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Name's Ice, don't do much, don't talk much....but I do make a mean mac n' cheese.


A boy wakes up in the Everfree forest to his suprise not knowing how he got there hijinks insue as this boy begins a new life.

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interesting. very, very interesting

6 ft? thats one tall 13 year old

Six feet. He's either all torso or all leg :rainbowhuh:

...no reaction I'm afraid...

And then Ice proceeded to kick some serious ass. I can't wait to see the next part. :pinkiesmile:

Not sure if read...I'll follow for now. Seems kinda rushed so far though.


.. and more of this you shall make

or else


91614 91710 Yheah I'm tall for my age i've got longish legs while a have a niggish torso not really musccely but I can take a punch.


I play pheonix wright a lot if see an erorr please tell me I type fast check fast my spelling should be fine it's my punctuation the needs a ton of help.

get a proofreader. the idea is alright but the spelling, grammar and unneeded capitals and punctuation make me want to slap you. :ajbemused:


92672 Yheah I really need one.What do you mean spelling I think it's fine.


92672 Yheah I really need one.What do you mean spelling I think it's fine.

Great story, but there are lots of spelling and grammar mistakes.


92811 what spelling mistakes grammar fair enough but no not spelling


92811 they are now fixed


"Well I haven't got anywhere to stay so I meant where am I going to stay" I meant this cause I have said it in real life so it's vaild...I think

Well, the story is really good, but the spelling is atrocious. I'm sorry, but it's true.

fascinating i think i'll watch this


95597 yheah I tend to fix these things after I publish the chapter don't ask why


anybody who gets the reference gets a cyber cookie.

Six feet ain't abnormal where I'm from in that age. I'm 6'2 and I'm not the tallest in my class. One of my friends is like 7 feet or something...
No, we're not from Russia (No insult intended).

Oh and cool story bro :moustache: (No sarcasm intended).

Nice to see the story updated. Not sure why in most fimfics that Spike is always an ass with the OC character, but great work nonetheless! :ajsmug:

Is the reference in the first paragraph? If it is, then I am going to guess that it's Dookie Fresh? :unsuresweetie:


98710 yes first paragraph no to dookie fresh.

Then I have no other guesses. You have me beat. :derpytongue2:

Scottish phoenix wright playing badass who listens to disturbed. Awesome.

Ice, one thing i think you should realize is that, well, TRIXIE THREW BRICKS AT EVERYONE! One of them had to be lethal.


98866 Intresting point however I never said nobody got hurt plus I said that she threw them in a general direction but my only excuse is she aimming for a 6ft human not a 4ft pony I'm gonna say it them in the sides when gravity took effect plus refer to the authors note at the end of the chapter.


98808 well I'm in a good mood now

that was a little uncalled for spike :ajbemused:


I needed the scar for something I plan to do later in the story this just seemed a good way to do it.

i think ponies should realize that a 6ft sapient beast probably isn't all sunshine and happiness like the rest of the ponies.


99343 well somebody got the meaning of this fic

the song at the start is monster by skillet :ajsmug: i love that song


101032 wow first guess and yheah they are dam good but my favourite song has got to be whispers in the dark or hero.

101036 hero is my favorite of theirs :pinkiehappy: also please tell me zephyr and i are just friends in this. we're both a little concerned by some of the dialouge


101041 yheah I know but don't worry all will be fixed next chapter


101041 plus I kinda did it to see your reactions XD

101057 :trixieshiftleft: well at least youre going to fix it

This chapter feels bettert han the earlier ones. nice work :raritywink:

Nicely done Ice. You're doing really well in this story and I can't wait to see what Celestia has in plan with that new information. But I :moustache: you, what do you plan on your character turning into? A nice character? Or an ever more pissed off character?


101198 Ah the benefits of being the author you know what the overall plan is then you get a P.I.T.F.

i just realized you didnt describe what my character looks like. if anyone wants to see what blue breeze looks like, just check my avatar:pinkiesmile:

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