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<<Warning: Contains Spoilers to EQG: Friendship Games>>

The Friendship Games has ended and everything is back to normal...Sort of. Human world Twilight Sparkle has moved to Canterlot High in the hopes of making friends, but despite what has happened the day before, she still wishes to learn about magic. Little does she know, that her wish is about to be fulfilled as an uninvited guest swaggers through the portal, wanting to have himself a little vacation.

Chapters (2)
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What in Celestia’s...ARGH!” Twilight didn’t get to say more as the surge of chickens washed over her,bawking all the way. It took a few seconds for Twilight to dig herself out, and when she did, she met with a horrible sight; Discord waving at her as he walked through the mirror. As his tail was about to get engulfed by the mirror, Twilight focused her horn, took aim, and then a chicken knocked into her head, shaking her aim and a magenta beam shot from her horn, but instead of the tail, it hit the top of the mirror.

Soo...Discord....I hear you like legend of zelda....

And with this chapter done, I'll be keeping an eye the next one :raritywink:

This story is very interesting so far, keep up the good work

A good start! Let the panicking ensue!

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