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Fell in love with MlP: FiM pretty fast, just had to make an account here to keep track of all the fanfictions popping up. Might pick up a pen one day and write something myself.Maybe. :3

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For eons the land of Antrotica has been surrounded by an undying storm. Howling winds, piercing hail, blinding snow and the monsters that roam beneath the cloud coverage all make the land complete uninhabited by ponykind. Yet pony curiosity will not let these things deter the pursuit of knowledge, and Doctor Absolut Zero embarks on a royal expedition to the final continent in hopes of learning the storms origins and how to at last tame it.

Six months pass, and all contact is lost.

Worried over what might have befallen the team, Princess Luna tasks a trio of ponies to travel to Antrotica in order to find and rescue the team. Spearmint, Stark Winter and Whisper are the ponies assigned to the task, and although they manage to find the team safe and alive, things are far from over for them. For during their research, the team found something startling. Something that could alter history, tip the balance of the world, and endanger everyone alive.

Because within the heart of Antrotica, a powerful being slumbers fitfully upon a frozen throne.

This story took about a year to complete, and was originally commissioned by my good buddy Silverflame aka Spearmint. Spearmint is copyright him, while other OC ponies used in this story are all made by myself.

This story...grew...a lot...from what was originally meant to be a cute fetish piece admittedly, into some full-blown to tie into my friends stories and OC lives. It's also why I was unable to really work on The Black Digi-Knight, as I was busy trying to tackle this monster the entire time. For fans of that story, sorry! I hope you all enjoy this!

Cover Artwork from here: Smok - At the Mountains of Madness

Chapters (6)

Awakening as BlackWarGreymon, a lost human tries to adjust even as more surprises and traps spring up. Yet timing and fate seem set against him, as events lead him to being imprisoned in stone before he could make a name for himself. Branded by the crown as a villain, he struggles to adapt years later once free and takes an unlikely ally as his protector and savior. But what will his presence do to the events ongoing throughout Equestria? What truths will he find beyond the public eye? More importantly: Will he embrace his given role, or will he strive to be his own 'mon?


This is hands down the most dedicated piece of writing I've worked on to date. Before this lies many an aborted fanfic including some over on fanfiction.net. All of whom were nowhere near as taken seriously by me as this one was. Months were put into this just to reach the release point for the story itself. Struggling with my own procrastination and real life priorities made every paragraph I wrote important to me and I'm so happy to finally be releasing this. It may be a silly crossover between Digimon and My Little Pony, but I love the MLP fandom/show and I'm a huge sucker for successful crossover tales. So putting this much time and effort into a tale like this was thrilling as much as it was terrifying. I had to motivate myself so much at times and I hated every time my obsession over rewriting and editing older chapters got in the way of moving forward. But I think it was worth it in the end. I hope everyone who clicks on my tale and reads this enjoys the adventure you're about to go on as much as I did writing it.

Finally, major thanks to goattrain for drawing the amazing cover art. He's an awesome dude and I love looking at it every time I view this story. Thanks again man!

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A desperate attack by Doctor Eggman on Sonic & Co. during a party lands them all in a new adventure, this time on a brand new world. With the Master Emerald shattered, and the Chaos Emeralds scattered, they must now band together with new friends to collect them all. But as always evil looks to gain control of the powerful gems, and this time they're backed already by incredible power. More than two worlds are at stake in the upcoming confrontation: Can the Mobians and Equestrians stop the evil Emperor and his minions? And who is the stranger that joins them in this quest? How will his appearance change the course of everything?

(Small edit: Thank you kindly for the feature!)

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