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"I-if only things could have been different, If only they didn't do what they did, if only we hadn't betrayed him things could be different... I wish they were."

Two months has passed since Tirek's defeat and the emergence of Twilight's castle. Celestia is having horrible dreams, nightmares about the one she and Luna betrayed long ago. About his kinds extinction and the horrible events that followed. It's time to face their past, reveal what should not be revealed, relive pain that cannot be forgotten and face the possible Consequences of their past mistakes.

Edited by Exaxxion

Cover picture is by Magefeathers

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 15 )

niice :D i like it so far ^^ i love storys, in who the princesses did something to him that made him evil ;D and not him doing something evil first ;3

so exciting haha
need moooaar

It looks like Discord could use some Advil... and a exciorsist.

Great story man! i'm loving it so far! One thing though...

“Uhh, princess.” Fluttershy began shyli. “Did you know Discord at the time?”

It should be shyly

Well then. Celestia what did you do!?

omg this is getting so interessting O_O

That thing with the Daconiqquii ( I have no idea If I am spelling that correctly ) and their magic splitting like that... Is really clever. It's a good way to explain why Discord is so powerful. But I fear that their bond runs deeper that just a bit of magic...

Please update! This is very interesting and I want to read more! :heart::pinkiehappy:

It was a draconequus three times the size of Celestia

So...Is Discord just really short? I approve of this

Aw shit... when is the ner chapter coming up? C:

imagine discord is actually a Chibi Draquineques? XD

Oh God...I need the next chapter so bad now... :raritystarry:

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