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Name's Ice, don't do much, don't talk much....but I do make a mean mac n' cheese.


Okay so this is an alternate timeline to the current Why us? it follows the orginal story but Brice dosen't get put into a coma. This will change how the story works removing his powers and the confusion of the readers.

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good. now i dont have to worry about having something confusing happen in every chapter. so are you just gonna do this one or continue both?


169707 One like this and one for the random

sorry, haven't read it yet, but that picture is fantastic. Where did you get it?


178370 Went hillwalking with a friend forever ago he took this(We went up real early because his dad knew we'd take all day to get up) so he took a picture. Also there is an almost identical picture on google.

Grand chase...?
As in Grand Chase grand chase or some other grand chase? :rainbowhuh:
Anyways, don't force yourself to write. Just don't write, except if you made a promise :twilightsmile:


186846 Yheah that grand chase....you wanna play me?

That is exactly what I would have said, lol
Good job so far Ice!

I have to re-read this ahahaha


187244 Not sure if that's a good thing.

Um someone broke a Pinkie Promise....There are no questions...Only phrases like" Let's get the fuck outta here!" or "We're fucked."

TFS wha?
But seriously, what is TFS.

Bro, if you are Brice, say I

Also you're going to havta explain what's happening a bit more... Great fic though, i just got a bit confused sorry


194038 Yheah, I have an amazing track record for confusing people. Also I am Brice but I'm don't like writing in a first person POV.

valentines not valentimes.


212863 *begins typing*

"I'm sorry Mr. Breeze but due to your constant sexual activites....we're going have to remove your testicals." said the doctor.


"That sucks....then again Luna never wil*Smash*

212885 god dammit, and i was hoping for kids:applecry:


212941 You'll have kids beleive me I'm not missing out on the chance of you being tortured by a pregnant Luna for nine months.

212945 you do realize youve given me permission to use you in my story right? oh the things i could do:pinkiecrazy:


212951 Wait me or pony me?

212971 pony, but its still you. i just dont feel like putting humans in my story


212978 Fair enough...am I getting shipped?

212981 possibly. i do have an idea of who to you with, but am still thinking of how youre going be put in the story


212985 ...I'm gonna go read....six chapters...of a story....that....is totaly not yours.

Oh shit.....Sounds like Celestia is alittle(read SUPEREXTREMELYMEGAULTRAAWESOMELY) pissed at the guys.....


214463 Yheah, well she can suck it 'cause I look like Goku.

But can you fight like Goku....this skill seems like a necessity with the way looked at you guys


214477 I took out three royal guards first day in, I think I cam handle a *spoilers*

Ok...But it's not the guards you gotta worry about....It's Celestia.


214493 Knocked her out when Trixie did that stunt with the mares.

Oh riight......Wait Why'd you knock out.....crap time for a little backtracking
(Don't tell me. It'll spoil te suprise)


214600 Found out yet?

Oh and like I said in you blog....FUCK YEAH I AIN'T FIGHTNING ANY BITCH!!!!!!!!

so i guess the incident with brice thinking he saw ice because of discord never happened in this timeline?

>> I see everywhere you go :trollestia:


217188 Yheah, I'm also doing the whole muiltiverse thing which means....there's two grazes and Ice is Brice sort of just the pony version of him.


217195 XD you seen who your fighting?


217205 who can go super sayian:pinkiecrazy:

217195: SHUT UP!!!

I have to go against 2 blood Dragons.....Turns out they can control ALL the elements.....Im screwed:ajsleepy:

217220 you and I should team up... and if they control all elements, that means their powers are split up into sections to be equal among the elements... tis a fact


217220 I have to against pony me.......the universe won't survive.

217224 dont go blowing up the universe yet, hot shot. this is only the preliminaries


217275 Yheah well I'm gonna post fight one tonight.....who's fight? Dark vs the twins.

ok this proves just how bad breaking a pinkie promise is. she followed you THROUGH dimensions.

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