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Angela was just a petty thief at a convention. All she wanted was to grab a few things, leave, and make a few bucks off of them. She had no idea just how complicated her situation would become because of it. And now, the ponies inhabiting the town of Hollow Shades will find themselves at odds with what many would call a living nightmare.

First attempt at a displaced fic, featuring a blend of the game Evolve and My Little Pony.
If you don't like that sort of thing, then don't read.

Tags may be added later on. Gore tag for mild gore, nothing too overt.

Featured 4/25/16

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One dislike already?!

Don't let yer Head hanging because of that. If ya want my opinion. I think this Story started good. Keep the good work up fellow Author.

Ssssssssoooooooo very good keep it up

6505793 It happens to all of us. If they don't leave a reason why they downvoted then there's really no reason to pay it any mind. :twilightsmile:

Thanks for all of the encouragement! It means a lot. I will try to get the next chapter out soon.

Maybe it is because there's certain dislike for stories that use the "Displaced" formula for crossovers.

Only monster I can think of is the wraith since its the only one I've heard do any kind of shriek. All the others just do various roars. Doesn't help that its also female. "Shoulder blades"? Eh? Eh? Anyone? Pfft, tough crowd...

6506935 I myself am kinda 50/50 on the whole process, as it tends to just be a quick and easy explanation for how (insert hero, villain, creature here) ends up in pony land. Still, there are some pretty good ones out there.


Never bought Evolve but I am sure I know what Angie is now.
*leans back in her chair to watch this unfold*

6508531 Well then you had better grab some popcorn and an umbrella because a shit storm is on its way.

I have my box, I´m good to go. >:3

Heh. Wraith. Called it.


Let's be honest: the wraith has to be the best one of the four. Certainly the most unique looking.

My Favorite Monster of all:pinkiehappy: . The Wraith. I sooooo love it, but Goliath is my best Monster, made it to the Elite Skin. I play it on the PC.

For images, click on the little landscape picture^ between the youtube and link icons, and put in the image link.

That's one way to react to this situation.

At least she seems to enjoy herself. For now.

Her euphoria won't last.

The characters are being built really well and you are giving them all personalities and unique lives, but I can't help but feel that it might be a waste because I don't know how long the story will be following them.

If Angela still has that everlasting hunger of the monsters then I theorize that eating Bon Bon might be a goal in the near future. I also think that if Angela finds out that Bon Bon is sapient she might reconsider eating her and try and fight her instincts. But I also hope that Angela will do the monsters race proud and stalk and kill off a search party. Overall, I have many ideas on where this story could go and the possibility of one of these ideas or a new idea happening interests me.

6514363 I am glad you are enjoying the story. And don't worry, I plan to continue this tale for little while yet.

Hmm, let´s see. Ex-human in the body of a bloodthirsty apex predator, not yet fully accostumed to her new body and a tiny, frightened member of a prey species running away from her in full tilt. Ooh and do not let us forget the "proffesional team of monster hunters" snooping around the woods right now.
Nope, I fail to see what could go wrong there.

So far, I like your characters, they are fleshed out well. I like the way Angi goes about her way, the way she dove into the pond with the mental "Weeeeee~" made me smirk.

Hey, any chance the equestrian monster hunters will be somehow similar to the hunters in the game?

6514513 That's right, everything is all sunshine and rainbows from here on out, and absolutely nothing bad will happen!:pinkiecrazy:
In all seriousness though I do plan to make Roughshod's group somewhat similar to the hunters from the game, but not in a way that it feels like a rip-off. As for them being professional hunters. . . well lets also not forget that ponies are at heart, a peaceful species and unlikely to do anything to drastic. That's not to say that they are simply going to just lie down and let a perceived threat roam free. Minor spoilers, but Angela has got some trouble heading her way, and it won't just be because of the ponies.

I excepted that much and looking forward to it.:pinkiecrazy:

Quick question to anyone willing to help a fellow author out: how do your stories get featured? I clicked on the little button while editing and it said it would feature groups automatically, but so far I have not seen Hollow Shades or my other story Disease of the Soul as part of any group. Is there something I am missing about the whole process?

I love this! It's wonderful and unique. I really only saw one error, but this hole thing is great. I just can't express it!:yay::twilightsheepish:

6522299 Thanks!:twilightsmile:
By the way what was that one error you saw?

Yes. A new chapter.:rainbowderp: This is a new chapter. There are many like it, but this one is mine to read. Keep it up it's wonderful.:derpytongue2:

Hmm, lets see. For your story to be featured in a group, you can A) join the group and put your story in the appropriate folder yourself or B) someone else, ideally belonging to such a group, could put your stories in for you. That is, if i am not totaly mistaken.

I wonder how she will feel about the skill where she purposefully explodes? How will the invisibility and clone work as well? There is also that whole near endless hunger or a giant apex predator, but I have a feeling that will sort itself out based more on instinct than anything else.

6526200 Thanks for the input.
On another note what do you think of this chapter?

Oh come on, Evolve ? That shitty game without campaing which is pretty much dead now.
How you can write fanfic with game without story ?

i looked at the name and though headless horseman AKA as a dullahan... nope Fucking Evolve...

I said it before and will say it again. If you don't like it, don't read it.

It was kinda funny how Angie tried to figure out how to float. Also, I am curious, how did she notice that she had some new organs?

6526949 She discovered it while patting herself down, and checking to make sure she would not spontaneously combust or something like that. In the process she discovered that had gained a second heart, something that feels like a bag of marbles where her liver should be, and multiple other organs spread throughout her tails, which presumably help with floating around.

This is fact. . . I was a certified biologist on Shear I'll have you know.:trollestia:

Well, I take your word for it then. The last time I occupied myself with biology was back in school.^^

Let us just hope she will not loose her marbles then, shall we?

6526913 did you have to name it hollow shades D: thats gonna lure people looking for dullahan fics...

6527001 It might already be too late for that. . .

6527009 I named it Hollow Shades because it's the name of a town in Equestria. However it's only ever mentioned by name in the series. In fact I don't even know what Dullahan is.

6505793 many down vote just because they can and do it while being anonymous, no comments no nothing

6527063 It wouldn't be so annoying if they actually explained why they didn't like it. I mean how am I supposed to know if it's because they don't like the genre or if has something to do with my writing if they don't tell me?

You have a really strong start, here. We meet the protagonist, and while she's not entirely sympathetic (being a thief and all), you still managed to make me want her to get away, so kudos.

Could use thorough proofread to weed out the occasional error, though. There were a few typos here and there (such as spelling "think" as "thing," and using "lied" instead of "lay" or "laid"), but overall, it was extremely good, far more so than most of the Displaced fics I've read.

But Bon Bon's intro could've used a bit of work. I was a bit confused for a moment about the change in perspective, which wasn't cleared up for a couple of paragraphs.

hmm...how high can she float? i'm pretty sure the whole "only float a few feet off the ground" thing was for gameplay only

I actually find this interesting, never got to play evolve since it kept lagging too bad but I find this interesting regardless.

6527274 Thanks for the feedback. And yeah, I meant to go over the latest chapter to spot any errors, but it was 2:30 in the morning where I was and all I wanted was to go to bed. . . shows what I know, not waiting until morning to publish it. I'll be sure to go back and correct it.
6527792 I always felt there was a specific limit to how high a wraith can float in the air. I mean in the game it's never shown to hover more than a few meters above the ground. I could be wrong though.

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