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At the rural town of Karakura, a small community lived a peaceful lifestyle. Today’s weather felt pleasant unlike yesterday where it had rained all afternoon. Now it’s warm and sunny; a perfect invitation to just lie around and do nothing.
Until, of course, a certain Soul Reaper decides to break the damn rule.

“Hey! Get back here!” Ichigo yelled as he pursued after a Hollow, who had cowardly escaped after its fellow Hollow had been killed by Ichigo, through the neighborhood.

“You can’t make me!” the Hollow shouted as it ran around a corner to avoid the Soul Reaper. “Catch me if you can, you orange-haired jerk!”
Ichigo’s temper flared upon hearing the taunt. “You little- I’m so… going to crush you like a bug when I get my hands on you, you little son of a-”

Just as Ichigo passed around the corner, the Hollow had disappeared into thin air. Ichigo searched high and low but could not see it. He then tried to sense its presence to locate the creature.
Ichigo spotted the Hollow on the roof top. “There you are!” With those words, he resumed the chase.
However, this Hollow’s speed matched that of Ichigo’s so every time Ichigo almost reached it, it would gain a sudden burst of speed to avoid capture.

After an hour-long chase, Ichigo finally cornered the Hollow in an abandoned office complex and went on to disperse. The hollow refused to give in and it ran deep inside the complex. Ichigo’s temper began to fray he resumed the chase after this particularly annoying Hollow.

“Come and get me, Carrot Top!” the hollow mocked Ichigo as he can’t get to him fast enough. Upon hearing this insult, Ichigo completely lost his temper before he decided to activate his Bankai.

“Getsuga Tensho!!!” A huge powerful blast burst out from Ichigo’s Zanpaktou and literally obliterated the hollow along with the entire area.
That is when he just remembered... he’s still in town!
The huge explosion caused people nearby to watch in terror as the entire building collapsed followed by another explosion from the main gas pipe.

“Well that went well,” Rukia noted from behind Ichigo as he was about to escape the scene.

“Rukia?! H-how long were you standing there?!” he asked. He knew by then he was in trouble.

“Just long enough to see you lose it again!” Rukia shouted at him for his sheer stupidity. “And don't give me that ‘oh he pissed me off’ speech,” she added while imitating Ichigo’s voice as she scolded him.

“Oh give me a break! The building was about to be torn down anyway!” Ichigo argued as he attempted to change the subject.

“Whatever!” Rukia grumbled as she then grumpily took out a message from Soul Society and gave it to Ichigo. “Here, Brother said to give this to you”

Knowing Byakuya, it might be just another ‘Lecture about Responsibility’ note. With a sigh, Ichigo began to read it.
His eyes narrowed as he realized it was a summons from the Soul Society to partake in a meeting. “Why are they looking for me? What did I do now, huh!?” Ichigo quickly became infuriated as he suspected that he did something wrong yet again. He usually never went to a meeting at the Soul Society because it was just too boring for him to listen and talk nonsense and sipping tea all day.

“You did nothing this time Ichigo, surprisingly,” Rukia replied with a snark underling her tone. “They just want you because there was some kind of disturbance in the Soul Society and they need your help.”

Upon hearing that, he gladly agreed to go with Rukia to the Soul Society, but first he needed to go back to his house and put Kon inside his body for a substitute Ichigo. Since his body is currently lifeless and pretending to sleep at his home, Rukia gave a bead to Ichigo that could open the gates to the Soul Society. As for her, she must go ahead and take care of some business there. They eventually went on their separate ways.

Meanwhile... Kon, who was already in Ichigo’s room, was playing with some portal stones he collected when everyone had last visited the Soul Society.

Just then, Ichigo climbed at the window and entered his room.
Kon, surprised at the sudden change of events, hid the stones from Ichigo’s sight. He knew that if Ichigo noticed the stones that he strictly said not to take, he’ll take out his stuffing and burn it into ashes.

“Ichigo!! What took you so long? I was alone here with nothing to do and - ” Ichigo grabbed Kon before he can even finish his sentence and grabbed his Soul Pellet out of his plush toy body and shoved it in his own body via mouth. Kon instantly sprang to life as he took over Ichigo’s body.

“Wait, what’s going on?!” Kon asked Ichigo, completely confused on this sudden change of events.

“I'm going to Soul Society. Take over for me” As Ichigo was about to leave, Kon grabs his leg causing Ichigo to fall and drops the Gate Bead.

“Darn it, don't go!! Take me with you please! I don't want to be here alone!” Kon whined as he begged Ichigo to take him along. Ichigo just kicked ‘himself’ to break free from Kon’s grip.

“Shut it! This is no party, Kon!” Ichigo then searched for the bead and found it near the cabinet. He quickly took it and jumped off his window, leaving the lonely Kon in the room. Kon just continued to play with his pellets as he sorted them out. Just as he was checking them one by one, he noticed a blue one he never seen before. Kon examined it only to find out that it was a Gate Bead to Soul Society.

“Wait… if I have the Gate Bead.... what did Ichigo just took?!” Kon took the bead and ran off to follow Ichigo and give him the bead before he used the other one by mistake. Who knows what dimension he will end up with!

Ichigo went to an open field to summon the gate. Ichigo glanced at the Gate Bead and noticed something different about it. He didn't take much notice of this. He just wanted to get this over with and go watch some T.V. He tried to crush it by his bare hands, but it didn't break at all. He then tried stomping it, hitting it, and bashing it... still nothing.

Irritated at it, he placed it on the ground and uses his Zanpaktou to break it and, with one powerful slash, the bead shattered and the gate opened. Just as he was about to enter the gate, Kon called out to him as he ran towards him.

“Ichigo! That’s not the way to Soul Soci-” Kon tripped on a rock on the ground as he threw the bead and accidentally pushed Ichigo into the portal. The bead quickly dissolved once it made contact with the portal as Ichigo fell straight inside the portal.
Kon could only watch as Ichigo and the portal vanished into thin air…


“Ah’m telling you Twilight. Something crashed over the hills. Ah saw it with my own two eyes!” Applejack said as she dragged the helpless Twilight by the neck.

“Applejack! I-I can’t...breathe!!” Twilight choked as her coat turned a bright blue. Her friend noticed and lets her go. Twilight gasped for air as she stood up.

“What did you saw that made you so freaked out?” Twilight still felt pain at each word she forced out through her sore throat.

“Ah saw a black thing falling from the sky! It had a giant knife on its back!” Applejack exclaimed with panic and excitement evident in her voice. Twilight felt puzzled of Applejack’s description of what she had witnessed.

“Is that it?” Twilight pointed to an orange haired pony in a crater, smoking and not moving at all. Twilight and Applejack looked at each other, wondering if he is okay or alive for that matter...


(Two hours ago)
“AW SHIT!!!” he shouted, “What the heck happened to the gate?!”
He continued to plummet into darkness. Just as he was about to lose consciousness, Ichigo felt a surge of sudden warmth throughout his body. A small light emitted through his Zanpaktou before total darkness cloaked his sight. The last thing he felt was a hard thud.


(Present Time)
“Well what do you think, Applejack?” a voice asked as it pokes Ichigo with something blunt.

“How the hay should I know, Twi?” another voice smugly replied.
Ichigo can’t clearly see them, but he could hear everything they said from the very beginning.
Twilight directs her attention to the large oversized knife behind the pony.

“What is that?!” She pointed out to it. Both ponies felt amazed by the blade’s massive size.

“How can y’all carry that big ‘ol thing?” the second voice said, not knowing that Ichigo is fully aware of what they’re saying. “And what’s with that mane? Is that an orange porcupine?” At that comment, Ichigo felt a sudden urge to rise up and strangle her.
Did I just get insulted? Ichigo thought as his body continued to defy his mental command to rise. If I’m able to move, you’re in so much of a beatdown! Even you are a girl!

“So, what do we do with this pony?” The first voice asked...
Wait... Did she say what I think she said?

“Let’s take him to town... maybe we could do something about him, he may be hurt or worse.” said the first voice.
Ichigo suddenly experienced a floating sensation followed by a small breeze blowing towards his face. He wondered where they’re taking him.
Oh, boy... If this is Soul Society, I don’t have to worry. But something is odd about these people. Oh well, I’ll just let Hanataro heal me then...

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