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When Ichigo was summoned to the Soul Society by the council, Rukia gave him a pill to bring him there, but when it got mixed up with Kons Defective Dimension pills, Ichigo finds himself in an another world, filled with colorful horses! Will he be able to cope with them, or gets annoyed by them...

Try seeing the opening song here :D


Chapters (35)
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Comments ( 365 )

Color me intrigued :trixieshiftright:. I shall track this and await mora :twilightsmile:

that was awesome

Great story mate! :twilightsmile:
Just one thing, are you telling this is present tense or past tense? It gets confusing to read at times :derpyderp1:

109837 present I think... :twilightsheepish:

Oh this is going to be good.:rainbowdetermined2::raritywink::ajsmug::pinkiehappy::twilightsmile::yay:

You spelled Kon wrong... anyway besides a few spelling and grammar errors, nice work! I'll be waiting for an update! :ajsmug:

id like to see more of this

Sir, thou art a god!(luna emote)

The story besides all o the MAJOR grammar and spelling issues is pretty good, but it's difficult to read.

:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy: yay yay yay yay yay yay yay I loves bleach and I love mlp I now have found awesomeness

I like this I'll track but yeah grammar is apparently a issue I'll give it for stars currently

Please lead me to my mistakes and ill recorrect them :twilightsmile:

I feel sorry for the manticore for some reason.:rainbowhuh:

Same here.

So when does this take place in the Bleach universe? Also me gusta.

Is this a "human-in-equestria" or "human-transformed-into-pony-in-equestria"? Cause if this is the second, color me gone. It sounds like a good story, but I easily get bored with stories like that.

Just saying.

150156 because of Zangetsu, Ichigo went to his original form... hey its zangetsu.. might as well give him the power to turn ichigo back right? :twilightsmile:

I came back and looked at this to make sure it wasn't my computer being stupid when I first read it... and it was... still has some mistakes, but no where near the amount I made it out to be... sorry about that. :ajsmug:

ichigo's about to tear some shit up!:rainbowdetermined2: i also didnt expect him to swear as much as he did. but hey, who knows how characters would really talk if they werent limited by the rules of television?

Ichigo is being all kinds of epic!:rainbowwild: First he takes down a Manticore, then an Ursa Major, and now a Hydra.:rainbowwild: I wonder how he'll do against a Dragon and a Cockatrice?:rainbowhuh:

Ichigo is scaring everything around him? Close Enough. Seriously though, nice job! You do need a proofreader though, because there are several mistakes, but the story in general is very good!

Hey umm doesn't fluttershy have the stare??? Also Ichogo stopping scaring fluttershy or I'll have to attack with with a O.F.C

He tried to eat sugar cube corner??? I thought Ichigo was smarter than that also couldn't he go hunt it makes me wonder about his common sense than again I could totally see him doing that. Also Pinkie pie he turned blue what color do ponies turn when they choke? Finally to finish I'm first commenter finally yes! :pinkiehappy:

That was interesting to say the least. I look forward to seeing what happens when the other person at the end of this chapter shows up! :ajsmug:

Damn, I forgot that Ichigo could be such a knucklehead.:applejackunsure: Hope he doesn't die from choking!:rainbowlaugh:

Wow, you upload your stories pretty quick. Still going to rate this again :pinkiehappy:

175185 and so enter the snake master and the petal dancer

Other than a few discrepancies with the captains and formality, this was a very good chapter! Keep up the good work. :ajsmug:

And here we go.:ajbemused:

you turned into a pony and you hate it don't they have hub in soul society

Why is it that people have to use the stuff from Cupcakes in order to move a story along?:ajbemused:

179886 just a little lawz in it :rainbowlaugh:

179886 don't know I only know what it is I haven't read it

179924 its really scary... I recomend you don't if you do.. You'll be scarred for life with pinkie as your nightmare! seriously... but if you continue.. don't sleep without your lights on,,, :pinkiecrazy:

Perfectly honest? The cupcakes reference just made me lose a little interest in this story. I hated that fic for ruining weaker minded people's views of Pinkie. :ajbemused:

179960 dont worry its just a nightmare of Ichigo for eating too much... its no biggie is it?:unsuresweetie:

180013 Not really, but it isn't a good idea to reference that story. It can mess with some peoples minds is all I was saying. I'm still reading this one, no need to worry. :ajsmug:

180028 dont worry.. thats the last time Im doing that reference... :ajsleepy: but you got to admit... that nightmare was a real hit in Ichigo right? :raritywink:

Sadly I must agree that anyone who mentions that story is pretty much dooming themselves unless they clearly state it's a nightmare. I have no idea why but, I've realized that some things your better off not reading or referencing.

It did add to his character. I was just trying to critique you a little. I do like your story, don't take it the wrong way, it's just that a lot of people despise 'Cupcakes' :ajsmug:

i know... :pinkiesad2: im sorry..

Let's see what I can find:
1.At the rural town of Karakura,where a small community lives a peaceful life.
Might need a space after that comma
2.this day was a pleasant one unlike the previous day where it was raining all day!
Make that capital.
3.The hollow shouts as he runs to a corner to avoid Ichigo Further..
Lower case...
4.after a long hour chase Ichigo cornered the Hollow in an abandoned office complex and went on to disperse,
5.“You did nothing this time Ichigo, Surprisingly.”
Lower case.
6-9. Since his body is lifeless at Pretending to sleep at his home, Rukia gave a bead to Ichigo that could open the gates to Soul Society, As for her she must go ahead and take care of some business there, They Eventually went on their separate ways..
Capitals and you might want to put a fanboy like and or so.
10.You seem to be spelling Kon, Con so I recommend changing all the Cons into Kons.
11.“Wait.. If I have the gate bead... What did Ichigo took?!
Make that take.
12.Kon could only watch as Ichigo Vanishes to the gate...
Might want to make that into.
13.“Rukia?! H-how long are you standing there?!” He asked Rukia
Make that were.
14.“If I’m able to move your in SO much of a beat down! even if you are a girl!” He shouted in his mind.
You know what to do.
That's all I could find!

this was... rather interesting. it's a good idea, and so far it seems to be a good story, at first i was worried that you would mutilate BLEACH when it was ponyfied, however, you managed to get most of the personalities spot-on, i am wondering however, why Byakuya's cutie mark was a cherry? it was rather confusing.


Senbonsakura (sp?) means something to do with cherry blossoms. i think that may be the reason.

Also, that Ursa is screwwwwed.

This chapter was pretty good but there is a problem with Kenpachi. He can't feel spirit pressure.

184477 He can feel spirit pressure, he just doesn't have shikai or Bankai.

Nice chapter, looking forward to more. :ajsmug:

i like turtles.. o wait no .. ummmm... YAY!

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