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Sasuke, deciding to take revenge on The Leaf, even after hearing the full truth from The First, goes to The Fourth Great Ninja War and tries to kill Naruto. Explained inside the story in more detail, but due to positive and negative chakra, he's transported between realms and sent to Equestria.

This is my first fic, and I decided to do this because there isn't a single Sasuke in Equestria story. This will somewhat follow the MLP plotline, but I will most likely skip over certain episodes or do small timeskips when needed, or when it will be convenient for the story. Also, changes to the episode may happen. They probably won't be too huge, though, for the most part.

It will be a sort of bildungsroman story- at least, I'm hoping I can try to make it that- which will focus on Sasuke, his Hatred, his relationship with his family, and how he could possibly, somehow, drop all of it off and finally have a heart again.

Gore tag is there for a reason. Just as well, the descriptions in this story will be vivid, and, at times, may disgust some. If you are offended by blood or anything else considered graphic, then don't bother reading.

First fic, with crossover. I'm not that very good at writing battle scenes yet, so forgive me.

One more thing- This is going to be fairly realistic, so Sasuke WILL be cruel. Yes, to PONIES. Don't expect him to turn nice fast.

Anyone who knows more about Naruto than me- I'm sure there are plenty of people on this site that do- please point out mistakes. I will admit I switch between names- for example, Jyuubi and Ten Tails- simply for a larger variety of names.

Please point out any errors you find. I will attempt to update this at least once a week- and I will change the cover image later, but soon, if it doesn't fit.

There is no shipping with ponies in this story.

Yes, I know that's not Eternal Mangekyou. I couldn't find a better pic, and that looks good enough, anyway.

One more thing- as I know people will complain about it, despite the fact that I have creative license, and what I wrote makes pretty good sense, in my mind, at least- and I see others agreeing with me, as well.

There will be minor/major character changes in this story- and not just for Sasuke. Ponies, too, to a certain degree. Some other characters may do things you would never expect of them, or commit to decisions that seem terrible or stupid- but they are there for several reasons, and not just the plot. Remember a few things-

Characters are older.
War changes people.
Shinobi do whatever it is to finish the mission, and for some, they're just realizing it, despite the fact that they've been ninja for years.

Not only are they being changed based on logic, they are also there for the plot. Remember that before commenting about 'Naruto would never do x or Sasuke wouldn't do this.' I've twisted the characters from the original manga. THEY ARE DIFFERENT. Please remember that before posting without thinking. Thank you.

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