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Visual Prowess - UgalaaWriter

During The Fourth Great Ninja War, Sasuke is transported to Equestria. Longer summary in description.

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“You… you probably shouldn’t move.”

Fluttershy managed, speaking quietly, nearly squeaking as the strange creature looked at her. She’d found it near death in the forest, outside of her cottage, and, the second she’d seen it, was overwhelmed with pity for the animal and decided to bring it inside. It wore clothes, so she had been sure that it was civilized, but she was surprised to hear that it spoke Equestrian. She’d been expecting something more… barbaric, with how it was dressed- blood and dirt everywhere on its clothes- and the thing that it had had strapped to its back. It looked like a weapon. Fluttershy had been scared to touch it, first poking it with a hoof, and then had moved it with the creature, and placed it next to the bed, mostly because she assumed it was a valued possession.

Sasuke frowned as he looked around the cottage. Everything seemed so… playful… and happy. He knew not to move because of the pain he’d just felt all throughout his body- even Susano couldn’t block multiple Tailed Beast Ball blasts, as much as he wished it could- but he didn’t like not knowing where he was. He hated being pitied and cared for like he was weak even more. For now though, he was forced.

Just to make sure, he activated his Sharingan and gazed at everything around him, to make certain that he was under no kind of genjutsu, and that no deceit or trickery was being performed. His eyes ached, and began to bleed slightly, but he ignored it, staring at everything with a stark glare until he was sure nothing he was seeing had been somehow fabricated. Everything here was real.

Fluttershy squeaked again as she saw his eyes beginning to bleed.

“Oh no, you poor thing! What’s wrong with you!?” She said, a worried tone easy to hear in her voice. Sasuke turned to her and, while not giving her a true glare of hatred, still managed to make her shiver with the pure distaste that he looked at her with. He didn’t speak for a moment, before repeating his previous question.

“Horse, where am I?” Fluttershy poked at the floor with her hoof, looking nervous, and seeming scared to answer his question. Sasuke grunted, becoming annoyed. He’d ask her again, use a little intimidation, this time. If she didn’t answer that time, he’d use genjutsu.

“Horse,” Sasuke said, turning to her, and staring her in the eyes. His Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan spun rapidly as he simply gazed at her.

Fluttershy squeaked and closed her eyes, and began shaking. His crimson eyes were horrible. It was some sort of… red-filled hatred. Not to mention the thing had the weirdest and scariest pupils and irises that she’d ever seen. She’d never seen someone look at her with such coldness before. Fluttershy managed to get through her fright and answered, though she was barely hearable.

“My cottage.”

“And where is your cottage?”

“W-Well, it’s on t-the outside of Ponyville, which is-“

“What country am I in?”


Sasuke scowled. Where was Equestria? He’d passed with flying colors at the geographic portion of the class back in The Leaf Shinobi Academy- he remembered every country and village, minor or major. From the Land of Fire to the Land of Iron, to the Land of Tea, he knew all of them. Equestria was certainly not from The Elemental Nations. There were other continents in the world, but they were not well known, nor well explored by the ninja or peoples of The Elemental Nations. Perhaps he was on one of them, although he couldn’t understand how he’d been blasted that far away and was still somehow alive.

Deciding not to question it for the moment, he turned back to the shivering horse-thing. It had its eyes closed and was shaking like the last leaf of a dead tree in the wind. He noticed the wings on its back. Winged-horses? Perhaps he was in a realm of some unknown summon. He decided not to count out that possibility. He moved slightly, slowly at first, noting the amount of pain that came with each movement. The agony was bearable, though it was clear his body was wrecked. He was confined to this bed for the time being, it seemed.

Sasuke turned his thoughts back to The Fourth Great Ninja War. His side probably had won. It wasn’t for sure, but Naruto and the rest of the Allied Shinobi Forces had been in bad shape when he blacked out. Not to mention that the Jyuubi was rampaging and Orochimaru had brought back the four Hokages to fight on their side. The Leaf. He unconsciously began to grit his teeth and tense up the second he thought of them. He’d have his revenge yet.

“Do you… do you want something to eat?” Fluttershy asked, hesitantly. She was still afraid of the thing, but it was clear that it had no intention to hurt her- at least, not yet. The glare she’d received, while it had frightened her, after thinking about it, she realized it was the same look that she received from an injured animal. He was just hurt and angry, and lashing out emotionally, even if he didn’t mean to. Maybe food would make him feel better.

“Hn.” Sasuke replied. It wasn’t really an answer, but Fluttershy took it as a yes, and flew off slowly to go prepare his meal. Floating through the air, gradually making her way into her kitchen, she began to boil water in preparation for making tea. At the same time, once the water was set to heat up and boil, she turned and began to search for hay to make a hay and flower sandwich. She hummed, nearly silently, as she worked.

Sasuke sat up in bed slowly, ignoring the rippling, exploding pain throughout his body. His back burned, his sides and chest felt like they were ripped apart, and his neck and shoulders felt like they had been pounded with a sledgehammer. The throbbing pain beginning to grow too much, Sasuke bit out a grunt and settled back into the bed face up and back down, waiting for the agony to go away. Pain was nothing new to him- going blind before he’d received Itachi’s eyes had been much more painful than this. Compared to that, this was nothing.

He reached up and touched his face, feeling the still wet streaks of blood that slowly ran down his cheeks. It had stopped just short of his chin, almost dripping off and staining the bedsheets red. His eyes would never go blind again- permanently, the pride and rightly valued ability of the Uchiha clan- which was his by right, anyway- would stay. But they would still bleed and he would feel incredible pain if he overused them or if he used Amaterasu, which he was skilled in.

He wiped the blood away, looking at the smeared red liquid on his hand. Sasuke didn’t even bother cleaning his hand- he wasn’t going to bother dirtying his clothes any more than they already were, considering that his grey coat, which proudly displayed the Uchiha crest- a fan with a red top and a white bottom- was already tattered and had holes in it. It was dirty in some places, covered and stained with what looked to be soot- most likely from the explosion- though, other areas looked suspiciously clean.

Sasuke figured that the- Pegasus, is what winged-horses were called, wasn’t it? - That the Pegasus had tried to clean it. His bottom half fared no better- his sandals were barely holding together, the straps were ripped. It was amazing they still clung to his feet at all. The blue cloth that he wore around his waist was similarly destroyed- torn apart, looking like rags a peasant would wear. He was fairly sure there was no part of his clothing that was clean.

Sasuke felt around his person- slowly, still feeling pain in his muscles and bones. He had probably fractured several bones and pulled or torn muscles all throughout his body, not to mention various bruises, and just a battered, sore body in general. Yes. His kunai, shuriken, smoke bombs, and summoning scrolls, mostly used for summoning the giant shuriken, as well as his other various ninja tools, were all still there.

He next felt around the bed with one hand, ignoring the pain as he checked to make sure his sword was in good shape. After a few seconds, he felt it propped up against the bed. Sasuke snatched it up and held it in front of him, right above his face as he pulled it out of the scabbard a bit. The quiet screech of steel and glint of light off of the immaculate grey steel told him all he needed to know. Satisfied, he pushed the sword all the way back into its scabbard and put it back where it had been before.

Fluttershy flew back into the room, with two plates, one on each hoof. On one was a cup of piping hot tea and in the other was a plate with a sandwich on it. It looked plain enough for Sasuke. She gently set both down on the oak table next to Sasuke, and watched as he reached to feed himself, even with his body wrecked like it was. She gasped and reached towards his hand, stopping its progress by blocking it with her hoof.

“I can feed myself,” he said, looking at her like she was stupid. “I don’t need you to baby me. I’m not like your animals.” Sasuke seemed surprised that she was surprised. It was fairly easy to tell that she was an animal caretaker. It was right there, out in the open- he didn’t know anyone else that would let a bear sleep in their house, so Sasuke assumed, and assumed rightly, that she had no fear of the bear- it most likely trusted her as well.

Fluttershy slowly removed her hoof, even though she didn’t want to, and watched him reach slowly for the sandwich, grabbing it greedily and not bothering to thank her as he took a bite. It tasted terrible. He spit it out back on the plate immediately as he opened up the sandwich inside, and glared at what he saw. Hay and flowers? As much as he wanted to snap at her, she was a horse. It was fairly expected.

“I can’t eat hay and flowers. Do you have any fruits… or vegetables?” Sasuke said, as he placed the sandwich back on the plate, and instead reached for the tea, sipping the hot liquid carefully, and then once he was sure of its taste and drinkability, he drank the tea in no time at, used to the hot temperature of the drink, as it was similar to using Fire jutsu. He placed the cup of tea back on the table, and lay back down in bed.

“Yes, yes I do.” Fluttershy said quietly, offering a smile to Sasuke as she flew past him, but getting nothing but a blank look in return. It’s better than that other look, earlier… Even as Fluttershy flew, she shivered, remembering the complete coldness inside of his eyes when he’d looked at her like that- and even later, when he had glared at her in distaste.

Sasuke lay in the bed and waited for the Pegasus to come back. He had nothing else to do. While she was certainly incredibly innocent- this much he could tell, just from seeing how scared she was of everything around her- it seemed that he was going to be able to use her for his own purposes. He then began planning to leave as soon as he got better- he didn’t like staying like this, almost being fed by something else, something as pathetic as that Pegasus. It would’ve been a blow to Sasuke’s pride.

As Sasuke thought more, he realized that she could most likely tell him more about wherever he was, and he could most likely use the information to get back to The Elemental Nations, and he could restart his plan of vengeance against The Leaf from there.

Sasuke watched in some sort of dulled interest as mice, squirrels, and birds flew throughout the house frequently, ducking out of this hole or that hole, and climbing into every nook and cranny. While he watched, he mused further on the subject of where he was. I’ve gotten very lucky… I probably could’ve ended up in a worse place. He supposed that he would’ve been dead if not for the creature.

Sasuke frowned. He didn’t like being in debt to anyone, much less to a peaceful, naive, innocent weakling who most likely had no idea about the ongoing events of the world around her. Even if he was in one of the other countries, Sasuke figured he would’ve seen another person by now, or, at the very least, a shinobi. Even a pony one, as ridiculous as it would be. He was sure that it was a worldwide practice, and not just in The Elemental Nations. How else would people solve their problems? By talking?

Sasuke scoffed at the thought and instantly put it away, ears perking up when he heard the humming. She was coming back, he supposed. It was humiliating, in a way, to have everything brought to him like this while he lay in the bed like an invalid, but for now, he’d have to bear through with it. Fluttershy carried in several fruits and vegetables from her garden and the kitchen, and put them on the table, letting him feed himself again. She would’ve done it, but it seemed the creature had something about letting someone else take care of him.

She had some lettuce, some pears… ah, a tomato, his favorite. Sasuke grabbed up the tomato instantly, biting into it savagely as he ate. He’d be lying, even to himself, if he said he wasn’t hungry. Blood-red juice ran down his lips, cheek, and chin as he ate the tomato rather messily, caring not for any table manners. After a while under Orochimaru, he’d lost most respect for other people anyway. Not that he’d had much to begin with.

Fluttershy was a little off-put with how much the tomato juice looked like blood when the creature was eating it, but she still smiled, nonetheless. She was the Element of Kindness, and she enjoyed helping everypony. Sasuke reached for the pears next, and truly began his feast. He gobbled up the pears in no time at all, and, ignoring the lettuce, and carrots, and other various fruits and vegetables that were on the table, he grabbed a shiny red apple and bit into it, all the way to the core.

Sasuke was surprised by how good the apple was. He’d never tasted an apple like this back in The Elemental Nations. He ate the apple, and the other one she had also placed on the table. When he was finished, he merely turned over and lay back down. Sasuke didn’t offer any thanks- but did tell her that he had to stay.

“Horse. I’m going to have to stay here, for now. I can barely move.” With that said, not even bothering to hear Fluttershy’s answer, Sasuke turned over and began to drift off into a deep sleep, trying to regain his strength back. Even as he was fading off into unconsciousness, he pondered about how long it would take him to heal. Certainly longer than before, because he no longer had Orochimaru inside of his body, speeding up his healing factor. Still, he’d recover faster than most people- he’d always been very fast at recovery after a battle, even without Orochimaru.

Fluttershy watched with a bright smile on her face as Sasuke finally seemed to fall asleep. But she still noticed how he slept- rigidly, like he expected to be attacked at any moment. She noticed how tense he was all the way through. Why did he act like he carried so much weight around with him- and seemed just as timid as herself, if only in a different way? Fluttershy wondered if the thing was paranoid.

You’re making judgments. You don’t know him yet.

It’s not nice to judge, she reminded herself, even as she watched over Sasuke while he slept. Eventually, she walked off and went to prepare food for her other animal friends, leaving Sasuke sleeping.

A little while later, there was a knocking on her door. Fluttershy flew past a few rooms and Sasuke’s room, which was really the injured animal bedroom of the house, which was connected to the main room of Fluttershy’s house. The door was mostly closed, but was opened just a crack. Fluttershy thought about closing it even as she flew to the door, but decided it wouldn’t matter.

The second she opened the door, even a crack, Pinkie Pie raced inside the tree-home, bouncing up and down excitedly. She was a pink Earth pony with a light pink coat and a poofy, out of control mane that looked like she’d never brushed it since the day she’d been born. On her flank were three party balloons. Her tail was just as poofy as her mane, and her eyes were as wide as dinner plates as she made senseless noise.

She was wildly babbling and shouting so frantically that Fluttershy had no idea what she was saying. But, she was being very loud, and Fluttershy wouldn’t be surprised if she was waking up the creature in the room next to her.

“Pinkie Pie!” Fluttershy said firmly, and watched as Pinkie Pie slowly calmed down, though it was more like watching some wind down gradually than anything else. She was still bouncing, just more quietly and more controlled than before.

“What happened?” Fluttershy said, with a bright smile on her face. It must be incredibly good news for Pinkie Pie to be so excited. While Pinkie was easy to rile up, even she didn’t act like this all the time. Pinkie Pie’s smile split her face even harder, if it was possible, before she gushed, and began to speak at almost the same speed she had before.

“Well Twilight got two tickets to the Grand Galloping Gala- which is like the most incredible tremendous super-fun wonderful terrifically humongous party in ALL OF EQUESTRIA- and she said she was going to give someone else the extra ticket and at first it was just Applejack and Rainbow Dash but then everypony found out and I decided to come tell you about it because I was so excited about maybe being the one to get it and I just had to tell someone! And now that you know, you might ask… Twilight… too.”

Pinkie Pie frowned momentarily, and stomped a hoof on the floor, a loud clop sound echoing throughout the tree-home.

“Ooooooh, sugar! Why do I always get so excited!? I can’t ever keep my mouth shut! Now Twilight might give the ticket to you instead of me!” However, in true Pinkie Pie fashion, she got over it fairly quickly, instead moving onto something else, the reason that she’d had to come here.

“Why weren’t you in town today!? You always come to buy fruits, and groceries, and things for your animals!” said Pinkie Pie, still as giddy as ever.

Fluttershy gasped, and her eyes widened as she imagined Pinkie Pie jumping in there, screaming at the top of her lungs about a party for the thing, and said creature staring how he had at Pinkie Pie instead of herself. She didn’t want to draw attention to the thing.

“Oh, no reason…” Fluttershy said timidly; and suddenly the floor became very interesting for the pink haired Pegasus, poking and scraping a hoof against it, even as Pinkie Pie leaned in with both eyes narrowed suspiciously.

“No reason?” Pinkie Pie asked, looking more and more doubtful every second, until she fully leaned in and pressed her forehead against Fluttershy’s, and stared into Fluttershy’s blue, trembling eyes with her own. They were eye-to-eye, literally.

“Are you sure?” Fluttershy nodded rapidly.

“Oh, okay then!” Pinkie Pie chirped cheerily, and then began to bounce her way back to the door when, out of the corner of her eye, she noticed a door open a crack. Bouncing over quickly, even as Fluttershy gasped, she began to close the door, but again noticed something. There was a sleeping grey form inside of the room. Opening the door wider, her eyes widened as did the door entrance- in sync, at the same time.

“Who is that…?” Pinkie Pie, uncharacteristically stumped for a moment as she gazed upon the strangest being she’d ever seen in her life. It definitely wasn’t any kind of animal, pony, dragon, Manticore, griffin, zebra, or anything else that she’d ever seen in her life. The confusion and awe only lasted for a moment before glee exploded inside of her heart.

Pinkie Pie smiled wider than most would’ve thought possible as happy thoughts ran through her head. She could be the first one to make friends with this species! She began bouncing over to it, her pink tail and mane going up and down in joy along with her body as she made her way to the mysterious being.

She soon reached the bed, just as Fluttershy starting to glide through the doorway, pushing it all the way open so that she could fly the rest of the way through more easily. As soon as she saw Pinkie Pie reaching a curious hoof towards Sasuke, she cried out, though it was more of a loud whisper, just to make sure that he didn’t wake up.

“Pinkie Pie, don’t! He’s resting! And I don’t even know if he’s dangerous or not yet!”

But her warning fell on deaf ears, and Pinkie Pie succeeded in touching the seared, torn, dirty clothing that was Sasuke’s grey jacket with her hoof. She’d actually poked right on the spot that the dirty, but otherwise unblemished Uchiha crest still resided, right on his back.

Sasuke normally would awake instantly the second anyone ever got near him, probably before they even entered the same room as him; like a true shinobi, his guard was normally never fully down. But, he was so tired and weakened still from the damage he’d suffered from the three-prong Beast Ball attack that he’d been in a deep sleep, and he only awakened when he felt a miniscule pressure on his back, and only momentarily, but it was enough to set him off, considering he was already very on edge.

In a speed that neither Pinkie nor Fluttershy could even see, Sasuke had reached over to the side of the cramped, small bed, retrieved his sword, and in two swift, deft movements, he had unsheathed the sword, metal screeching, and held it to Pinkie Pie’s neck, and at the same time, begun to use Susano to protect himself. Blue-white electricity sparked and curled in miniature bolts by the dangerous grey steel that was held levelly at Pinkie’s neck, and his Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan spun dangerously in his eyes as the giant, purple cloaked figure surrounded Sasuke and protected him from any possible harm.

“Don’t ever touch me,” Sasuke spat, with hate and anger in his voice.

Pinkie Pie had always said to laugh at her fears. She laughed and giggled at the horribly evil, scary trees that had frightened everypony else. She chuckled and guffawed and was completely unaffected by Nightmare Moon’s attempts to dissuade them from coming by intimidation and terror tactics. And she was rarely, if ever, depressed or scared.

This was different.

The thing’s eyes bore hatred into her body. He looked so… alone… inside of those eyes. Like the only thing he had to keep him company was his hatred, and nothing else. And what was this purple stuff around him? It felt so cold. She had been trying to make friends. Did this thing not want friends? And how could it talk? She had so many questions, but voiced none of them. She still shook and shivered in fear, her mane and tail falling limp and turning into straight heaps that hung down as Sasuke’s dominating spirit took away her joy.

The truth was that Sasuke had used a fairly large amount of killing intent when he’d awoken- he’d momentarily forgotten where he was, and lashed out instantly, stopping his sword only for a second to make sure he wasn’t slashing someone like Suigetsu. His memories came back to him immediately, and Sasuke scowled, grunting in pain as he re-sheathed his sword and tossed it back into its place. This horse couldn’t harm him. He even felt slightly ashamed that he’d even been startled by such a thing.

Right after that, he willed Susano to disappear, and the purple, cloaked being vanished, its aura going with it. His eyes still ached, but didn’t bleed. They were probably still healing, but were better, by now. His Eternal Mangekyo remained, though, and he turned his head away, and stopped releasing killing intent. The second he did, Pinkie Pie collapsed, and her eyes seemed distanced and lifeless as she fell to the floor, hooves sliding uselessly as she rested on her belly.

Pinkie began gagging. Then, she started to puke. Vomit splattered repeatedly on the floor as she emptied her stomach all over the wooden surface she had collapsed on, laying on and in her own throw up. She was easily incapacitated for a few minutes, as was Fluttershy, who had felt the terrible hatred and coldness from a distance, and indirectly, as it was not aimed at her, but she still was shocked by what she had seen. Eventually, though, shock turned to anger, and everypony has a breaking point. For the pink Pegasus, it was her friends. Fluttershy began shouting angrily at the thing that she’d been taking care of until now.

“I can’t believe you! Why did you do that to her! What did you even do to her!?”

“I only intimidated her, using killing intent.” Sasuke stated, voice void of any detectable emotion or guilt.

“What is… killing intent?” Fluttershy said, warily. She was the kindest pony her friends knew, or so she’d been told, but she was hesitant to get close to the thing now. That had scared her. What else could it do? I’m not sure I want to know, Fluttershy thought, terrified as several terrible scenarios ran through her mind.

“What it sounds like,” Sasuke said, as if explaining to a child. “Intent to kill.”

“That’s horrible! Why would you ever want to do that?” Fluttershy screamed, surprised by what she was hearing. She was hoping, even with his bad attitude, that the thing would be good.

“Well, obviously, to scare weaklings,” he said, indicating to Pinkie Pie, “And of course Killing Intent is used when a shinobi is trying to kill another.”

Fluttershy was angered by him calling Pinkie a weakling, and she shivered at the words “kill another,” but managed not to say anything about it. Instead, she decided to ask more questions, and try to learn more. Maybe there was a reason that he was this way.

“Is that what you are? A shee-no-bee?” Fluttershy said, trying to sound the word out

“Shinobi, and yes, I am.”

Sasuke eased himself back down into the bed, laying down and allowing the pain to slowly dribble away. He could force himself to move extremely quickly like that, but his body was suffering for it. He needed to stop moving- it only halted and stunted his recovery. He felt like he’d ripped open all the skin across his back, and his muscles in his arms screamed in pain as they voiced their want to stop being used.

“What do shinobi do?”

“Anything for who they are allied to. Kill, steal, deceit and lies. Anything and everything.” After this, Sasuke fell silent, hoping her questions would come to an end.

Fluttershy was now very disturbed by the creature in front of her. He talked about killing like it was nothing! And, since he was a shinobi, didn’t that mean… he had killed, too? Fluttershy shook a little, but managed to stop, though she was too afraid to ask him the question. She resolved herself to ask him later. But, it was so horrible, how could anypony-

“Hey, horse. Shouldn’t you help your friend?”

Fluttershy gasped. Of course, she’d almost forgotten. The shinobi’s question broke her out of her shock somewhat, though she was still afraid of both him, and the group of beings he belonged to. How could anyone be like that? It still wasn’t possible in her mind- it went against everything she thought was right and just.

Fluttershy’s heart broke when she saw Pinkie Pie’s state on the floor. She still was shivering, laying in her own body fluids. Pinkie Pie sniffled and snorted miserably, trying to clear her nose, which still dripped left-over vomit. Part of her tail was covered in the light pink substance that coated the natural wood floors- most of the mush was half-digested cupcakes and some sugary drink that wasn’t recognizable.

“Did you have to do this? Look at her! Don’t you feel the least bit sorry?” Fluttershy shouted, still wondering about how anyone could be so impossibly cruel.

“It’s not my fault. I’m a trained shinobi. She woke me up and my first thought was to defend myself. It’s a reaction. Because of my injuries, I barely stopped my arm in time from chopping her head off.” He stated the words coolly, as if reading facts off a sheet of paper.

Sasuke didn’t know why he was even bothering to explain himself to her, but regardless, he was done speaking on the subject now. The dumb horse had aggravated him, and she was lucky that she hadn’t gotten worse.

Fluttershy froze, realizing how close to death her friend had become. She then realized what he’d said, and, even in this situation, smiled. He’d stopped himself from killing her, right? So that meant that he didn’t need to kill! It was all a misunderstanding!

“So, so that means,” Fluttershy started, turning to Sasuke with a bright grin on her face, even as he stared at her boredly, “That you didn’t want to kill her? You didn’t mean to slash at her?” Her voice was full of hope for goodness in the shinobi’s heart.

As much as Sasuke felt like telling her how wrong she was to be happy about that- as in, how little he cared for the other horse’s life, he didn’t know what kind of retribution could be brought down upon him in this land. For now, he’d lie.

“It was an accident. I didn’t mean it.” Even that was hard to say because of his pride, but Sasuke managed it.

“I knew it!”Fluttershy gleefully said, before growing serious again once more as she tended to Pinkie. She seemed to be coming to; coming out of her incapacitation. Pinkie blinked slowly a few times as she shook her head, droplets of her own filth flinging off of her face and her mane.

“Wha… What happened?” When Pinkie Pie looked up and saw Sasuke’s face, who only stared back blankly, her eyes widened, and she froze up, before jumping up and bolting out of the room.

“You! You, you stay away from me!”

Fluttershy only watched in a dull shocked horror as Pinkie sprinted from the room and then left the house, slamming the door shut on her way out. Her face fell as she watched her friend run in terror from the strange, dangerous being that rested only a few feet away from her on the bed.

Fluttershy didn’t say a word, merely leaving the room and coming back with a bucket and a rag, cleaning up Pinkie’s puke. Then, afterwards, she returned to the room and found Sasuke awake, though he seemed to be staring listlessly off into some direction for no reason.

“You will apologize to her.”

Sasuke whipped his head around. Did the Pegasus actually think she could order him around? Even disabled currently, and unable to leave the bed for long periods of time, it was clear that he was incredibly dangerous.

Fluttershy began to use The Stare. It was the only thing she was sure of that would work. “You will go to the place where she works- Sugarcube Corner- and apologize there.”

She focused an intense glare into Sasuke’s eyes, trying to intimidate him into going.

Sasuke felt her genjutsu- she had somehow cast a small genjutsu over him, with the intension of making him feel shame for himself, and his actions, and fear of her. He easily activated his Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan, red doujutsu spinning rapidly as it formed completely.

“Your genjutsu won’t work on me. I’m surprised, though. Even if weak, you have some form of visual prowess.” She fell down onto her bottom as she stared up at the eyes that seemed to always leave her with a feeling of dread- it was a disgusting fear that permeated and stayed a while after she stopped looking at them.

My eyes are stronger.”

With that, Sasuke turned over, sure that she would stop in her attempts to control him. That little genjutsu of hers had amused him, though it was clear that it held no real power. Even someone with horrible chakra control like Naruto would be able to easily dispel it without trying. The only thing it had going for it was it was subtle, at least visually, but any decent ninja would detect it in a heartbeat. Sasuke having Sharingan was only an even more unfair matchup.

“Do you… do you at least feel sorry for what you did?”

Sasuke tensed up. He hated lying about having ‘feelings’, like he was a weakling. Still, there were too many unknown variables. For now, he’d have to use deception and lies. It’s not like it was hard, though- even after what he’d told her about shinobi, she seemed to trust his next response.

“Yes.” Sasuke put as much emotion as he could into his voice, and that was almost nothing, but it was apparently good enough for Fluttershy, who nodded meekly and went to leave the room. As she left though, she only said three more words.

“You can stay.”

Sasuke grunted in response, and she closed the door, leaving him to his recovery.