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During The Fourth Great Ninja War, Sasuke is transported to Equestria. Longer summary in description.

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Cries of anguish and shouts of fear and anger could be heard all across the battlefield as the Fourth Great Ninja War raged. Bodies laid strewn carelessly across the bloody, dirty ground. Kunai and shuriken were scattered randomly across the ground, often halfway embedded into the ground, or otherwise laying, broken or unused. Both the White Zetsu Army and the ninja of the Allied Shinobi forces battled furiously for dominance.

One man with brown hair and a chuunin vest jumped away as a White Zetsu clone attempted to slash him with a kunai, metal gleaming in the hot sun. He grinned as he thought he’d avoided death, only for his smile to fall into a expression of horrible agony and fright as he was stabbed from behind, the kunai bursting through his back, and going through his lungs, poking out slightly from the chuunin vest, and splattering blood all over the sneering Zetsu clone that clung to his body as they fell to the ground.

A ninja with white, wild hair, and a red, intimidating left eye easily defeated the Zetsu who had killed his comrade. Kakashi stared emotionlessly into the Zetsu’s eyes as his life faded away. He then looked to the dead body, and all the others around him, with sad eyes. So much death. He’d hoped for the War to go better than this. Guy, a shinobi with a green vest and orange leg warmers jumped out, striking many Zetus with a swirling kick as he called out the attack’s name.

“Konaha Whirlwind!” The bodies of the Zetsu flew in all directions from the amazing strength of Guy’s kick. He landed adroitly on the ground, next to his eternal rival. They watched for a moment as the battle between the normal, weaker shinobi and the seemingly endless waves of Zetsu continued. Behind them, three giant beasts battled with furious force that everyone on the battlefield was aware of.

A giant orange fox, with a young man on the top, lashed out with claws as it attempted to somehow wound the giant form in front of it. Similarly, a huge octopus shot several tentacles toward the larger form in front of it. Naruto and Killer Bee, both in their Beast transformations, desperately battled in order to defeat the Jyuubi. The gigantic monster easily dwarfed both Bijuu, even though they were already ridiculously huge.

Kakashi rushed back to the battle to aid Naruto, as did Guy. They’d temporarily left the main fight, only for a few moments, to deal with some approaching Zetsus that were trying to attack Naruto. He and Bee were the only thing holding off the Jyuubi, Obito, and Madara at the moment. Any distraction, at all, could cause the loss of their fight, and if they lost, all was lost. Kakashi watched as the boy commanded the Nine-Tailed Fox to jump, and claw the much larger form in front of it. He shook his head at the scene in front of him.

Pushing a kunai into his hand, he threw them at the Ten-Tails, knowing his efforts were fruitless. Still, he had to try. The giant fox next to him leapt, trying to tear into the Ten-Tails with massive jaws. He shook his head at the scale of the battle, and at how strong Naruto had become. He had been so weak, at first, Kakashi thought, remembering Naruto as a Genin. If they survived this battle, Naruto would surely become Hokage soon after. The Fifth would probably give up the title as soon as all the paperwork was in order.

Naruto deserved that hat anyway. He’d been working for it forever. Kakashi jumped back, narrowly avoiding a gigantic limb as it crashed down, destroying the land all around it. The Ten-Tails advanced, trying to kill Naruto and Bee. Obito and Madara watched in some sort of sick satisfaction from atop the impossibly large beast. Their plan was coming to fruition- soon, they’d control the world with the Eye of The Moon Plan. It was perfect. It couldn’t fail.

“Oi, Naruto,” Obito shouted, his voice somehow carrying over the endless, deafening noise of the battle, “Didn’t you say you wouldn’t allow any of your comrades to die? You lied.”

Naruto winced, even as he told Kurama to jump over an attack and try to get the Jyuubi from its side. He couldn’t believe that he’d allowed Neji to die. Despite the fact that it wasn’t Naruto’s fault- deaths were inevitable in a battle like this, especially considering their enemies- he still took the blame for it personally.

“Fool, ya fool! Concentrate, Naruto!” Bee yelled, the voice sounding strange and unfitting from the form of the giant octopus as he struck the side of the Jyuubi, but it seemed like it didn’t even matter. The Jyuubi immediately countered him, turning on him, and looming over him like a dark, chaotic god as it struck him with horrible force. Bee screamed as he was blasted back, the enormous form of the octopus destroying the ground and leaving a giant trench as it was forced back by the blow.

“Octopops!” Naruto shrieked as Bee was wounded.

“Naruto! Don’t let Neji’s death, and everyone else that’s died, be for nothing. Don’t let them win!” Hinata shouted, even as she defended herself, and battled furiously for her life. Kurama also reminded him of his parent’s sacrifice. It restored Naruto’s confidence- it wasn’t easy to put Naruto into depression, but when you managed to, it was hard to pull him out of it.

His face changed from the look of pain it had expressed moments before. Now it showed Naruto’s rage and fury. He began to create two Rasenshuriken. The swirling, blue-white techniques produced a shrill cry that all could hear. He tossed them with incredible accuracy, smirking as the two jutsus smashed into the side of Ten-Tails. This seemed to wound the horrible beast, as it screeched in terrible pain, before turning its focus on Naruto, even as Bee got up from the blow he’d suffered moments before.

He left Beast Transformation Mode for a second, leaping downwards and allowing Bee to deal with it, if only for a moment. Once he reached the ground and was within the needed distance of his comrades, he passed them some of Kurama’s chakra. It filled them incredibly- there was so much of it. Revitalized, they threw themselves back into the fight, attacking the Jyuubi and Madara and Obito on top it furiously.

Madara and Obito easily held off the attacks, letting the Jyuubi do most of the work. One real blow would kill most of Naruto’s friends on the ground- they couldn’t do much but try to damage it, and try to stay out of the way every other moment. To the Ten-Tails, they were like annoying flies that wouldn’t leave him alone. It roared in frustration as it attempted to wipe them out, stomping around on the ground like an angry, out of control child.

Naruto re-entered Tailed Beast Mode, and crashed into the Jyuubi, working with Kurama and Bee, and the rest of his friends as they tried to wound the Ten-Tails. They hit it over and over, with attacks that would leave any other foe struggling to even stay alive-combinations between Naruto and Bee, as well as the other ninja on the ground- Guy, Lee, Hinata, Kakashi, and others- all in an attempt to win that seemed fruitless. Naruto managed to claw it on the side using Kurama’s body, scoring a decent blow.

But, the strength of the Jyuubi was almost impossible to comprehend. Naruto’s smile of victory soon faded as the Ten-Tails easily recovered. It began to charge its chakra, a huge ball of energy forming in front of him. Naruto tensed, preparing to jump high or to the side to dodge, Bee readying himself similarly. They’d seen what that attack could do earlier when the Jyuubi used it effortlessly to destroy an entire village. If they got hit by something like that, it was over.

Bee, however, had other plans. While it attempted to charge its Beast Ball, Bee already had been. The Jyuubi had been too slow. He fired his, watching in glee and satisfaction as the huge demonic chakra beam struck the gigantic beast in the face, ending its attempt to destroy them. It growled, though it sounded more like a roar. Naruto gulped as he watched Obito and Madara on top of it. So far, they had only interfered in the fight slightly, merely defending themselves from the attack from the shinobi on the ground. If they started really fighting, this was going to become incredibly harder. He reared back internally as the Jyuubi turned its gaze on him.

It was incredibly digusting- a huge, humanoid monster. The Ten-Tails was originally every tailed beast together, but after the Sage of Six Paths had split it into nine, its power had been scattered, and its body left in the moon. But, even not fully formed, with only Seven Bijuu worth of power, it was still almost too strong to even consider battling. Naruto smirked as he found himself wishing the Sage of Six Paths were here. Maybe he’d give him some pointers on how to be a god so he could fight one, because right now, he felt like Kami himself was going to need to come down in order for them to win.

Jyuubi’s Ten-Tails whipped wildly behind them. Each gargantuan limb was as thick as fifty or sixty men across, more, and longer than anything Naruto had ever seen before. It had a giant, spiked bulb on its back, and one huge eye planted firmly on its face. The pupil inside it shifted wildly, glaring at everything around it. All the Jyuubi wanted to do was destroy. Destroy everything and anything. The perfect monster for a villain that wanted to take over the world.

Naruto called out to Bee as he fully recovered, with a bit of fear on his face.

“How are we going to beat this thing, Octopops? It’s like nothing we’re doing is even damaging it!” The massive form of the octopus turned towards him, even as the Jyuubi leaped at him, and Naruto and Bee dodged, crashing a quarter of a mile away, leaving huge craters where they landed.

“You don’t have time to talk.” Madara stated calmly as the Jyuubi rushed them again, giving them no time to do anything but defend rapidly, and hope that they weren’t killed. The Eight-Tail’s face contorted, showing effort as he only just blocked a punch that held inhuman force. It tried to hold it off, even as Naruto jumped into the air on the back of Kurama, hundreds of feet off the ground, and then landed behind the Ten-Tails with a huge crash.

“F-fool, ya fool! You knew this fight wasn’t going to be easy, this thing’s cruel!” Bee barely held off the Jyuubi as the giant abomination pressed harder, trying to overwhelm him. Naruto swore, even as he formed another two Rasenshuriken, and launched them at the Jyuubi, only catching him in the side as the Jyuubi twisted, avoiding the jutsu slightly; at least enough to prevent its tails from being cut off.

Naruto had always been determined, and had never given up on anything- his pursuit of Sasuke was proof of that. But, he actually doubted himself, now. This fight was nearly impossible. Naruto was glad they were still alive- they could still win, certainly. But it wasn’t going to be easy. He winced as he realized that more of his friends would probably die before this was over- and that was if they even won.

Kurama jumped high into the air; furry orange tails whipping proudly as he again avoided another attack of the Jyuubi. On top of him, Naruto watched as Bee backed off, putting a small amount of distance between the Ten-Tails and him, if only to catch his breath. Bee wasn’t normally pushed by anyone- as a Jinchuriki, he had ridiculous natural strength. This was the first real fight since he’d fought Team Taka, and before that, it had been a long time since he’d ever went full out on anyone- or even had to, for that matter.

Naruto breathed heavily. Using Beast Mode was taxing, especially considering he’d barely had any time at all to even gain any experience in it- he’d had to immediately, because the war had broke out, even before his training was finished. He hadn’t even been there for the start of it- when forty thousand shinobi died on the first day. The orange, amazing chakra pulsed and burned around and off of Naruto as Kurama landed onto the ground, shaking the earth with his large size and tremendous weight.

Naruto was a blond, older teenager, with a black headband that had a swirling leaf implanted in the middle of a grey, steel forehead protector. His spiky blond hair was just like his father’s, the Yondaime- the Fourth Hokage of The Hidden Leaf Village. He was wearing his normal jumpsuit, under the chakra- but when he was using the Fox’s chakra like this, it changed his form.

Instead, his entire form was orange- a burning, glowing chakra cloak that surrounded his entire being. Markings were all over his body- a swirling circle on his stomach to represent the seal, as well as lines that went down each of limbs, and his hands and his feet. There were miniature swirling circles on his feet, and tomoes under his neck, at the top of chest. All of these markings were in a dark black that contrasted strikingly with the bright, almost garish orange.

He winced as Bee was hit again, by a limb of the Jyuubi. Naruto hoped they’d be able to win. With a cry, he leapt forward on Kurama’s back to attack the Jyuubi once more.


Sasuke Uchiha scowled at the scene in front of him. Orochimaru had managed to summon all four dead Hokages back from the grave- and what was even more incredible was that he'd released them from the Death God's stomach. Even after hearing all the stories from the First- about him and Madara, about the history of the Uchiha clan, it still hadn’t mattered to Sasuke. He’d still been betrayed by The Leaf- and he was still an avenger.

He could care less about the world. All that mattered to him was his vengeance.

Although he didn’t show it, inside, Sasuke was seething with anger and hatred. He hated The Leaf so much- he would do anything to destroy them, wipe them off the map, forever. Then, afterwards, he would revive the Uchiha clan himself. With his Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan, it was all possible.

I will destroy the Hidden Leaf, Sasuke thought, furious, even as Orochimaru and the rest of Team Taka turned towards him, waiting for orders. Orochimaru, a disgusting excuse of a human, with pale, white skin, and snake-like features, let his tongue slide out and lick his own cheek as he gazed over at Sasuke, who stood a few feet away from him. Juugo and Suigetsu waited behind obediently, watching as Orochimaru began to speak.

“So, Sasuke-kun. You’ve heard it all, now. What will you do? Will you help Naruto and the Allied Shinobi forces save the world? Or, will you achieve your vengeance?” Inquired Orochimaru, who smiled at Sasuke. Sasuke didn’t respond for a moment, the cold mask slipping over his face as it always did. Lately, Sasuke didn’t show any emotions, besides rage and hatred- nothing else. A small question flickered in the back of his mind for an instant, but was just as quickly snuffed out by a much greater force in Sasuke’s mind, his Hatred.

Should I help them? That was what the question had been. Immediately, though, his Hatred wiped out any kind of notion of mercy or kindness, crushed out the embers of weakness and Sasuke smiled coldly and evilly as he made his decision. Finally, he’d have his full revenge- after years of seeking to kill Itachi, and then finding out that it wasn’t even his fault, he’d been even more desperate to destroy the Hidden Leaf. And now, it was finally going to happen.

Perhaps a long time ago, when he was younger, Sasuke could’ve been described as ‘cute’ or ‘innocent.’ He was no longer. Sasuke Uchiha had long, chin length black hair, and onyx eyes, when he wasn’t using his Sharingan. He had fair skin throughout, though, before he revived Orochimaru, some of it was a pale white due to absorbing the Sannin inside of him. He had a normal sized nose and mouth, and ears, everything proportionate. He was often thought of by women as handsome, something that had annoyed him to no end throughout his life, considering that he had no time for them. He’d have a few to bear his children later, when he was reviving the clan.

He wore a gray jacket that had a high collar, although, unlike an Aburame, it didn’t cover his face. Also, unlike an Aburame, his back bore the Uchiha crest, something he presented to all with pride. He wore black wristbands, and blue pants, and another piece of fabric that was tied to his waist by a purple segmented sash/belt, which was something that he’d picked up from Orochimaru. Sasuke’s ensemble ended with sandals that left his ankles and toes exposed.

Where his clothing ensemble ended, anyway. On his back, attached firmly and twisted sideways slightly, was his sword- a shorter sword, a chokuto. It wasn’t particularly long, but it was dangerous. It had a black hilt and a steel-gray blade, that was often enveloped in electric chakra, whenever Sasuke was using Chidori through his sword. Over time, Sasuke had become a skilled swordsman, able to stand up to other masters of the blade without too much effort. Admittedly, though, a lot of this was due to the Sharingan, which would cover any weaknesses Sasuke had in his form or sword strikes, though they only appeared very rarely.

Though all of these things were items and descriptions that would identify Sasuke, his eyes were certainly the most distinctive- showing how he’d changed over the years. Eight or nine years ago, he’d been a happy boy, son of a clan leader. Not as strong as Itachi, but still, a valued member of his clan community. Sasuke, in a reverie of cold satisfaction, thought back sadly to what his father had told him one day, after he’d trained to learn the clan jutsu- one of the only times his father had ever been proud of him.


Sasuke breathed heavily as he trained. Every Uchiha was expected to be able to use the Great Fireball Jutsu- and then, when they could, they were considered an adult. Sasuke scowled as his fireball only lasted a few moments- and withered out. It hadn’t even been that huge, either. Breathing in again, he quickly formed the required seals, having memorized and performed them so many times before. His chakra was running low, but even standing here on the dock at sunset, he wasn’t ready to give up yet. He’d prove to his father that he was as good as Itachi- no, better than Itachi. He would be the clan genius.

Horse. Tiger. Ram. Monkey. Boar. Horse. Tiger.

With a loud cry, he breathed in and held the chakra within his lungs as long as possible. Sasuke’s lungs burned- he was holding fire inside of them- and then he released it when he could hold it no longer.

“Fire Release! Great Fireball Technique!”

A gigantic ball of flame, orange and red in color, exploded and rushed outwards, over the surface of the lake. He held it as long as possible, blowing the flames out of mouth, before stopping and watching as the flames dissipated over the lake. Sasuke grinned, proud of his progress. Tomorrow, he’d be ready to show his father, and prove himself.

The next day, Fugaku watched as his son prepared to use the clan technique. He dragged himself out here lazily, expecting a small, weak fireball that wouldn’t last long at all. He was then surprised as the small Sasuke used the clan technique, and held it ridiculously long, almost as long as Itachi. And it was enourmous too. He began walking away from the dock, proud of Sasuke.

Sasuke watched his father’s back expectantly as he walked away. He lit up when he heard five simple words that he’d wanted to hear all this time.

“As expected of my son.”


Sasuke had a blank face as he thought of the memory. Those times were over, now. The Leaf had assured that. Sasuke clenched his fists as he thought of how helpless he used to feel- and then, how much he’d been lied to, throughout his entire life. He thought of the face of the Third Hokage, who was standing right in front of him. How had he felt every day, lying to Sasuke? Sasuke could only imagine what the Third really thought.

Foolish little Uchiha. You have no idea of your situation.

“I’m going to kill them all,” Sasuke announced coldly, answering Orochimaru’s question. The four Hokages only glared at Sasuke, while the Third seemed to be trying to reason with the boy who’d been consumed by hatred. Sasuke eyed him strangely, like he was looking at garbage that was able to talk, but still shouldn’t be opening its mouth.

“Sasuke! Please, do not destroy The Leaf Village! I was wrong to have Itachi kill the Uchiha clan! I was wrong to not tell you the truth, and lie about it! But please, don’t go through with what you’re about to do. You’ll regret-“

With a furious roar, Sasuke shot Chidori Nagashi at the Third, his anger slowly leaving as he watched the Third’s head explode into numerous pieces of paper, before they reformed. The Third seemed surprised, but looked even more downtrodden and morose as he heard what Sasuke said next.

“You know nothing, old man,” Sasuke spat icily, glaring at everyone in front of him. Inside, his Hatred and Anger raged, fueling him and making the desire for revenge even greater.

“I will destroy what you hold dear. Just as you have done to me. Everything I once loved is gone- my mother, my father, by brother- All because of what you decided had to be done! Remember it, Hiruzen! Remember that you were the one that caused the downfall of The Leaf!”

Seeing that Sasuke seemed finished with his vengeance speech, Orochimaru turned to him again, asking quickly, “So, Sasuke-kun, what first? Do we destroy the village here, or go to the war, and then come back?” Sasuke only grinned maliciously, thinking of what was happening. What was finally happening!

At last! His REVENGE.

“The second option. If we were to destroy the village before leaving, the vermin would rebuild it if they were to somehow win the war. So, we wipe them out first.”

Juugo and Suigetsu only nodded in obedience, though, they both seemed off-put by how much hate Sasuke was showing. It seemed that he really was going to go through with it- destroying all of his old comrades, his old village, his old friends and people he knew- Suigetsu wasn’t sure if he could do it if he were in the same position.

Turning, Sasuke faced away from The Leaf Village, back towards where he knew all the important battles of the war were raging. His normally black eyes shifted, before becoming a horrible crimson, as an intricate design formed within his eyeballs. His Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan spun rapidly and wildly as he tensed himself, and then leapt into the air, leaving everyone behind to follow them.

He wasn’t going to wait.

Orochimaru didn’t cancel the Edo Tensei- instead, bringing the four Hokages with him, to ensure the victory at the Fourth Great Ninja War. All four Hokages followed him, jumping after Orochimaru immediately- none of them offering any words or cries of protest, as he had, by now, killed their free will. Juugo and Suigetsu followed, and the Leaf Village was left behind, intact. At least for now.


Naruto and Bee still battled for their lives as the Jyuubi, though weakened, didn’t seem like it ever wanted to die. Both Bee and Naruto panted heavily, chakra stores beginning to grow low, even with their (literally) monstrous reserves. It didn’t seem possible that they could ever run out of stamina with how they seemed to be able to use any jutsu to any extent with no backlash to their endurance, but the Ten Tails was even more monster than them when it came to that, apparently.

The Five Kages had somehow managed to defeat Madara’s clones, which had luckily not been using Susano, and were now helping Bee and Naruto fight the gigantic, colossal Ten Tails as it still rampaged like it had when it was first released. The size had been originally surprising to even the Kages, as it was to everyone else, but they quickly grew serious and began support Naruto and Bee, though, at the moment, the fight seemed at a stalemate.

Multiple, amazing assaults clashed from both sides as techniques and attacks were thrown out like the shinobi from either side were holding jutsu machine guns, but it didn’t seem to do anything. By now, even with the Jyuubi’s inconceivable endurance, Madara and Obito had finally been worn down, and both were significantly fatigued. Unfortunately, the same was true for Naruto and all the others fighting the Jyuubi. Meanwhile, the Ten Tails roared with hate and lashed out at everything around it, showing off its boundless energy at every opportunity.

Naruto and the rest of them seemed to be barely holding on, when the worst possible thing happened.

A young man with malevolent red eyes leapt onto the battlefield, attacking Naruto as he desperately tried to fend off the Jyuubi, Madara, Obito, and Sasuke at the same time. In Sasuke’s hands was his chokuto, drawn rapidly as he rushed at Naruto, at the same time charging Chidori Nagashi and running it along the length of his blade, piercing Naruto in the shoulder with the electric attack.

Nartuo staggered, screaming, “SASUKE!” even as he stumbled and struggled to stay alive against all of the deadly foes that were bearing down upon him. Bee rushed forwards in his Tailed Beast Form, attempting to help Naruto, but was blocked by the Jyuubi, who slapped him aside with one massive tail that Bee didn’t notice in his worried haste.

Sasuke’s eyes bore complete abhorrence as he stared into Naruto’s kind blue orbs. He stood on top of Kurama as Naruto did, but jumped off momentarily, avoiding a quickly formed Odama Rasengan. Sasuke dropped through the air like a rock, momentarily, before rapidly performing the hand seals for the Summoning Technique. Biting his thumb and smearing blood on his palm, he slammed it downwards in mid-air, and stopped abruptly as smoke blocked everything, before, as it cleared, it was revealed that he rode on a giant brown hawk.

Turning, Sasuke aimed his glare back at Naruto, even as Madara and Obito attacked once more, with Bee out of sight, though Sasuke knew he was planning something. Still, with hate swirling in his eyes, he rushed at Naruto once again, anger and animosity clouding his judgment as he failed to realize what was going on. Orochimaru stayed back, handling the Hokages as they attacked the current five Kages and the other shinobi supporting Naruto and Bee, who were barely holding them off. Rock Lee, Hinata, Kakashi, Guy, and everyone else seemed to be preoccupied with the Fourth and The First, as well as Juugo and Suigetsu, while the Third and the Second attacked the tired, weakened Kages.

“NARUTO!” Sasuke shouted, rushing at Naruto with a Chidori shrieking in his hands, blue-white electricity crackling violently as he rushed forward to attack Naruto.

It was at that moment that everyone turned to witness the most massive explosion that they’d ever seen in their lives.

All Three Tailed Beasts- that is, Kurama, The Eight Tails, and The Jyuubi, all fired The Tailed Beast Ball at the same time.

The Tailed Beasts are a mostly mysterious subject- they were incredibly old, originally formed from the chakra of the Jyuubi, as many know. But not many truly understand the power a Tailed Beast commands- and not just the incredible strength, stature, or amazing levels of chakra, though those are unbelievable, already.

No. Tailed Beasts, whether they understood it or not- because space-time was ridiculously complicated- had the power to puncture holes in reality, when using Beast Ball as a group. This could only be accomplished by The Tailed Beast Ball, and by using it incorrectly in the presence of other Tailed Beasts. The chakra required was massive though- probably close to all nine Beasts firing at the same time, with at least one miss-performing the jutsu, and causing a hole to rip open reality due to the mistake.

There was just enough chakra for this with the Jyuubi, along with the Kyuubi and the Gyuki. Not many know this- only Jinchuriki, basically, and a few others- but the Beast Ball is used by an exact ratio of 8:2 black and white chakra- black and white energy- or it won’t work. Now, normally, this would be fine. If only one Tailed Beast is firing this, and they make a mistake, it would simply backfire, hurting them, and that would be the end of it.

But, the entire universe is made up of black and white energy-chakra, call it what you want, because in some realms it’s called other things- ki, reishi- but every realm, dimension, plane- everything is made up of black and white energy. So, when there was a slight mistake in Naruto’s Beast Ball due to his inexperience, and the three beams managed to collide in the center… something unexpected happened.

First, the largest explosion most had ever seen in their lives. This part was the expected part- Tailed Beasts were battling; this wasn’t an ordinary day in the ninja world, anyway- and most turned to watch the light show, and the huge area that it encompassed. Still, that wasn’t the end of it. Unfortunately, Sasuke had been caught in the middle of it- and while the second he was caught he managed to activate Susano, it wasn’t enough to defend against three Tailed Beast Balls, coming from different directions.

Once his endurance ran out- which happened instantly- the explosion rushed past the purple skeletal guardian that was Sasuke’s Susano and battered his body, juggling him around like a ball. He was bounced and hit and struck back and forth, and Sasuke couldn’t see anything. He could feel himself losing consciousness, and struggled to stay awake, but, even with how strong Sasuke was, he failed. Black nothingness claimed him but a few moments later.

Naruto screamed as he watched Sasuke be caught, but even during the explosion, Naruto glared intensely into the blinding light- was that- could he see- what was that? It looked like a… hole… in the middle of the air-

And then it was gone, and the explosion ended. Naruto was confused, trying to figure out what had just happened, even as he battled harder against the Jyuubi and the Kages, and Orochimaru, just to stay alive.

Did he imagine what he just saw?


Sasuke came to an indeterminable amount of time later. He was on a bed- thought it seemed to be too small for him, he could tell that much, he was cramped- and his eyes seemed to be aching. No doubt a side effect from overusing Susano. Good thing he had Itachi’s eyes, or he could go blind from using his clan’s pride.

He opened his eyelids- though it felt like he was tearing them open- and glanced around the room where he was in. What was this, some kind of cottage? It looked strange. There were… mice and squirrels playing with each other, and he saw a bear sleeping on the other side of the room. And there was this weird horse thing, with pink hair and a yellow body that seemed to be looking at him, though it looked timid.

Sasuke tried to get up, but snarled when he felt he was restrained by his body. It screamed out in pain, and he reluctantly lay back down on the bed.

“Are you okay…?” What was that? Did it just speak? Maybe it knew where he was.

Turning to the horse thing, he sneered, and asked, “Hey, horse. Where am I?”