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'Through worlds and sadness and loneliness, we found each other, and if we can be happy together, then maybe it will all have been worth it somehow.' - A man in love.

Jax wakes up in a forest. After a bit of confusion, he decides he wants to live, so he tries to survive.
Survival turns to living as he meets ponies, and although he tries to resist for a while, he finds out that ponies make great friends.
Then things get weird with magic, chaos magic, dark magic - pretty much all sorts of magic. Sombra makes a swipe for revenge, some sinister cult is working in the background, and somehow changelings are involved... or not?
It all leaves Jax pretty vexed. Luckily, he has Princess Luna to make him happy.

*Jax is my original character, he's not from any other fandom.

Events from movies and season 5 have not happened ^^

*Edited by MidnightBlossom from chapter 50 to 60, then preread by DJ7291993 from there and onwards.

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Haven't read the story yet, but seeing as it's your first story and you say you like HiE's the best I believe I can be of assistance. My strong suit is making HiE's if you were to take a look at my profile. If you ever require my help in the story just let me know.

This story looks promising I will follow

5548591 I will try to live up to your expectations XD

Definitely worth a look. I'll keep an eye on this little story of yours. It has promise.

Lol fuckin pinkie

still going good

Seems interesting so far. Worth a thumbs up. Lookin' forward to the next chapter.

I'm just waiting for when Rainbow see that he killed a manticore by himself

teh fuck is striver? stream/river thingy right?

woot mayhaps woona get some love too

Very interesting. Now I'm quite curious to see how Luna plays into all this. Looking forward to the next one.

Also, caught a couple small errors. Just ones tht jumped out at me. Not trying to critisize you, I just know it can sometimes be hard to see the errors in your own work, as you tend to read what is supposed to be there, rather than what is there. Hope it's helpful. If not, please feel free to tell me to "shut up."

“Hello Twilight, I’ve heard a lot about you, and I hope that I can get some answers to all my questions from you later.” He exchanged an amused glance with Rainbow. “My name is Jax, and I can honestly tell you that I do not intent to do any harm unto the ponies of this land. In fact, I plan to treat them with every bit of kindness that they have shown me.”


“Can’t be do that on the way? Or latter?” Jax didn’t mind silence when he was alone, or with people he knew very well, but a growling stomach and almost-strangers was enough for this to become awkward.


“I apologize Spike. I was caught by surprised, but I have a question if I may ask?”


She will play in perfectly! Maybe... hopefully... Well I think she will ^^ You can tell me if you don't think so XD
What is this? A polite critique of my work? Thank you kind sir, I have fixed the errors you pointed out :) if you find any in future chapters feel free to tell me :D

Can't wait to see it. I'm sure it'll be great!

Glad to hear it. I know some times critques can come across... poorly. Is the way I did it this time good, or would it be easier for you in a different format?

5693613 The way you did it was fine ^^ just like you did with the last error where you just write the sentence where the error is is fine :)

I may be having a dumb moment and it's already been mentioned but I wonder what's happening in five months

5712449 They're planning a Winter Moon celebration. Kinda like Celestia's Summer Sun Celebration, but for Luna.

5712479 oh that's right I forgot about that

I liked it, and I will look forward to the next chapters.

I noticed that you sometimes use we/me instead of they/he - was this originally a first person story?

Also: sounds like there will be naughtiness between Jax and Rainbow and/or Luna? :rainbowwild:

5713621 good to hear :)
I use we sometimes with Luna, and switch to first person when thoughts are involved. can you point me to some of the lines you think are wrong so I can check?
I can't tell you that, but maybe XD

Ch 6:
Tirek took everypony’s magic, we stopped him, a castle appeared and now we spread friendship.” She looked at my confused face.

I've seen a few more...but it's approaching 23:00 here, and I'm about to fall asleep over my keyboard (now that there are no more chapters to keep me awake!)

imagine if i had REAL weapon :^)

Awesome! Curious to see his reaction to Luna.

He looked down at his cake cowered hand,

Covered, unless his hand is afraid of cake. ;)

5713891 ah, thank you, I fixed it. I just fuck up sometimes, please comment if you find any more errors :)

5714877 shhh, it's not that Jax XD

5714903 HA! maybe it is XD but no, I can't imagine anything being afraid of cake, so I corrected it ^^

Still loving it. Nice thing to look forward to on Sundays. Especially since Top Gear is now on hold. :(

Also, found this. Not quite sure uf you just typed some extra words, or what.

She started dragging him with him back into the party, Rainbow Dash following behind with a smile on her face.

5741366 Good to hear :) I'm amazed that I manage to update once weekly to be honest XD I'll try to keep it that way :)
thanks, fixed it ^^

5741536 Well, as long as you keep posting, I'll keep reading. :pinkiesmile:

not bad though i wondering how your chosen song is a party song. dont get wrong i do like that song just can see how the ponies can party to it based on the lyrics

5742603 I wrote they love it, not that they partied to it XD But I think you could party to it, it does have a fast enough pace ^^

5744028derp, fair point and true enough

Twilight....... :facehoof:

Spontaneous combustion and humans don't mix very well. :rainbowwild:

Thanks for the update.


5767897 Ha! I don't know what you're talking about, I like to spontaneously combust at least twice a week! XD
you're welcome ^^

Twilight needs to learn that some things are better off left unknown

5767943 Well I believe she learned a valuable lesson about stopping while you're ahead XD

5768012 let's not forget the fact that when Luna finds out what happened... She will be PISSED

This one is good. I like how you've worked Rainbow in so far. Interested to see how Luna's introduction goes. Perhaps, she is in the room now, and just witnessed her soon to be friend get lit on fire.


She almost chocked as her fears overwhelmed her.

I think the word you were looking for was "choked".

5768468 I feel like I built up some crazy introduction for her when what I have in mind is pretty mundane XD I hope to get around to it soon, but stuff happens and people get caught on fire... It is very unfortunate XD
Glad to hear that you like it, this chapter actually went over pretty painlessly ^^

Ah, thank you as always, it had been corrected :3

5768775 I'm just hoping it's amusingly akward, but guess I'll just have to wait and see. After all, can't just leave the poor fellow on fire. Spontaneous combustion can be so... inconvinient.

No problem.

57688210 Yes you will! And yes indeed XD
Hey thanks for the follow ^^ I'm not sure if I'll write anything beyond this ff though :)

Finnaly some one takes note of the lack of lunar festival in Equestria! :P

5792162 yes it's a very tragic lack of event that I will do something about! XD

you continue to do good

This one was good. Can't wait for the next one.

and she wanted no more than to wrap him in his magic and extinguish the fire,

Her magic

He looked at the smiling white mares in front of him,

If you were refering to Rarity, it should be "mare". Else, you should remove the "white" descriptor if you were refering to both, unless Pinkie was covered in flour or something.

5797927 glad to hear :D
yeah... cause Twilight is female. Makes sense.
heheh well she often is XD To be honest I completely forgot Pinkie was in the room, that's why she's a little quiet XD wrote her in again later, but forgot this part ^^ But thanks as always :3

Man... If you keep this performance up I'll have to put this story in my favorites... Keep up the good work

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