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This story is a sequel to Emerald Gleaner: Retired Monster

[Prototype 2] X MLP:FiM Crossover

Beset by a mountains of work both official and secret, Emerald has barely time left to herself anymore. Can one still become exhausted even if they physically can't? When does paranoia do more harm than good?

When people stop trying to kill you of course!

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I know I have not been here for all the years that you were writing this, and I am probably the millionth person to say this, but I really do love this series.

Honestly, I may be late, but I hope I can be here for the rest of the ride.

Oh it's happening it's finally finally happening i fricking love your books!:rainbowkiss:

Looks like Elda... Eldeer are starting their game/s, hmm they can tryyy:ajsmug:, only sad thing here is that Sunset will be caught in firefight, as if she didn't suffer enough already:fluttershysad:..... I really hope that Emerald will protects her......and also will give this arrogant deer taste of her own version of diplomacy:twilightangry2::pinkiecrazy:

Ooooh, I see some plot set up and world building... this book is off to a good start!

“Tell her I'll come see her personally at a later date to explain why I feel the mirror is safer in my guard. Brutal

I like the details of the Clean Sweeps bit like him pulling out wires n such and the idea of tricking ponies to perform better is a neat one.

“Queen Aeris of the Bast Dynasty is... ahem, requesting that the price for the fish fruits be lowered indefinitely as her people are investigating the formation of strange, black glass roads in their desert, and the annihilation of several villages.”

That is that fire-demon-thing created when Emerald set off that nuke, isn't it?

'I'm too much of a lynch pin . T oo key to the ongoing progress and development of the Enclave , ' Emerald thought with a sigh. 'At least when it comes to bleeding edge developments. I'm combining magic and organic technology more and more as time goes by and I'm the only one that can do so. There are two options I can take here . I can either tone it back and try to recreate everything via more conventional methods or... I can create a means of allowing someone else to create and build with biomass as I do...'

Why can't she create bio-machines that build bio-machines?

“Queen Aeris of the Bast Dynasty is... ahem, requesting that the price for the fish fruits be lowered indefinitely as her people are investigating the formation of strange, black glass roads in their desert, and the annihilation of several villages.”

I was wondering what happened with that fire jin Emerald woke up with the nuke test, and It's always nice to catch up with some of the secondary characters.


Curious proceedings... seems Zecora is hiding a secret so great that no one could ever know of it

From here? Things can only get better, with what this first chapter has promised. The plot points are beginning to close in, and we will finally see Emerald potentially take on an additional Blacklight Being Administrator, who I can only imagine might begin Hivemind Experiments, and become a more ethically and morally virtuous Glados for the Enclave. The new Hive Queen for the Neo-Changelings opens up the potential for a vast espionage network for the Enclave, with the Queen being the obvious Spymaster. The new upgrades can only end in my joy, all things considered, especially when one remembers that the two things that slew Tirek (which I'm assuming are Astral Lords, of that bothersome and annoying faction I'm certain will cause trouble for everyone involved). Then, we have the Mirror's new schedule of activation, of which, I can imagine, is the fault of compound issues, including Astral Lord meddling, Emerald's dicking about with a forced activation, and potential, hitherto unknown factors, including bugs in the arcane formulas. The political landscape proves interesting to observe shifting, and I can only hope to see it bear juicy fruit. Sunset's reintegration was an obvious, but important, step for Equestria as a whole, and I look forward to seeing how that plays out. Twilight's interest in going human, and mastering magic in that form, is going to be a plainly important plot point for the lower rungs of the story arcs, but is likely to prove influential to the development of others in this series. The new issue involving the black (glass or grass? I swear I saw both being used to refer to the same, presumably, thing...) might be involved with the ongoing issue, and I look forward the mystery surrounding it all unfolding.

All in all, this has been, and continues to be, a good read, that grabs hold of my attention, and doesn't let go.

Hail Hydra.

Probably, yea.

Because Von Neumann risk. Don't want to risk them replicating out of control.

Ah, ah my heart hurts because of overwhelming joy, so many new plots and foreshadowing, it's beautiful :yay:

Demands demands demands with a sprinkling of complaints, no one's giving Emerald but family a break. The healing droids sound adorable, too.

Sunset stuck in a malaise, the realization that her suffering and anger were products of her own make. The all too painful thought that she was forgotten by the world and Celestia's uncomfortable move to act like nothing happened, makes her question if she's willing to "Go as they used to be". The luncheon was a trap, everyone knew who you were Sunset, they lured you in with smiles and courtesy, what they wanted was to see what you knew. You've suddenly returned from under the radar after many years but also in tow with Emerald Gleaner, surely, they believed you to be a cohort of hers. And she's had a taste of what global politics are like, especially from the "peaceful" herbivorous nations.

One of the things that brought me joy, a being from a race of masters in stealth and infiltration, in a chameleoline cloak, whose home is a forest where the trees can move. The Ghosts of Tanith have returned :pinkiehappy:

So, a massive structure, more than three kilometers in size, what are building Emerald? :duck:

Xenomorph changelings :rainbowlaugh:

Commercial industry finally took root in the Enclave, making high end magi-tech and seeking civilian use for Emerald's creations. So much cash is flowing in, it ain't even funny, with how there's no proper outlet to spend it on. And what's this, Emerald's actually thinking of turning someone?

Exploration into the depths of a cutie mark's potential, noticeable comprehension gains when owner is aware that tangential or obscure knowledge can make their talent expand and adapt, they're starting to enter human levels of ingenuity. Even Twilight is realizing this but taking the route of becoming human to enhance her comprehension to her connection with magic through a different "perspective" of sorts.

The Enclave is going to experience an expansion, with the independent packs submitting to vassalization, the Enclave's territory and its number of resource spots for mines along with it. It does however create a problem, despite the Independent's demands for a currency, the Enclave's lifestyle and abundance in excess of free necessities, makes it almost impossible to create a fiat system. The basis of human currency alone points back to a system based on food and water, and the cost and effort to create then harvest. Designating a bushel of grain, a casket of rice or weight in salt/seasoning/jug of clean water to the lowest denomination of a currency, that's not even taking into consideration with inflation. With everything free and for how long it has been so, to shackle it in an inefficient system that is incompatible with a communal society whose hierarchy is only based on strength not wealth, would only cause damage. The possibility of currency would only flourish if there is something else to add to such a society that would then spark a need to do business. Besides the civilian population, the only ones ever in use of technology would be those working for mining, industry and the military, there is little need for want to even strive beyond necessity and tech that is being sold to the other nations may or may not even be interesting. That possibility only now lies in trade with other nations, with their own products but with the Enclave's isolationist nature and only being open to the extent of Emerald's desire for certain trade, it's uncertain till something outside catches interest. With everything free in society, the currency can then take on the form of a credit system when one is in service to the state, that then can be converted to various foreign currencies to allow said worker to attain foreign products that normally can't or won't be produced locally. Like foreign ales/wines/spirits, seasonings, literature, music or immigrant laborers/teachers/engineers/scientists for personal or communal services.

Something tremors in the force, Zecora sees it

When does paranoia do more harm then good?

Minor mistake in the description -- should be than, not then.

Anyway, I am totally excited for the rest of this story! Been following this series since the first book and have enjoyed it immensely.

I fully agree with Alex Mercer from the second game anyone else with me

8279387 The spark for that business would be the kind of non essential comforts we take for granted. Remember the Enclave was founded by former slaves who consider a full belly and the ability to have children to be a divine luxury and work out of a mix of boredom and a desire to feel like they paying Emerald back for what she is giving them. But there are a lot of comforts that most consider to be basic living standard that aren’t included in it. That’s why the dogs who weren’t young and or poor avoided the Enclave up until now.

Fulfilling every single personal whim and taste of every individual dog is not practical, even for Emerald, and would be extremely wasteful as it would depend on giving each dog an equal amount of anything any individual member could possibly want, most of which would be wasted. Better to give the dogs a system of money on top of the food, water, and shelter she gives them as the basic standards of living so they can spend that money on any luxuries / comforts they want, as well as incentive's dogs to create those luxuries in the first place.

Not to mention giving them everything they want on top of everything they need risks the next generation of dogs growing spoiled and entitled.

Which is why caution is needed, to do or do not utilize a currency, the time to choose now before too many generations pass to make such reforms difficult. Which is why the proposition to allow "currency" to start at the federal level, those who work will earn "credit" which can take on the form of a material standard or free floating currency like electric banking. When those of the civilian sector notice the benefits those who are working gain, it will either galvanize them to seek work for the state or create business of a product or service in exchange for those credits. In turn, those working or family of those workers can spend those credits locally than using it for exchange in foreign currency for their goods. Thus creating a harmonized balance in the economy and the social status quo, as the strong stay at the top, the strong work while those below scramble to form business to suckle on their successes.

What else births from that system, be it corruption or stability are merely byproducts

Edit:Now that I think of it, there needs to be limit to how much credit flows and can remain in the economy, perhaps taxes on business licenses or have the currency become outmoded in form that can only take a certain shape/pattern or self decay like ork teeth

Comment posted by MostBrainWhyYes deleted Jul 6th, 2017

8279639 That assumes the dogs, or any of the other nations have a concept of fiat Credit. The Enclave already has an abundance of world recognized ‘currency’ that being the gold the other nations give Emerald in exchange for meat. If Emerald wanted to issue an official currency for the Enclave then all she’d have to do is reform that gold into a standardized units and then issue it to her dogs at her discretion to do with as they will (either buy outside products directly or use it to invest in the means of producing their own versions of said products, which I assume the Diamond dogs would be more likely to buy given their isolationist nature). If she creates a fiat system of issued credit then it would be under a consent process of deflation due to the amount of gold flowing into the Enclave, or inflation as she issues more of said credit.

Doesn't she have advanced viral control? She could set it up where after so many bio-machines made, the bio-machine making bio-machines would shut down, or have it where there would be a limit that they can make (like only 1 or 2 bio-machines per day) which would keep a set rate of output.

Nevertheless, as obvious a fix this may be, I doubt the author would go through with this because having more evolved would be too interesting, and unique to pass up. Not to mention how it could be a setup for something, or another in future chapters.

Still, I can think of a few ways that the bio-machine making bio-machines can be in-planted, like having it where something does go wrong, which might also help Emerald's enemies (the Griffons, Eldar, etc.) Get dirt on her, which could lead into something... And with the failed bio-machine making bio-machines, Emerald would still have to resort to making new evolvoled to make the bio-machines manually (or would it be 'ponyaully'? 'viralually'? Hmm...) So that wouldn't have to be missed out on completely here...

In any case, I doubt someone who has been working for years on a story, would really listen to someone who just appeared out of nowhere, and jumped right into the ride, long after it all started.

Whatever happened to the Equestria Girls universe? Might a new portal be built to head there, or might the old portal reset itself?

Because of their isolationist nature is why they need their own, and even then it's up to Emerald decide as the basis of their standard. While a gold standard and the level of purity per denom level, allows for them to use it in foreign trade. Doing so means they must integrate to the global community economically, thus making it undesirable to them for their ethic stance of isolation. By creating their own economy that is incompatible with the wide world and allowing the populace to exchange work credit for a piece of government owned foreign currency at an exchange rate that varies on which country, then the people can keep to themselves without truly being pulled into the open world.

In reality, money isn't really used by the people but the government, seeing as almost anything and everything could very well be produced by Emerald but things she can't take time to tackle, she'd use that wealth to procure it elsewhere or others at the top use it similarly.

8280008 The independent packs already have a functioning economy by the looks of it, and If the wealth of the independent packs is based on gold like all the others why would they accept an official Enclave currency that isn’t based on the same? Any fiat based credit system would function on a system of artificial scarcity, just like how a gold based system would be dependent on how much of her gold Emerald mints into official enclave coins. But it's all about what those independent packs consider to be valuable. The whole point of contention is they want Enclave to be more compatible with the independent packs before they submit to it's authority, and the closer the Enclaves official currency is to what they are used to the easier it will be for them to accept.

They may or may not have some sort of system in place, though what they use as "valuable" is questionable, considering anything like gold, gems or other precious metals could just as easily be procured by both parties with varying difficulty, being of a subterranean race and all.

It's likely that they're pushing for a Fiat system because they themselves wish to participate in open trade... which means someone is probably pushing them to seek this with their vassalization. The question now is, who is it? It's obvious that with them being in the fringes of Enclave control, would mean near unregulated trade with Enclave products, most particularly, any military gear that could be slipped out.

If I were Emerald, I would just spread out my biomass in massive underground vats across the planet and connect them via some magical hive mind. Then she could just have a smaller body act as an avatar. That way she would not only be fixing the "all eggs in one basket" problem, she would be able to split her mind into many subsections due to the massive increase in mental power, allocating busywork nicely.

Heck, maybe even put her main biomass on the moon.

8280565 If the independent pack don't already have an economy based on a system of money that is universally recognized as valuable then what have they been using to buy Emeralds meat fruit for all this time? And how were the ones who met Emerald wearing nice clothes?

It is specifically referenced in this chapter that ‘precious metals’ are a thing regardless what metals that world considers to be precious and the diamond dogs are born miners, what else would their wealth be built on?

The nuke monster is coming back to bite her in the ass.

If we're talking on the basis of clothing, then the "currency" was meat, as the universal concern among all carnivores before Emerald, was food. Trade with the spiders over the generations would've been less in exchange of baubles and shiny stuff but for one to gain in abundance of a scarce resource, meat.

Though with that solved with Emerald, there would be little to choose from races more used to bartering than a currency exchange. Thinking about it, there has been a lot of turbulence in the background concerning the Independents, seeing they can't compete with the Enclave's pace, most likely this is affecting other places too, potentially other nation's industries pertaining to food. If trade means meat fruit of consistent size and flavors like fish or chicken, one has to wonder, who and where are suffering the wake of Emerald's progress.

So the nuked/irradiated fire spirit is pissed off and has been making a warpath amongst several surrounding villages.

You know, Emerald came from "our" world, yes? So she must've had access to things like manga. Surely she's heard of Naruto. She needs to come up with her own magical version of the Shadow Clone so she can be doing several different things in several different places at once.

She can't manage everything by herself. The more the Enclave and her influence grows, the more she's going to need to start delegating tasks and assignments to the Enclave's other leadership. It's only going to get worse with time. Although I'm guessing that's one of the driving points of this particular chapter in Emerald's story.

First the Rachni Queen (Even though Legionary has assured me that it was never intentional to make a creature that referenced said Queen, and in truth only slightly resembles it)


Rachni Queen? I was more thinking a Xenomorph queen with eggsack, but not the same. That's still the basic image I got out of it.

then the “coilguns” which are basically Mass Effect guns launching anti-tank ammunition instead of grains of sand.

Railguns and Coilguns are hardly new concepts. They've been around since the early 1900's. Hell such things can be built in your garage (albeit low powered in comparison). Emerald can simply miniaturize the proper components enough to make the effective weapons.

Also: Eldeer/Eldar must die. Irritating holier-than-thou gits.

If you're going to try and save the human race, the first order of buisness is that there is at least 5 billion too many people.

I don't agree that it's worth the effort, but the only thing I couldn't stand was the half hearted way he went through with it. That, or the incompetence.

Then again, forward thinking is a characteristic weakness of even many of the smartest sociopaths.

EDIT: Does it even count as saving the human race if they aren't human at the end of it? I'd give him a C-, at the absolute most.

This came out on my sleep day. I guess that can't be helped, though.

personal student without truly prodigal skill at magic.

Recurring typo I noticed.
I assume you mean prodigious, not prodigal. Sunset is the prodigal student (left in spite, failed in their efforts elsewhere, and returned in desperation but was welcomed back with open arms regardless of their offenses, crimes, or mistakes.) Her skill at magic is prodigious (large, huge, vast, big, wide and deep, etc.)

About what he's trying to do not how he's doing it

Hmmm... didn't Emerald test her nukes in the deep desert? Maybe she awoke/made something and it's not happy. A kind of Godzilla except desert and fire instead of oceans and water?

I heard Rachni Queen when I was reading it. In hindsight, Xenomorph Queen fits better, but my mind did jump to Rachni Queen first.

And as for the coilgun thing. So you're saying you can go out right now and create a gun that can shoot a 50 caliber bullet at a speed faster than (or comparable to. I don't quite remember the specifics of Mass Effect tech) light?

Congrats on second place at the front page

I hope the medical "machines" turn out like the Martian devices from 'A Miracle Of Science'!

Ah. Things that can't save themselves from destruction shouldn't exist; this seems so obvious as to be self-evident to me. Unless, I suppose, they somehow motivate a third party to save them for them.
Already Mary this reference/used this metaphor here I think, but I'll repeat myself anyways.
We say 1+1=2; they say 1+2=3. Both statements are correct.

Not a good one but yes you can make one quite easily.


It is literally a tube and a couple electromagnets so making one is easy, making one comparable to ones in Mass Effect? Not so much.

That coverart. Pretentious much?

Heh heh, if you say so but I for one do soo enjoy hiding the answers in the open. What was it the Joker said? Ah yes...

"So how do you keep a secret from the World's Greatest Detective? Well, do you know? You stick it right in front of him, right under his long pointy nose, and wait."

So it's foreshadowing. Kay, I can appreciate that.
Doesn't make it any less pretentious tho :P


When I think of the coilguns, the first game series that comes to mind for me is XCOM, and by proxy, the Stardust series here on FiMFic. As for the comparison to the Xenomorph Queen, I think the Zerg Queen would make a better fit. The abdomen is a permanent part of the body, unlike the egg sac, and also holds many more functions than just reproduction. Of course, what sets the difference between the neochangeling queen and all of these other queens is the presence of the legs all on the thorax. It's like some crazy hybrid of a grub and an insect, and those bat wings don't help with it's already unnatural look. The neochangeling queen definitely is an interesting creature, and I'd love to see someone draw her!


And as for the coilgun thing. So you're saying you can go out right now and create a gun that can shoot a 50 caliber bullet at a speed faster than (or comparable to. I don't quite remember the specifics of Mass Effect tech) light?

I'm not seeing anything about element zero being used to reduce the mass of coilgun ammunition. Although I admit I'm limited on time as I type this reply.

There's also the significant problem of if you reduce the mass of an object you're firing out of a gun, it's going to reduce it's potential as a weapon. Less mass equals less kinetic energy delivered to the target once the round reaches it. Thus reducing the weapons efficacy. If I wanted a lightspeed weapon, I'd build a laser or other kind of energy weapon. If I wanted a kinetic weapon for pure penetration values, I'll stick to conventional means.

As for can I build a coilgun or railgun to launch things at high speed? Yes. NOT the hypersonic speeds of military grade weapons, or even as fast as a conventional bullet. But still plenty sufficient to pulp watermelons.

to solve the trust/making-an-evolved issue with allowing others to do the genetic machine making, emerald could make a "machine" that someone like moon dancer do the stuff but at the same time she could program security into it to prevent abuse, the key could even be moon's genetics.

PLEASE, tell me Sunset Shimmer will side with Emerald in the end?? :fluttercry:
I can hardly wait for the next chapter, keep the awesomeness coming!! :heart:

I predict the hospital robots will become evil and attempt to exterminate all life.

Buckle up, boys, we're going in for another ride!

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