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Fell in love with MlP: FiM pretty fast, just had to make an account here to keep track of all the fanfictions popping up. Might pick up a pen one day and write something myself.Maybe. :3


For eons the land of Antrotica has been surrounded by an undying storm. Howling winds, piercing hail, blinding snow and the monsters that roam beneath the cloud coverage all make the land complete uninhabited by ponykind. Yet pony curiosity will not let these things deter the pursuit of knowledge, and Doctor Absolut Zero embarks on a royal expedition to the final continent in hopes of learning the storms origins and how to at last tame it.

Six months pass, and all contact is lost.

Worried over what might have befallen the team, Princess Luna tasks a trio of ponies to travel to Antrotica in order to find and rescue the team. Spearmint, Stark Winter and Whisper are the ponies assigned to the task, and although they manage to find the team safe and alive, things are far from over for them. For during their research, the team found something startling. Something that could alter history, tip the balance of the world, and endanger everyone alive.

Because within the heart of Antrotica, a powerful being slumbers fitfully upon a frozen throne.

This story took about a year to complete, and was originally commissioned by my good buddy Silverflame aka Spearmint. Spearmint is copyright him, while other OC ponies used in this story are all made by myself.

This story...grew...a lot...from what was originally meant to be a cute fetish piece admittedly, into some full-blown to tie into my friends stories and OC lives. It's also why I was unable to really work on The Black Digi-Knight, as I was busy trying to tackle this monster the entire time. For fans of that story, sorry! I hope you all enjoy this!

Cover Artwork from here: Smok - At the Mountains of Madness

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 8 )

First thought upon seeing you post: "YES! The Black Digi-Knight returns!"

Reads the synopsis: "Aww, man! I guess not. Well, it could be interesting, at least."

Sees that it's anthro-ponies: "Never mind."

Funnily enough I did take a long time deciding as to whether or not to make this a normal or anthro story. In the end, I think it flowed better just because I could use human bodies for some of the descriptions and scenes. Plus, the Whisper gag.

So what is this story supposed to be? Some kind of soft core fetish story or something in the vein of h.p.lovecrafts mountains of madness and John Carpenter’s the thing,

The original intent behind this story was to find a wild, fun way to grow the main OC. So at the core this is a Macrophile story. But yeah - it evolved a lot and took up notes from stories like Madness, Thing, The Day After Tomorrow etc. Sudenly a maybe 10k story became...30k+

Okay this chapter is definitely interesting. I’m kinda of looking forward to hearing more about the lost civilizations of the Dominium and this Pegasi civilization.

Finally! An anthro story without any Clop in the first three chapters and with an actual storyline worth reading! I look forward to more!

I liked the world building. That was intriguing. The fetish stuff not so much.

Why thank you! I hope the mild fetish content wasn’t too distracting for you to enjoy the rest of it. :twilightsmile:

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