Deathwing in Equestria

by SoaringCoal


From her window, Twilight had watched Neltharion from the moment he left to the point of him sitting alone in the rain. She could barely imagine how devastating the news must have been. In the back of her mind, Twilight had imagined anger, rage, and perhaps even Neltharion attacking princess Celestia and Luna, but no. There had been no anger, no rumbling earth, or eye watering intense heat from Neltharion. Instead there had been a look in his eyes that Twilight was sure she wouldn’t forget. A look she had seen before. On Luna when she was freed by the elements from Nightmare Moon, and on Discord when he was betrayed by Tirek. Despair. Heart shattering, and all consuming despair. The kind that leaves you out of words, and paralysed because all action, all thought, reason, and drive henced on what had now been taken away.

The room had gone silent after Celestia had uttered her words, and Neltharion had muttered some words, acknowledging what had been said, before leaving without a word. Memory fresh, Twilight reminisced the questions she had asked her former teacher and her sister. Questions of how and why, but they had not answered, at least not given a straight one. All the while, Discord had sat in a corner, strangely silent and avoiding Twilight’s eyes. Unusual, but considering the circumstances, maybe not.

Turning away from the window, Twilight saw the next few days ahead of her. Neltharion would return to the castle, and disappear into his room, brooding in his thoughts, like he had done before. Not that Twilight could blame him. It would be strange if there had been any other reaction. She and the rest of the world now stood at a crossroads. They would all have to come to terms with the reality of things. Neltharion was staying, forever. The thought was equally exciting as it was terrifying. On one hoof, Neltharion could be an incredible source of knowledge, and perhaps even the end to all war in the world. Those thoughts were comforting, yet brief. Despite how Twilight wanted to see him, there was a reality she had to face.

Neltharion was a weapon.

At least, that is what the world saw him as. On the other hoof, Neltharion could be the cause of every war, from now, to when the time he would die, if that day would ever come. The one who controlled Neltharion, or had him on their side, could never lose. It was bound to end one way. A state of constant hostility between dragons, griffins and ponies. All eagerly awaiting the day where the black dragon would no longer draw breath and an all out war could commence.

Twilight shook her head as a chill went down her spine at the thought. It was nothing less than terrifying.

One reality remained. She wanted no part in it. If it was possible, Twilight would go back in time, and stop Discord from ever finding out who that yellow stallion with shrapnel over his body was. Or better yet, stop princess Celestia from ever having her vision about him. The world would have been better off not knowing Neltharion existed. But that was all too late now. Thoughts of how the world could be were a dangerous place to dabble.

How had it all come to this? Everything was going to be different now. Smiling, Twilight came to a conclusion with her thoughts. Neltharion was her friend, and she would always treat him as such. Not a weapon, not a monster, and not alone, not anymore. Friends help each other, and Twilight was intending to do just that. But Neltharion was going to need more than just her.

A stray thought caught her, and a devious smile formed itself on her lips. Walking to her desk, she picked up a pen and three unused scrolls. Then she began to write.

Dear Cadance.

Today princess Celestia  and princess Luna delivered some very sad news to Neltharion and if I don’t do something, I think he's going to get seriously depressed or worse, maybe he’ll explode or something.

I have an idea that might help him, but I will need your help as well. A lot of preparations must be made before I carry this idea into life. Honestly, I’m not even sure it’s possible.

Write back soon.

Your sister in law, Twilight Sparkle.

Rolling the scroll up, Twilight switched her focus to the remaining two. The next few days were going to be long.

Neltharion landed in Ponyville, close to Twilight’s crystal castle. It was glinting in the distance, like a beacon leading him home. Home. He would have to get used to that now.

Life was starting to reemerge in the village, following the short thunder and rain. Yet as many saw who was walking through their village, they either turned away, or simply walked back inside. Fillies and colts were following a purple mare in a line, and multiple looked to him, pointed and began to speak to the older mare. As the mare made eye contact with Neltharion, she turned the children in another direction.

Even from a distance, Neltharion could see the disdain in the mare’s eyes. Some of the children had the same look in their eyes, but to Neltharion’s surprise, many were filled with curiosity as well.

Shaking his head, Neltharion looked away from the children and upped his pace. It was the same as always. Yet now, it was somehow different. He had always expected that he would have to say goodbye at some point. That he would never see those faces again, and be happy when it happened. Now it seemed a change of plans was in order. Neltharion sighed at the thought of what he would have to do to get in the good graces of the ponies. Of course, there was always the option of simply leaving. Although it didn’t seem any better now than it did before.

The castle was getting closer. He could see the guards standing along the entrance, staring him down with their usual stoic expressions, yet it was easy to see their eyes hardening as they recognised who was approaching. Feeling tempted to roll his eyes, looked away from them and their gazes.

There were options, of course. With the power he wielded, Neltharion could go out to do good.
Faintly, he remembered the desert he first appeared in, and the barren rock filled plains of Draconia. All of it could change, if he wanted it to. He could make a land just for himself. Make one rise from the depths of the oceans, and he could sleep, watching as everything but him wasted away, and one day awaken to the barren landscapes that every world is destined to become someday. Perhaps then make it better, so that new life could grow, and then once again sleep, or maybe just keep on sleeping until his immortal life would somehow waste away. Those thoughts seemed strangely tempting. This wasn’t his world. This wasn’t where he belonged.

A strange sight suddenly caught his attention.

There was a pony, waiting for him. He recognised her instantly. Pale yellow coat, red mane.

“Hi handsome,” Roseluck smiled.

“Hello,” Neltharion greeted back, stopping in front of her.

“It has been a while.”

“It has.”

“With you, transforming into a dragon, destroying an army of changelings, and…” She gestured to his body. “Your new uh, get up,” she smiled sheepishly.

Neltharion rolled his eyes.

“Oh don’t get me wrong, I actually like how you look now.”

Neltharion’s face changed into a deadpan. He didn’t believe a word of it. “I’m starting to get tired of you females constantly encroaching on my personal space and insisting on conversing. Tell me what you want, so I can leave.”

Roseluck looked taken aback from Neltharion’s words, but didn’t seem affected by it. “Okay. I wanted to say: thank you.”

Raising an eyebrow, Neltharion looked at her in disbelief. “What?”

“There aren’t a lot of creatures that like you, Neltharion. Everypony is scared of you. Of what you can do, and what you potentially would do, if driven to it.”

“Your--” Neltharion paused as Roseluck held up a hoof.

“Let me finish,” she said. “Princess Twilight doesn’t know this. I’m not sure any of the princesses, or the other elements know, but there’s a lot of controversy towards you being in Equestria. I have a cousin in Manehatten, and she has told me that there are protest groups forming. Some wanting your arrest, while others are having more...extreme opinions.”

The good news just keep piling on. 

“But, there are also some who think you can do a lot of good. I am one of those. I don’t look at you and see a mindless beast. Although I may not know you that well, I know that you are something more than others say.”

Neltharion looked at her with utter disbelief. She didn’t know him, yet said all of these kind things. “What if it was your family that was saying these things. If the entirety of Equestria said those things.”

“Then to Tartarus with them,” Roseluck spat. “None of them were here when the changelings came and destroyed Ponyville. None of them were here to witness princess Twilight and her friends nearly get executed! You were here,” Roseluck smiled. “You saved us, and that is good enough for me.”

Neltharion’s jaw had fallen open, looking at her. He closed his mouth, then opened it again, then looked away, and started walking past her.

“Thank you.”

Her words made him stop in his tracks before shaking his head as he started to walk again, leaving Roseluck there, looking after him as he entered the castle.