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Daring Do is one of the greatest (Or only) pony explorers in the whole of Equis. Whether it be saving the planet from threats ponies weren't really aware of in the first place or finding lost civilizations, most of which the discovery of ends up being credited to the Tartarus forsaken researchers.

However with action, adventure and excitement comes the ultimate risk, civil court: with several counts of property damage; disturbance of the peace; genocide of a near extinct race that really only had a negative effect on the environment and jaywalking.... just to name a few.

How will Daring deal with the sentences, will she do time or will she merely plead for her crimes?

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Comment posted by Random MLP fan deleted Jan 23rd, 2014

3853512 Humour the idea, it's all in good fun... for now.

*see's what this fic is about and finds daring do the ultimate lawyer team*


(shush my mind has been on that game since im replaying it)

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