• Published 1st Feb 2015
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Deathwing in Equestria - SoaringCoal

On Azeroth, the dragon Aspects fought Deathwing. They could not defeat him, so they banished him to another world to save their own. Now Neltharion, free of his madness, struggles to get home from this new world, but thats harder than it sounds.

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Twilight awoke with the feeling of hot air blowing in her face. She assumed it was just some hot air coming from outside or something and turned in her bead. The hot air followed her and it came in doses as if someone was... Breathing on her?

"Goodmorning, Twilight sparkle" a masculine and familiar voice said.

"GAH!" Twilight shrieked. She jumped out of her bed and landed on the crystal floor with a painful *thud*. She sat up looking in the direction of the voice with an angry scowl. On her bed was a familiar Draconequus laying on it like it was his, a mischievous smirk on his face.

"Discord!" she shouted, standing up. "What are you doing here it's-" her eyes looked at her nightstand clock "11:30 in the afternoon." Her friends would be arriving at 12:00.

"Why Twilight, I am hurt by your reaction. Can't a friend just drop by to say hello?" Discord said, acting hurt with a dramatic lion paw on his chest. "Can't I just say hello to my-" Discord held up his eagle talon and opened his fingers one by one, faking he was counting while looking deep in thought. "Second best friend in all of Equestria? Well I am hurt. I will leave you alone then" Discord walked to Twilight's bedroom door slowly.

Twillight simply looked at him with a bored tired and expression as he slowly walked towards the door.

"All alone" Discord said dramatically, walking ever so slowly towards the door. "Alone in this cold dark room with no one but yourself, and your thoughts" he continued.

Twilight tiredness had turned into annoyance. From Twilight's point of view, it looked as if Discord wasn't getting closer to the door even though he was walking towards it.

"All alo-"

"Alright, Alright, I get it!" Twilight interrupted him. She sighed deeply "Sorry, Discord, i’m just tired. I studied most of yesterday and the day before trying to find out something about the dragon from Celestia's vision."

Discord turned around and looked at her smug grin on his face "And I take it you didn't find anything?"

"Yes, how did you-"

"Really, Twilight sparkle? I thought you were smarter than this." Discord shook his head in disappointment before continuing. "From what Celestia described, it is a MAGIC using dragon."

"Yeah. So?" Twilight was slightly confused and annoyed at Discord's words. Why was Discord was telling her something she already knew?

"And that suggests that this dragon probably isn't from our world. It may not even be from our dimension." Discord said casually like he just announced that the sky was blue as always.

Twilight's eyes widened and she opened her mouth to speak, but stopped herself and thought the things Discord said over. She regained her posture, and raised an eyebrow at Discord "Isn't that a little far fetched? I know that this dragon is different in every way from our normal dragons, but that doesn't really mean that it is interdimensional. It could just be a very rare species."

Discord rolled his eyes at her. Apparently he had to do this the long and boring way. "Twilight, how many dragons do you know that can use magic?" Discord asked flatly.

"Well, Spike can use magic. He can send letters with his fire br-"

"That's not dragon magic." Discord interrupted her. "Dragons don't have magic, but they are very resilient to it" He explained. "Spike can send letters via his fire breath because it was an ability Celestia granted him with her magic a few days after he hatched. Why do you think Spike can only send letters to Celestia, and not others?"

Twilight had never thought about that. For as long as Twilight had known Spike, he had been able to send letters, so she had never questioned it.

"I also saw Celestia's vision, and believe me when I tell you it wasn't a Equestrian nor Draconian dragon. In my long life I have seen many things, but never anything quite like that one" Discord stated, with a frown.

"B-but that means... All my research was for nothing!" Twilight exclaimed with wide eyes. She had wasted all that time yesterday and the day before trying to find information when she should have been focusing on getting better at her combat magic, or learning about her and her friends newfound 'rainbow power'.

Discord facepalmed at her words. Seriously? Leave it to Twilight Sparkle to get information about an interdimensional creature, and then flip about her research. Sometimes Discord marveled over the fact that Twilight wasn't a nervous wreck living in a dumpster with her books. "Yes-yes but that doesn't matter, Twilight" Discord began, annoyed at Twilight. "I had a discussion with Celestia yesterday and came up with a plan, but I will need you to organise guards searching the borders between the middle and outer regions of Equestria. This may be vital in finding it."

Twilight shuddered at the idea of Discord, the lord and master of Chaos having a plan, but it was the only plan they had so she rolled with it. "Okay Discord, I'll wake up Spike and then we'll start" Twilight said while walking towards the door, but was stopped by Discord holding her tail. She turned to see a mischievous grin on his face.

"Way ahead of you" Discord said, snapping his talon.

For two seconds there was silence and then the sound of an Air Horn and a baby dragon shrieking in the room across Twilight's.

Twilight glared daggers at Discord who just whistled innocently. She was about to scold him when a yell came from down the hall.

"WHAT WAS THAT ENFEEBLING NOISE!" a masculine voice, Discord didn't recognise, yelled from down the hall. The voice had become darker, and stronger at the last word, almost as if another person had taken over where the other left off.

"Oh, no" Twilight almost whispered, putting a hoof to her forehead. What she really didn't need right now was a stallion with a temper problem about to meet the lord of chaos, but she hoped she could save the situation.

"Uhh... Who's that?" Discord asked, confused at the sudden sound of another male yelling.

"Hehe... You see, two days ago a stallion came to visit ponyville. He said he was from a small island from somewhere on our world, and that he was banished here for something he did." Twilight answered, not wanting to tell Discord that the stallion was over 300 years old, and a war criminal. "I offered him to stay here, and it seems you woke him up. Oh and he has a slight temper problem" Twilight said grinning sheepishly.

Discord and Twilight heard iron hoofsteps, and a low growl coming from the hallway outside Twilight's room.

"Sorry about that Neltharious", Twilight yelled out the room while walking towards her rooms doorway. She heard a low grumble coming from the incoming stallion.

"It's all right Princess. I didn't enjoy sleeping anyway" Neltharious said in a rising voice, dripping with sarcasm as he came closer to Twilight's bedroom.

"A friend of mine came to visit, and I want you to meet him." Twilight said, smiling as the stallion appeared in the doorway.

Neltharious walked inside and eyed the mysterious creature in front of him, but seemed unfazed.

"Neltharious I would like you to meet Discord, the spirit of chaos." Twilight presented, while suggesting Neltharious to come closer to Discord.

Discord looked at the stallion in front of him with wide eyes at his appearance. He inspected Neltharious' body until.. Discord could feel himself go pale when he felt Neltharious' magical presence, it was His presence.

The stallion stepped forward and gave Discord a polite nod "pleased to meet you."

This day had started out horribly for Neltharion. First he is rudely awoken from his sleep. He was even having a pleasant dream, a rare thing for him these days. Secondly he was forced to meet one of Twilight's friends. A menacing looking creature, that looked like an odd version of a chimera. And thirdly, same said creature had thrown him threw a wall made out of solid crystal. Neltharion was now laying on the ground outside the castle, a little disorientated from the sudden magical push through the wall.

"DISCORD! What are you doing?!" Neltharion heard Twilight screaming at the draconequus.

"Twilight, send a letter to Celestia, tell her I've found him!" Discord shouted at Twilight in a slightly panicked tone.

"Who? Who have you found? Discord, explain!" Twilight shouted back at him.

"It's HIM Twilight!" Discord pointed at Neltharion, who just raised an eyebrow in confusion.

Twilight's eyes went wide as she realised the meaning of Discord's words "b-but how?"

"I'll explain later. Get the princesses, NOW!" Discord jumped out of the hole in the wall, and landed a good distance from Neltharion.

Twilight panicked and ran to find Spike.

Neltharion felt his anger starting to fill him, and with it his metal plates began having a fiery hue. He growled "explain this, creature! Why did you attack me?" as Neltharion spoke he could feel his anger starting to affect his physical form, slowly turning him back into a dragon. His teeth became sharper and longer, and he could feel horns starting to grow from the back of his head. He could not let that happen. His sheer size alone would destroy Ponyville. He didn't care much for the village, but it wouldn't look good for him when he asked the ponies for help getting home if he had just destroyed an entire village, and killed its inhabitants by crushing them under his weight.

Discord narrowed his eyes at him "I know what you are, and I will not let you destroy my home!" Discord growled at him. He stretched out his eagle talon and a red bolt of magic shot from it towards Neltharion.

Neltharion rolled to the side avoiding the bolt, but as it hit the ground it exploded, sending Neltharion flying across the ground. He grunted in pain at the blast mark that was now covering the left side of his pony form. He could not hold it back, his rage was too strong. He mumbled a few words in Draconic and used a spell on himself. His pain resided. The spell would keep him in this form for the time being, but it would not hold forever. He had to end this fight quickly.

Discord ignited two more bolts in his hands ready to send them out "I will not allow you to hurt my friends, Deathwing!" He threw the bolts towards Neltharion.

Neltharion's eyes widened at what he said. How could Discord know? Neltharion had blocked his own magic to make sure this didn't happen. How?

Neltharion heard the laugh from his dreams erupting in his head as the bolts approached, and it made his head pound with pain. It became louder and louder until Neltharion felt everything going black around him. He closed his eyes. All he could feel was his own rage.

Applejack had been working for most of the morning, and was now heading towards Twilight's castle for their monthly friendship meeting. She heard a loud explosion in the distance.

"What in tarnation?" she exclaimed before starting to gallop towards the sound.

On her way she met the rest of her friends, also on their way to Twilight's castle.

"Applejack, darling are you alright?" Rarity asked her, slightly panicked after hearing the loud explosion.

"Yea, ah'm fine, Rarity. Do y'all know where dat explosion came from?"

They all nodded in response.

"It's coming from Twilight's castle! I hope that egghead isn't blowing up her own castle" Rainbow said with a frown.

"Then we better hurry. Twilight may he hurt, or worse!" Fluttershy said in an unusually loud voice for her standard.

They were about to gallop when they hear a squeal from Pinkie. They turned to see Pinkie pie lying on her back, hooves in the air with her eyes reduced to dots. She started shaking violently.

"Pinkie, what's wrong?" Rainbow asked, concerned as she had never seen Pinkie like this before.

"S-s-s-something r-r-really b-b-bad is about to happen!" Pinkie shouted, her mane and tail now deflating and inflating every few seconds.

Before they could ask for more they heard a even louder explosion than before. It felt as if Ponyville was having an earthquake. A dark and malicious voice laughed in the distance, sending shivers up the ponies spines.


"Let's GO!" Applejack yelled at the other ponies, going into gallop.

As Discord's bolts of magic hit their target they exploded on impact leaving a crater. Those bolts would have left a normal pony gravely wounded. The explosion left an awful lot of smoke.

"Well, that was easy" Discord said smirking, satisfied with his accomplishment. He would come to regret those words. He heard a laugh, dark and full of malicious intent. it sent shivers up his spine.

"Did you really think it would be that easy?"

Discord took a step back in fright. The smoke cleared and revealed an unharmed stallion with a menacing smile on his face. How can he be unharmed? Nopony, not even the princesses could take that hit and be unharmed. The stallion started walking towards Discord, his hoofs leaving a firetrail. The stallion growled.

"You claim to know who I am, yet still you dare attack me!? Your foolishness will be paid with your life!"

The stallion charged towards Discord with frightening speed. Discord was prepared, and sent two more bolts at the stallion. They exploded on impact, but revealed the stallion unharmed. Discord's mind went blank, he didn't know what to do. He stood there frozen in fear and shock.

The stallion crashed Discord right into the ground, and now stood on top of him. Discord desperately tried to get away but was held down by an invisible force. The stallion snorted.

"Your magic is pathetic!"

He stomped on Discord's lion paw, crushing the bone. Discord screamed in pain and tried his best to escape, but it was no use.

"So... Fragile. A pity, you could have been useful."

He stepped on Discord's tail this time, and a loud crack followed. Discord screamed. He was unable to stop his assailant, he couldn't even use his magic. Discord heard voices in his head. Dark voices telling him to give up, but he wouldn't. He wiggled his body, trying to escape the invisible forces grasp. He just needed a little bit of room. He got it.

"You'll regret those words" Discord said with a smirk as he snapped his talon, erupting an explosion in the space between himself and the stallion.

When the smoke dispersed, the stallion stood on top of Discord, completely unfazed by the blast. Discord however, had knocked himself unconscious and had large burn marks all over his body.

The stallion was about to end him permanently when a purple beam hit him in the face. He stumbled back as the beam had blinded him.

"Stay away from my friend!" Twilight yelled as she lept out of the hole in her castle wall, and dove towards the stallion below. She charged her horn creating a barrier around herself, thus making herself into a living magical meteor. She hit the stallion square in the chest, sending him flying into the dirt. She stood in front of Discord, glaring at the stallion in the dirt. She looked back at Discord. He looked awful. Burn marks were all over his body and blood was spilling from some places. His paw was completely crushed and his tail crooked. Twilight felt like having a panic attack at the sight of her friend in that condition, but she composed herself. The fight was not over.

The stallion in the dirt rose without a scratch. He gave her an angry growl before pulling his head back and opening his mouth wide, revealing the razor sharp teeth. He roared. It was a roar that sent shivers up Twilight's spine. It sounded unearthly, unnatural and above all, it filled her body with dread.

Twilight's eyes went wide with fear as the stallion started to change appearance in front of her. His coat became darker, almost completely black. Cracks began to appear around his plating, revealing a fiery liquid. His eyes became reptile like slits and the white in his eyes turned fiery red. The stallion started walking towards Twilight, growling with murderous intent in his eyes. Twilight took a defensive stance, ready to defend her unconscious friend at any cost. She shot a paralysis spell at the stallion and he took it without flinching. It had no effect. She shot another and another, but to Twilight's horror, her magic had no effect.

As the stallion got closer. Twilight's ears splayed back, and she fell lower and lower in her stance as he came closer. The stallion stopped right in front of her. Twilight was shivering in fear and couldn't move. Her mind went blank. She didn't know what to do. Fear had taken her. Twillight could only watch as the stallion in front of her made his next move. The stallion raised a hoof and hit her so hard with the side of it that it sent her flying into the ground. Twilight landed hard in the dirt, fallen unconscious from the powerful hit. The stallion snorted in disgust.


He advanced over to the unconscious Discord and resumed his previous position. He raised his hoof, ready to stomp on Discord's neck thus ending him. The stallion stopped himself. What was he doing? Wasn't this what he was trying to avoid becoming again? How did this happen?

Neltharion's pupils dilated, he was once again in control. "Nonono NO!" He yelled, shaking his head violently. He began reverting to his original pony form. "GET OUT OF MY HEAD!" He stepped away from Discord and laid down in the crater Discord's second bolts had left. "I will not become a monster.. Not again" Neltharion muttered, still hearing the dark laugh in his head. He fell unconscious.

Author's Note:

This will be my last chapter for a while since im going on vacation from the 6th till the 21th of February. When I come back I will try and get an editor since one pointed out that I need one badly and I partly agree, with my recent screwups and all. Updates will then be resumed, but hopefully coming two times a week instead of one each day.

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