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Fell in love with MlP: FiM pretty fast, just had to make an account here to keep track of all the fanfictions popping up. Might pick up a pen one day and write something myself.Maybe. :3


The 50 Followers Reward · 12:17am Jun 14th, 2017

Hey everyone! Thank you so much, the votes are in! By a landslide (albeit a small one :twilightblush: ) you all want to see some chapter titles! Yay.

So down below under the Spoiler blocker I'll have all the chapters of Arc 1 listed. This includes the ones already posted, and then down to the last of the first arc. I hope you like what they tease about!

The Black Digi-Knight:
Arc 1: Canterlot Adventures Saga

And So It Begins...

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Hey. I read your last post and was wondering if things had calmed down enough for you to post another chapter of the black Digi-knight? If not that's ok. I don't know if Florence or Michael effects on your life and if they did then I hope you can recover quickly. Though I think updating the story to have an author's note at the end of the last chapter would be helpful if at all feasible. Sorry if it sounds like I only care about the story I am aware there is a human behind the screen.

Goodness, I’m so glad you care to ask really. o.o
No this is mostly my life being crazy and like, literally every time I try to sit and work on this whoop. Another issue that takes weeks to months to settle down. The latest is caring for a sick loved one in-between work and whatever else I need to do. I’ve been poking and putting down a few sentences every so often, but I haven’t had a solid writing session in all this time.

Really, thank you for asking and I do hope I can finish the next chapter and resume the fun for all of us soon.

So, about that next chapter in The Black Digi-Knight? I hate to ask since I know this story isn't your top priority, as you have a life with friends and family, but it's getting close to a year since the last chapter was posted. Is the story dead? Is it on hiatus? Is it cancelled? Come on, we haven't heard from you in awhile.

Are YOU dead? I realize that, like everyone else, I'm focusing on the lack of the story I want to read and am losing sight of the person who is writing it. Are you ok? Something bad happen? We could use an update on you, for the few of us who see that there is a person here, and not just a fan story on the internet. Could you make a blog post on here at least letting us know you aren't dead? Thanks in advance if you do.

You better not be getting the cancer and hope you feel better soon! Besides your stuff is some of the most hilarious to watch I hope that as a displaced you begin the crossover point soon!

Listen I respect you and I am a fan of your work but six months is just to much time to wait, so please release a new update on your digimon story soon.

  • Viewing 28 - 32 of 32
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