even damage enough to get him to notice her existence, then he is literally too stupid to live.

He fell unconcious.

How much do you want to bet he wakes up in a dungeon with Celestia somehow managing to convince herself that he's at her mercy?

The Aspects are far older then the measly ten thousand years since the war of the ancients, they where after all elevated shortly after the Titans finished shaping the world.

Also kek at their attempts to seal the power of an Aspect with simple magic runes, the only thing that has managed to bind an aspect is the Dragon Soul but even that is not a guarantee. Also Neltharion is something they never saw before especially his magic, so i really doubt that those runes would be all that effective.

But im wondering what will happen to him now? Im pretty sure the original Neltharion learned about the magic of friendship millenia ago because all of the dragonflights had to work together in harmony to fulfill their respective tasks, especially the Aspects.

Comment posted by SoaringCoal deleted Feb 22nd, 2015

Chrysi. I hope you dont mind heat cuse you and your soildiers will perich in flames. And it will be beutifull.:pinkiecrazy:

God damn! I really like this fic
Wow is one my fav MMOs and death wing is on my top ten favorite dragons list

Neltharion could probably just stare the Changelings to death if he wanted to.
Also try not to have every problem be one that is solvable by overwhelming application of violence and/or magic because i doubt there is anything in Equestria that could prove to be a challenge for an Aspect.

Ok, normally i don't care much for any hated side Character.
But commanding the great Neltharion around like a bad behaving dog.

Will we see him in his true (Dragon) form soon?


Chrysi. I hope you dont mind heat cuse you and your soildiers will perich in flames. And it will be beutifull.:pinkiecrazy:

Oh such heavenly words ^^.
I like Changelings, but the big black Dragon is a long time Favorite of mine ;P so i hope this will come true XD.

5678605 THE BLOOD! THE SCREAMS! TGE PAIN! Music to my ears.:pinkiecrazy:


Sure, very soon :raritywink:

Sorry, couldn't resist



Ah this beautiful music of slaughter ^^. This will grow to a symphony of screams and explosions. Screams for help and mercy will be ignored and the screamer will die like all the others ^^


Sure, very soon :raritywink:
Sorry, couldn't resist

You are evil........

5681850 there is something with the way you said that that gave me wonderfull feelings in my pants.:pinkiecrazy::twilightsheepish:

The toilet it the other way XD
(sorry this was just to great to pass ;P)

5682183 no need to be sorry. I :rainbowlaugh: too.

I hope to have more to laughter her soon ;P a great Battle in the way only Azeroth knows them
Armys clashing against a wall made out of pure destructive Power and Death. Corpses pilling up as high as the Haven itself! And over it a gigantic black Dragon roaring its challenge to all the sources of Power of this world and burning them down to ashes :pinkiecrazy:

Just. Burn. Him. to. Death! Really in this story i just want to see Falsh dead.
Burn him and his pathetic Guards to ashes! Kill them! Stack up their bodys until they touche the sky!
Make them scream for mercy they never receive and burn the flesh slowly of their bones!
Man did i got aggressive in this thing XD. Never thought i would ever hate him this much.
But it is nice to see him to start bonding with AJ. I can't wait for him and RD to meet for a whole day XD.
But some thing that bothers me, din't Discord attacked him first? Or did i miss a thing? Would that not mean Discord is at fault for Neltharion hitting Twilight?
But it still stands Neltharion/Deathwing rules! Did some one else wish for him to become a playable Character in Heroes of the Storm?
Well i Like it ^^, and i hope you won't go Bliz on us XD.

5690453 I'm gonna have to agree with you here. I usually don't have a problem with Flash Sentry, but he's being a real dick in this story and needs to be put in his place by someone.


The ponies only know that he is at least ten thousand years old. The friendship, you're right. Plus, he certainly knows its value after losing it. That made me think of Horus's last words to the Emperor; "Father? What have I done?".

So this is why there are no more changelings.


You do realize Neltharion's body is larger than their army, right? Let alone his lava-breath. Oh, and he can burn entire cities with his presence alone.


He's only a dick because we have Neltharion's perspective. Otherwise, his attitude is understandable. He knows Neltharion started a ten thousand year-long war to wipe out all life on his homeworld. How would you treat someone like that? Would you be nice to Hitler if you met him?

Yea ^^, I remember in the Cata event being burned by him XD it was funny. but it is ok, he is cool ^^.
And whats the Problem with him being this big XD? it just makes thinks more fun ^^.

You know if you talk about him this way, then explain to me why everyone is ok with Luna and Discord they have similar situations her.
He got corrupted and made a mistake, the only difference was he was not saved after his banishment to Equestria, he fight his Corruption on his own. So why is no one a dick to Luna? Or Discord?
He need to be put down in his place with a got hit from a Dragon Claw or Tail

5691788 Actually he doesn't know that, if he did he wouldn't act the way he is to someone who could kill him and Twilight without any effort.

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