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At day’s end, the Wonderbolt are an advanced aerial combat squadron. Few think of the future in the precious moments between and before death defying missions. When Soarin seeks more to life, he inadvertently befriends an enemy flyer, Gilda. Can their love overcome their differences? You decide.

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Always choose the Griffon. Griffons are the best. Spitfire had her chance.

His country, or his love. Ooh, tough call. But as you can probably guess by my avatar, I choose Gilda.

*enter little Spanish girl* Why not have both?

Injure Gilda and return the film.

I'll have to go Gilda. Sorry Spitfire, second chances with romance are few and far between.

Also, do you plan to post the other choice after the story as a bonus, or too much work?

Why is this story in the Soarinfire group? im looking for a Spitfire x Soarin fic and this fic is in it even though this is a Soarin x Gilda fic ......... wierd:rainbowhuh:

5167643 Spitfire is an option. :raritywink: Though for each option there will be consequences. :fluttercry:

5165537 Would you be interested in both endings? I have them scripted out. :twilightsmile:

Are there such half measures? Can we ever be so precise? It will depend on the end you choose but each action has consequences... no matter how little. :twilightsmile:

Comment posted by Seether00 deleted Oct 21st, 2014


Well. As the taco girl says: Why not both?

Sexy threeway. :pinkiehappy:

Comment posted by Thebravenorse deleted Nov 9th, 2014


That. Was. Amazing. You did a great job on summing things up with Gilda's choice.

I am sufficiently satisfied with this result, but I'll check out the other ending anyway:twilightsheepish:.

This was amazing! If this is how your going to do it with Luncy of Love then I can't wait :)

But I only hope that there's a option where Spike gets all three of the wonderful mares because thats the ending that I've really been wanting for so long now.

A story about piracy with Gilda, Soarin and a pony named Cutless. Filled with pillaging and thievery, ship battles and trophies, life and death, love and loss? Sign me up!!!!


Huzzah, the fun has been doubled!!

Damn difficult choice. Personal loyalty or to country? Bravo for making me think.

5169011 Because real life doesn't exist that way.

And I choose Gilda. He is in love more with her than Spitfire. That much is seen.

That's a mature choice and an erudite observation. Sadly we cannot make everyone happy.

Hello, I know it's kinda late (like three years late), but I'd like to translate this masterpiece to my native russian. Нonestly, the translation is ready but I will post it only if you're okay with it. Link to the original will be given. Спасибо.

P.s. I tried my best to keep all little symbolistic things:3

I'm absolutely flattered. You're free to translate my stuff so long as you credit and link back to my original work. =)

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