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Naraku was defeated, but not before he draws one last trick off his sleeves. Naraku opens a black hole just like the one in Miroku's hand, sucking all of them in it... Inuyasha wakes up in an open field of grass, noticing immediately they're not in their time... and soon finds out that the place they went, will make Inuyasha, cringe in terror... How will Inuyasha accepts talking candy colored ponies? will he lose his temper at Pinkie Pie's cheerfulness? Or will he find inner peace? Don't expect too much though... its going to get crazy...

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Hmm, "Smirk" i belive this will go far, i'll be keeing an eye on ya.


Yes. :heart:
This is a great idea, and I look forward to your future chapters.

Might need some spell check, but other then that nice.

Interested in seeing where this goes.

Lets see.
The Shikon no Tama is the Sacred Jewel
Tensusaiga is supposed to be Tetsusaiga or Tessaiga

Also, it's not every day that you start a story with the epilogue... :yay:

or strong enough to be cocky

Can you please edit/proofread this before you post it? I already see that you tried to delete a paragraph and put a new idea down, but then you forgot to completely erase the paragraph, so now you have two paragraphs that start with "What seems to be the trouble Twilight?"

Otherwise, I'm looking forward to the next chapter!

Inuyasha is best Hydra slayer!Oh and MOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR:flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage:

small correction NEITHER is used when it isnt any of the choices. you should of put EITHER instead at the end. grammar nazi out. good chapter as always

Inuyasha, what the hell are you doing?:ajbemused:

Oh, Inuyasha, you hot-head...

wouldn't inuyasha be able to tell the diffrence in smells between the princess and naruku... correct me if im wrong haven't seen the show in awhile.

196257 Naraku can change forms so it's not surprising that he might be able to change his scent. Besides that, Inuyasha is acting just like a little hot-headed bastard. Give him hell, Princess. :ajsmug:

GAH! A Inuyasha-Mlp:fim crossover! I never thought I would see one! :pinkiegasp:

The old Inuyasha fan inside me is ever so happy right now! :pinkiehappy:

i can imagine inuyasha getting his ass kicked and then kagome going SIT BOY! over and over and over again.

199449 I can imagine him destroying her and then the sit boy

I vote both, and I can't wait to see Kagome sit Inuyasha all the way to China for this, lol.

Backlash wave will deflect it This was the first anime I ever watched and I knw everything about it backlash wave would bounce back the attack like it was nothing and then afterwards they find inyusha almost killing them all and a large amount of sit boys

backhand it. back hand the attack into the mountain

Nah just kidding
But seriously I want destructive path I want to sees blood flying!

Go on Defensive, I don't want the mane 6 to not be able to see Kagome have Inuyasha sit if they die.

You know what... Ill do both.... (Even the majority rules) Just to let you see the different path's.... but the Destructive path is quite Story Ending.. so... What the heck..


i can't imagine celestia losing.. i mean she has banana's dude

204818 yes the destructive path is story ending and I don't want to see the ponies die so that's why I picked defensive

Imma go with Defense but if Inuyasha had anything to say about it he'd choose Destruction. :ajsmug:

Good chapter. Glad its Defensive, and Inuyasha = Owned. :ajsmug:
On a side note, I don't think you should put the destructive path, as it could confuse some people.

roger.. I make more "Readers Decision" Of the Chapters I want to make... Your answer is my command... :yay:

Yes, and I'm kind disappointed that Inuyasha didn't get to create a hole in the ground a mile deep for this. Oh well :trollestia:

do offensive but continue the story from the dfensive path

IF only it worked with my brother
I give this a rating OF SO

no dont put it I mean this seem like the most posible

Yes, bonus chapter of destructiveness pl0x!

i'd rather the next chapter come out sooner rather then a bonus chapter. Man, i wonder how luna is going to react when kagome tells her humans have been to the moon.

209370 she would faint or be pissed that they didn't take her back

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