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This story is a sequel to Oskar Osäker: Your Worst Enemy

[Prototype 2] X MLP:FiM crossover

Emerald Gleaner once thought the NYZ would remain in her memories and nightmares. But with the appearance of one Sunset Shimmer this terror of the past is brought back to the forefront as Emerald and loved ones dive unknowingly back into the darkness of Blackwatch's heritage.... and there is no running from your past when it is screaming it's fury in your face

A big thank you to More Dakka for the Coverart, Nightmare Knight for editing
(Fimfiction likes to chew up coverart when it's big, if you want to see how it's supposed to look, take a look at my user page.)

Chapters (10)
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7314753 Oh hey! Auto approval works

7314790 I get the feeling it'll go away after a few abuses but yes it definitely is

I like it, I love it, and I want some more of it.

On a serious note, I like what you've done with the portal. I was honestly surprised by it leading to Emerald's home world, though like is mentioned in the editor's notes I was looking forward to sone EQG shenanigans. Not that this isn't better, because it is. It totally is. I am very much looking forward to the next chapter. Now, if you'll excuse me, I am off to reread this chapter until approximately 7:00 AM.

Always ends much too soon... I can't wait for the next chapter.

So, the evolved are pissed? Hmm... I can't imagine them being a match for Emerald. Unless that issue with her viral sense is a hint of some sort that she won't be at peak abilities.

Regardless, she'll be able to hault them all with her magic, since it appears she still has that. Unless that is in limited supply as well.


Aww, now I have to wait another month or so for the next chapter...


~Crystalline Electrostatic~

And just when I thought Stripe couldn't get any more awesome you wen't and gave him Dinobots voice...

Also Dakka I know you were looking forward to the language barrier aspect but after thinking it over and trying to work it out I finally decided it was too much effort, too little pay off. Also! I've been looking forward to making this book for years purely for the fact I can finally have little Navi as complicated character to develop and make awesome. I'll say this, I have plans for her! Fun plans!

Eh, freaky portal magic, what can ya do? If it works for Stargate then it works here.

Looks like Celestia is openly getting tired of Emeralds shit. That will either end badly or worse.

Also- Bloody hell, Sophie is alive? From how she was mentioned in the previous stories I figured Mercer killed her to remove any conflicts of loyalty or something like that... looks like it time for some much needed heart to heart... oh who am I kidding, shock and aw it is. Though this does make me wonder if anyone else from Emeralds past could still be alive... We never did 'see' Oskars mother die, it was just also heavily implied....

Also, also did Navi just referee to Twilight as 'father'? Not sure who would be more offended by that...

The synopsis has a bunch of typos in it.

7314963 Ugggggghhhh... :raritydespair: I wrote it up at work. I'll fix it up later

Well, isn't this just going to be fun.

Celestia should be happy for the fact Emerald went whit Twilight... she would otherwise be very dead now

7314942 She actually shows up in the first chapter of the first book. Honestly I think I just simply forgot to name her. And who knows what Navi is saying with her pseudo baby talk :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:

Dam Navi is cute, yay for character development!

Also why did you have to end it there! Your just reaffirming the fact that you're evilly good with cliffhangers.

The portal was re-directed.... if Sunset is in this world, who knows how it's changed her.

And, I do wonder, but has it ever been stated to Twilight that Emerald was a guy once? If not, then I think Twi could be confused later.

Sophie is going to get destroyed isn't she?:applejackunsure:

Welp didn't expect this, should've though considering it was a portal that existed before, but eh can't remember everything, its the laws of working memory. Time to read.

This should be Interesting... Though I really hope they make it back to equestria eventually

omg beast wars xD

nice cover art, where did you find it?

7314878 If they take her dna its goodbye Emerald :twilightsmile: unless she can counter-attack when their minds get fried from Discord's dna. :raritystarry:

Considering the former Evolved is more powerful than Mercer and Heller combined and multiplied by 1,000, I doubt a few Fodder Evolved would give Emerald any trouble.

Huh, so Emerald is a princess now? I would've thought she'd pick a non-royal title. Like, i don't know, 'Supreme Leader' or something.

I can't wait to see Sophie get her shit stomped.

Also I wanna say tentacles, if raptors had tentacles and could glow and communicate based on light and other things they'd be even more intelligent, its what fine and gross motor control are like plus sensory processing and decision-making. Because the behemoths don't need to consider much they won't be intelligent. C'mon Emerald absorb a lot of cephalopods or something now that you are in the 'real' world I would do that it'd be great I would go hunting for deep sea species and stuff. Too bad she only has three days, seemingly. *getting excited enough to ramble* And deep sea species are totally like eldritch abominations ever see some of them, I bet some of their genes would be useful for space travel efficiencies since they are so calorie and oxygen deprived. Just add solar power and tada~. Besides the raptors also needed more spatial and communication skills n stuff than those behemoths, Emerald c'mon think about it. Also deep sea creatures can swallow stuff multiple times their size with huge bellies. Theres so much useful stuff lol. Once Emerald realizes maybe she would make an intelligence maximizing form, then she would be like an eldritch abomination lol. Or like a tentacle monster at least. But then people would judge her for her looks so that's not practical, only in meditation perhaps, but right~ she broke out of the trap of the EoH before maybe even if she got locked out of Equestria she'd find a forceful way back, reminds me of gotenks from dbz just screaming a whole through the parabolic time chamber. *contains my excitement*

7315629 Like they could touch her at full power.

And another story I shall follow like a stalker begins....-gets out his stalker suit-

7315749 True but she only has Discord for magical dna right now thanks to the portal. And its harder to keep track of multiple people at once but I guess all she has to do is teleport lol.

7315629 7315749 In the game blacklight has to kill something and consume it to take it’s DNA / power. This rule is a bit looser in this fic, but I’d assume that it still applies to other blacklight evolved because otherwise, Mercer would not have been able to hold onto power for as long as he did if a single touch could make anyone his equal.

Hell they wouldn’t be immune to fire and cant regenerate without consuming something so any fight between them would likely just go like this



Oh I remember now. She's the girl Emerald mentioned in the Viral-unicorn book. At the time I figured 'Mercer happened' meant that Mercer killed her to prevent any conflict of interest loyalty wise, but if she was also the blond girl who denounced Oskar as a psycho in the first chapter then I'm guessing that she didn't take Oskars 'promotion'to Mercers inner circle very well.

Now I'm guessing that Sunset isn't from this world either, and our meddling watchers hijacked it for her as well. Speaking of Sunset, she didn't make it out with the crown, right? At that point she was simply trying to get away, correct?

And those evolved are in for such an unpleasant surprise when they find out just how much Emerald has grown in power.

It does make me wonder if Emerald will give Twilight a shot of Chaos so that she can use her magic.

7315900 Well I suppose the true virus would be more easily hidden with the full dna sequence, and the limbs don't need dna for the most part maybe just need structure. But we don't see anyone getting away with it potentially because of the power gap and fear of a power gap rather than inability. And right now they are underestimating Emerald, and we have seen Emerald just scavenge for hairs in book one of ponies, so it is possible if Emerald isn't careful. (odds of her lacking carefulness are slim though, I just thought it would be an interesting circumstance)


Which series was that from?

I keep wanting to get into Fullmetal Alchemist, but the multiple continuities make it difficult to start.

7316383 There are only 2 continuities (not counting movies, not sure what's up with them having never watched them). That one is FMA: Brotherhood. It is generally considered the better of the two, but there are plenty of people who like both.

7316383 fullmetal alchemist brotherhood

Emerald can passively absorb traits from normal cells because they don't fight back. Blacklight cells on the other hand realize that something is attacking / trying to consume them and return the favor.

if a cannon fodder evolve tried to consume one of Emeralds cells her cells would likely reduce the poor sod into nothing but a puddle of inert biomass- or into more of Emeralds own blacklight cells which would then go dormant until some other sod comes along and tries the same thing- and meets the same fate- or they just naturally self destruct like all biomass that is separated from her.

I mean really, If it was that easy for the cannon fodder evolved to get Emeralds power then Emerald would have done it to her alternate self the second she realized he was stronger than her, and the other Oskar would not have risked using attacks like the tentacles which require physical contact.

Navi now as a little human girl that looked roughly four years old.

Navi is remarkably inarticulate and immature for a four year old.
Her behavior seems more like a two year old to me.

Wow, nice cliffhanger ._. I think its safe to assume that sunset is either dead, captured, or turned into an evolved which is the least likely outcome. Emerald and the others probably aren't in any danger as she should be stronger than the canon fodders even though they outnumber her. I mean Emerald has eaten much more and had an entirely new world of possibilities opened up to her, however the other party members are going be liabilities.

7316715 She never talked before and she was an insect before this, give her time...

7316089 Oh no, Sunset still made it out with the crown just like the beginning of EG but this time she was rather injured

7316939 Then what was with the clattering of metal on the floor mentioned when Vata proceeded to go leech on her? Meant to ask about that.

7316966 The crown bouncing along on the floor like in canon

7316988 I never really watched any of the EQG movies. Just things like "Everything Wrong With" or "Bronies React". So I thought Sunset dropped it and ran.

7317001 Reaction videos always seemed so stupid to me so I never bothered

7315850 Get out of here S.T.A.L.K.E.R

7315698 I can go for "Big Boss of the Diamond Dogs" myself

Please have Emerald Teleport one of the evolved into orbit and fall the long way down

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