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<<Warning: Contains Spoilers to EQG: Friendship Games>>

The Friendship Games has ended and everything is back to normal...Sort of. Human world Twilight Sparkle has moved to Canterlot High in the hopes of making friends, but despite what has happened the day before, she still wishes to learn about magic. Little does she know, that her wish is about to be fulfilled as an uninvited guest swaggers through the portal, wanting to have himself a little vacation.

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Cadance is the princess of Love. But her job isn't all sunshine and rainbows as one might think. Love also has a downside, a downside that makes the rest of the princess' jobs seem like nothing in comparison. A downside that's slowly chipping away at her and is slowly robbing her of her faith in Harmony and her faith in love.

Edited by Exaxxion

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"I-if only things could have been different, If only they didn't do what they did, if only we hadn't betrayed him things could be different... I wish they were."

Two months has passed since Tirek's defeat and the emergence of Twilight's castle. Celestia is having horrible dreams, nightmares about the one she and Luna betrayed long ago. About his kinds extinction and the horrible events that followed. It's time to face their past, reveal what should not be revealed, relive pain that cannot be forgotten and face the possible Consequences of their past mistakes.

Edited by Exaxxion

Cover picture is by Magefeathers

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In the land of Azeroth, the dragon aspects fought their former brother, Deathwing. The mortals failed them and they were unable to defeat him. In a desperate attempt to save their own world, they sent Deathwing to another world in hope that he would land somewhere unpopulated or simply die. Neltharion/Deathwing lands in Equestria, free from his own corruption he seeks to redeem himself and find his way home to his family.
Meanwhile Princess Celestia have a vision of Neltharion destroying Equestria and she sends Discord to find him before that happens.
Friendships will be made and be broken. Love will blossom and anger rekindled. But in the end, will Equestria survive? Or will it all be consumed in Fire?

Takes place after S4 finale but does not include S5 canon

World of warcraft crossover

There will be some shipping in this story and it will have somehwhat of an impact on the plot simply because I think it's too good of an opportunity to miss.

27/04/2015 UPDATE: All chapters have been corrected of most grammar related mistakes. Correction and editing was done by Exaxxion

This is my first fanfic, just so you know. Critique would be highly appreciated, since Im trying to get better at writing. Hope you enjoy the story.

Cover picture is by the amazing and talented Hussii. I have not asked permission to use his art as he, unfortunately, has been offline for over six months. If he by any chance stumbles across this fic and is not okay with me using his art, please message me and I will remove it.

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