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Deathwing in Equestria - SoaringCoal

On Azeroth, the dragon Aspects fought Deathwing. They could not defeat him, so they banished him to another world to save their own. Now Neltharion, free of his madness, struggles to get home from this new world, but thats harder than it sounds.

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Fear the frying pan, and your Memories

Neltharion opened his eyes with a groan. "where am I?" He asked no one. He looked around, he couldn't see anything. There was only darkness around him.

"Hello?" He called out to see if there was anyone. He heard a faint laugh in the distance. It was coming from all around him. "Where are you?" The laugh got louder and louder until it was so loud that he couldn't even hear his own thoughts. "Stop it! MAKE IT STOP!" and it stopped just as suddenly as it had come.

Neltharion regained his composure and stood up. He now realised he was in his pony form. He tried to change form but his magic wouldn't respond. Why wasn't it working? Neltharion started to panic as he heard the laugh again.

"What's the matter, Neltharion? Scared of being alone?"

Neltharion froze. He knew that voice.

"Aaah yes. You remember me. How could you ever forget."

It was his voice from when he was Deathwing. He could never forget that voice. The voice of his own insanity. The voice that drove him mad.

"What are you doing here?" Neltharion sneered at the voice. The voice laughed.

"Why would I ever be gone? I'm as much a part of you as the wings and fire of a dragon."

"No you're not. You are my corruption. You are what made me become a monster!"

"Are you sure you weren't one already? Seeing as you are accepting everything you did with not much remorse. We are the same, I was just the push you needed to get started in your little rampage."

"NO! That wasn't me! I know it was you! You and those fiends beneath Azeroth! I was happy before you came. I had everything! Family! Friends! Immortality! and you turned it all against me!" Neltharion felt his anger rising at this conversation. The voice snorted.

"Are you really gonna lie to yourself? How PATHETIC! I thought we were better than this. We both know you were unhappy. How angry you were at the titans for leaving you with all this power only to serve the mortal races, and while your brothers and sisters were off to do what they wanted, you were stuck pleasing those weak mortals."

Neltharion felt the words sink in. He was right. He had been unhappy and he had been angry at the titans and the mortals for doing this to him. Him, the mighty black dragon. The wise Neltharion. He felt his rage and doubt as the words sunk deep. Then he remembered his brothers and sisters, and the happy times they once had together. He would have those times again, even if it killed him.

"I don't care! I will get back to them, I will redeem myself in their eyes, and I will let nothing stand in my way. Not even you."

"You really think you can be redeemed? You have seen what you have done, and we both know you enjoyed every second of it! The sooner you realise this, the sooner you will see the truth. You are weak, and you always have been. Without me, you would be nothing but dirt in the eyes of your siblings. Without me, greatness would never have been achieved. Without me, you would still be that weakling that bowed at the titans every thought.

"And I will do whatever it takes to become that dragon again, even if it kills me"

"Tsk. Good luck, little pony. I have always there for you. I never denied you anything. I gave you everything, And when everyone is gone, when everyone sees you, denies you, and rejects you for the monster you really are, I will still be here to pick up the pieces, and you will come back to me, Neltharion. We are the same. After all, it takes more than mere influence and power to create what we are. Deathwing wasn't created, my old friend. He was always there."

The darkness around Neltharion erupted in flames, and in it were pictures. Memories of Deathwing's greatest achievements. His greatest atrocities.

The laugh resumed with even more force than before and Neltharion passed out.

Neltharion woke up with a gasp. He was in a small guest room in Twilight's crystal castle. It was early morning. He looked around the small room. To the right of his bed were a window that allowed sunlight to slip in. The light was reflected across the crystal room and the walls glinted with all kinds of colors. Neltharion took a moment to admire it before jumping out of his bed, effectively ripping the bedsheets to shreds because of the sharp corners on his plating. He facehoofed at what he had accidentally done. He would have to get used to that.

Neltharion trotted out of his room and down the hallway, looking for Princess Twilight. He felt good after finally getting some rest. Normally after so much strain on body and magic, a dragon would need to rest for weeks if not months, even for an aspect. The benefit of taking a mortal form was that it needed much less rest. It would make him recover his physical strength faster, but his magic would regenerate slower, but Neltharion was okay with it.

He trotted through the halls, finding the occasional guard who were either half asleep, or too tired to register Neltharion walking by. He tried asking one for direction, but as he didn't receive an answer, he decided to let the guard and his colleagues rest as they had been up for a long time. He kept going until he heard someone humming a random tune, and he decided to walk towards it. His nostrils were overwhelmed with the smell of delicious food, as he came closer.

He stopped at the entrance of an open door. Inside were Princess twilight in an apron washing a frying pan with her magic. Spike was in the other end of the room, holding a tall stack of plates and trying to put them into small closets cabinets with little success. In the middle of the room were a table with four chairs. There were decked for three ponies.

Neltharion walked inside, unnoticed. He had been told the day before, by Princess Twilight, to meet them in the kitchen when he woke up. He stopped a few feet behind Twilight, and smiled at the good mood she and her assistant was in.

"Good morning" He said loudly just to be sure that they heard him. If they couldn't hear him on the way in, with all his plating clinking, how was he gonna know he would get the following reaction?

"AAH!" Twilight jumped at the unexpected deep and powerful voice, and by reflex her magic swung the frying pan around and hit Neltharion square in the face.


The sound of the frying pan hitting something, caused Spike to jump in surprise. sending all the plates he was holding into the air, and crashing on the floor. He desperately tried to catch them mid air, but stumbled over the now unconscious plated stallion and crashed into Twilight.

Spike looked up at the dazed Twilight who shook her head to clear it, and she shot Spike a glare. "Hehe.. whoops" was all Spike could say, as he looked around the less than two minutes ago, orderly kitchen.

The kitchen now looked like something Discord would do to it, if he was stuck in the kitchen for more than 10 minutes without someone to annoy. There was Ceramic shards everywhere, and a frying pan lying on the floor with the shape of a ponies face imbedded in it.

The look Twilight was giving Spike had now turned into an angry scowl. Spike looked innocently back at Twilight. "Don't look at me like that. You hit the new guy with a frying pan!" Spike said while pointing at the unconscious orange pony. He had already forgiven the pony for what happened the day before even, but he couldn't help but grin a little at the sight.

Twilight's eyes widened at what Spike said, and she got up and she ran over to the unconscious stallion with a face full of concern. "Oh my gosh! Are you okay Mr. Prestor?" She gently nudged the unconscious pony with her hoof. No response. She started thinking of spells that could help her wake him, but she couldn't come up with any. What is he was dead? What if he-

"Just slap him. That should wake him up" Spike said, rolling his eyes.

"How do you know that? What if it doesn't? What if he's dead? What if Celestia finds out? Then she will have me be in magic kindergarten for the rest of my immortal life! NO I can't go back! Im going packing Spike, maybe I can hide south of Equestria? Yes, they will never find me! and then I will-"

Spike dragged his claw down his face in annoyance at Twilight's unnecessary ranting. He had seen it so many times before. He sought this as an excellent opportunity to prove just how effective a good slap can be.

"Twilight..." he started, but she continued ranting "Well then, you give me no other choice" Spike grinned and pulled his tiny arm back.


Twillight was dazed by the sudden pain on her cheek, quickly interrupting her rant. She shook her head violently to get the less-than-sane thoughts out. She looked down at her assistant, who was looking at her with a sly grin. "You enjoyed that a bit too much" She said grinning at him while holding a hoof to her sore cheek. "But thank you, Spike."

"It was a pleasure" he said bowing. "Now slap him" he pointed at the still unconscious stallion that was starting to drool on the floor.

Twilight reluctantly got up, and moved over to the unconscious stallion. She lifted up his face with her right hoof and prepared to slap him.

"Are you sure this will work?" Twilight asked Spike who just waved a claw at her dismissively.

"Sure it will. It worked on you, and you're the most thick headed pony I know"

"Thanks.. I guess" Twilight replied. She raised her hoof.


"Twillight, you have to do it harder" Spike said while holding up a hand to his forehead in embarrassment at her weak slapping skills.


"Harder Twilight!"





"Uuuh... Twilight?"


"TWILIGHT!" Spike yelled at the mare that had been mercilessly slapping the poor unconscious stallion.

Twilight's head turned to Spike who was scowling at her tapping his foot on the ground disapprovingly.

"I told you to slap him awake, not slap him into next week" Spike said sighing while shaking his head.

"But Alexstrasza, I don't wanna dance, I hate dancing..." the orange stallion whined as he started to wake up.

Twilight and Spike looked in disbelief as the stallion sat up groggily with a hoof to his head. Despite getting a frying pan full speed in the face, and multiple slaps from one of Equestria's most powerful beings, he looked unharmed, not even a bruise on his face.

Twilight pulled Spike close as they stared at the Stallion muttering some nonsense about titans and a Ysera.

"How did you know slapping him would work?" Twilight asked Spike who just shrugged.

"It always works in my comics. If someone get's knocked out the main character just slaps him awake" Spike replied. Twilight gave him a hard glare and he just stared confused at her reaction. "What?"

Neltharion sat on a chair in the kitchen with an ice pack on his sore face. Twilight was sitting at the opposite side of the table staring at him in confusion. Spike was brooming up all the broken plate pieces.

After he had woken up, he had been dizzy for a few seconds and had then been bombarded with questions from Princess Twilight. Questions like 'who's Ysera? What are the titans? Why don't you have any bruises from me hurting you?' Neltharion had found the last question a little weird but decided to ignore it.

"So.. Uhh.. Are you alright?" Twilight asked with a sheepish smile on her face.

Neltharion felt fine if not a little sore. Even in another form he was still protected by his magic and innate dragon strength. As an aspect, his power was so great that no matter what form he took, it would always shine through in some way. In this case he was stronger, faster, and could survive things no mortal pony could, and this was when he suppressed his magic as much as possible. He couldn't let the ponies know what he could do.. Not yet anyway.

"Im fine, Princess Twilight" Neltharion replied, bowing his head slightly to show respect.

"Oh please" she said waving a hoof at him dismissively "just call me Twilight."

Neltharion raised an eyebrow at this. He hadn't met a royal in a long time that didn't use her title to the fullest. This either meant she was recently made royal and/or she didn't like it. "Very well, Twilight."

They looked at eachother for a while studying each other. Twilight realised she was staring and looked away in embarrassment. Neltharion simply kept studying her.

"So uh... Mr. Prestor" Twilight began, but were interrupted.

"It's Lord Prestor" Neltharion said sternly.

"Right, Lord Prestor. Would you mind answering some questions? I'm very curious about where you’re from" Twilight carefully asked.

Neltharion thought about it for a second. He needed information about pony society and this seemed like just the opportunity to get it. He smiled and replied "Sure, we can take turns. I myself am curious about your country."

Twilight jumped in her chair excited and conjured up a quill and paper. "Yes of course!" She practically yelled before she covered her mouth with her hoof and blushed with embarrassment "hehe... Sorry."

Neltharion merely kept smiling and waved a hoof at her dismissively at her little outburst. Her thirst for knowledge reminded him of his brother Malygos. He also got so excited in their young years when he learned something new and would do almost anything to learn something.

Twilight continued. "So..Where are you from?"

Neltharion thought about this for a second. He could tell the truth, but that would just make the princess come up with more questions, so he decided to tell her an altered version fit for ponies. "Im from a place called Azeroth. It's large island with all sorts of climate, and many different sorts of ponies" He answered.

Twilight scribbled it down. "And where is this island?" Twilight asked with interest while looking at Neltharion.

"I have no idea.." Neltharion muttered, trying to avoid further questions on location.

"What do you mean by yo-"

"Now princess, I thought I would get to ask some questions as well" he interrupted her, with a smirk.

"Oh, sorry. I'm just excited" Twilight smiled sheepishly.

"So i've noticed" Neltharion shook his head in annoyance and amusement at her eagerness. "Why is the weather not changing?" he asked curiously. He had thought about it since he arrived. The clouds stood still and there were no random wind currents like on Azeroth or any indication on change of weather.

Twilight looked confused at him for a moment "you mean, you didn't have pegasi on Azeroth to regulate the weather?" This ‘Azeroth’ started to sound similar to the everfree forest, only stoking Twilight's curiosity.

Uhh... No?" Neltharion said slightly baffled by that. The ponies regulated the weather as well? What the heck is this world?

Twilight took a breath about to continue when interrupted.

"Don't tell me some ponies are moving the sun and moon as well" Neltharion joked rolling his eyes, his voice dripping with sarcasm.

"Well, yeah there is" Twilight smiled, not having picked up on the sarcasm.

"Wait, what?" Neltharion asked wide eyed, his voice full of doubt. There were ponies powerful enough to move the celestial bodies? This was getting ridiculous.

"Princess Celestia and Princess Luna move the sun and moon everyday and has done so for the last 1000 years or well, Luna just came back from being banished to the moon for a 1000 years but other than that she and Celestia controls the sun and moon."

"Interesting" was all Neltharion could mutter. He would have to get some more information on these princesses. "So I can guess you are a princess because of you having both wings and a horn? I noticed some paintings in an old castle in the forest depicting two ponies, with both wings and a horn."

"Yes, im an alicorn and those paintings you saw were of princess Celestia and Luna" Twilight answered casually before picking up on what he had said. Her eyes widened "you went through Everfree forest alone? Do you have any idea how dangerous that is!" Twilight practically shouted, her words having no physical effect on Neltharion.

"Anyways, back to the topic" said Neltharion, not wanting to tell of his slithering through the everfree.

Twilight nodded in response. She could deal with the Everfree conversation some other time. It didn't seem like the stallion cared for her concern or authority anyway, which both annoyed Twilight and made her a little happy inside. It had been a while since anyone had ignored the fact that she was a princess.

Twilight took a moment to think of a question and found a question that had been nagging her ever since she saw the stallion for the first time. "If you don't mind me asking Lord Prestor.." She started, slightly afraid that the stallion would get offended by her question "why do you have those... Plates around your body?"

Neltharion wasn't surprised at her question. He looked down in disgust at his hoof and the plating on it. "I was... In a war" he started, still looking at the plating. "A long war" he looked up at Twilight with sorrow in his eyes. She returned it. "In the war I was injured so badly that the only way to keep my body together was to bolt these plates onto my flesh and bone..."

In truth Neltharion had created a weapon called The Dragon Soul on Azeroth to use in his war against the rest of Azeroth, but the destructive power inside it had destroyed Neltharion's body just by him being close to it. This left him to have goblins bolt his plating onto him to keep his body from falling apart and keeping him alive.

"How long was it?" It was all Twilight could think off at the moment still trying to wrap her head around the fact that he had been in a war, and the extreme measures that were taken to keep him alive.

Neltharion pondered upon this question for a moment. Truthfully the war he had started against the rest of Azeroth had lasted over 10.000 years, but he couldn't tell her that, and he didn't know a ponies lifespan, so it was hard to determine how long an average war were in Equestria. He remembered the rulers had been there for over 1000 years so he took a wild guess.

"About 50 years give or take" he said casually.

"50 YEARS?!" Twilight's jaw dropped, and she stared at him shocked. The only great war there had been in Equestria's history was the war of the crystal empire, and it had lasted 9 years. It had been a massacre on both sides. "B-but how? You don't look much older than me. How old are you?"

Neltharion could figure from her reaction that he had guessed very wrong, and he silently cursed himself. He shrugged knowing he had to make it seem somewhat realistic, but it would still seem as if he was a whole other species in Twilight's eyes. Neltharion decided to roll with it. The damage had been done, so there was no point in trying to fix it without seeming suspicious.

"I’m around 340 years old" he said, shrugging. "But i’m not much about talking about my age. Ask me one last question, then I'll ask mine and then we can discuss things some other time."

Twilight was about to protest when she saw the slight anger in the stallions eyes and decided to let it go. One last question. What should it be? I have so many I want to ask Twilight thought to herself. This stallion was fascinating. It almost seemed like he was from another world entirely. I have to think about the others first in case he's a threat. Who knows what he could do if he feels driven to it? Twilight concluded.

"Why are you here? Why have you come to Equestria?" Twilight asked, taking a regal posture. She was afraid of the Neltharion. There was something not pony about him in her eyes.

Neltharion looked down on the table reminiscing memories of his arrival. "I was... Banished here..." was all he could say. The memory of it stung more than Twilight could ever imagine. His betrayal, him almost destroying his home, his madness..

"Banished? Why?" Twilight questioned with a raised eyebrow, slightly confused.

Neltharion looked back into Twilight's eyes, his own full of sadness. "Because I started that war..." He said in a low voice "and I regret it everyday" he added before getting up from his chair.

Twilight simply gaped at him. Why would he start a war with his own people? How could he be an earth-pony and still be so old? Did he kill his own people? Why didn't he know where his home was? There were so many questions she wanted answers too, but she knew she couldn't get them. Lord prestor was clearly pained from the memories, and she could almost feel the guilt radiating off him. He reminded her of Discord and Luna in a way. Maybe she should introduce them?

Neltharion began walking towards the door. He needed some air. He stopped at the door entrance, and looked back at Twilight with a small smile "Do not consider me your enemy, Twilight Sparkle. I only wish to befriend you, and I hope you let me be your friend. I have no intention of hurting anyone in Equestria". He walked out the door "Not yet anyway.." He didn't notice his voice becoming distorted and darker as he muttered those words.

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