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The End Times are here!

The Great Necomancer, Nagash, has finally completed his vengence on the Tomb Kings of Nehekhara. Settra the Imperishable has fallen and the city of Khemri is now nothing but sand. Every undead creature is now a slave to his indomitable will.

Or so he thinks.

A group of surviving Tomb Kings have managed to evade his sight. Uniting under a lost legion, they flee to a new land beyond his reach, but will this new world truly be safe? Can they count on the Crystal Empire to be their sanctuary? Or will the horrors of the Old World find a way through?


I have never written a Warhammer fic before, but I am a fan of the books and of Tomb Kings in particular. I hope this is up to scratch with my previous fiction but if anything sticks out let me know and I will correct it. Tagged for Human becaue they are human, undead ones, but technically still human.

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 50 )

More please.

You sir. You... you legend. More.

7918524 Oh stop, :twilightblush:

7918071 This time I planned it all in advance so hopefully there will be less time between updates.

Interesting, I wander what will happen next

Can you do more please


I'm currently working on my other fiction right now. But I've been a bit distracted with it lately. I might take a break and wright some more of this. I've got it all planned out so I know where to take it.

Great work keep it up

It yet lives I remember reading this before I even had an account on this sight. Time to reread and wait for more.:pinkiehappy:

Thanks. I will do my best.

Hopefully I won't make you wait for so long this time.

Really awesome chapter, I especially loved the banter between cadence and shining armor at the beginning. Anyway, keep up the good work! :twilightsmile:

Thanks, I'm editing the next chapter so I should have it up soon

There needs to be more Warhammer fantasy around here. I had an idea about Daring Do stumbling across Hexoatl and having a chat with Mazdamundi, but Tomb Kings are just as cool as Lizardmen and need more love since they got Squatted.

I will read on.


I'll keep an eye on this.


That would be so cool. Maybe when the Lizardmen fled the Old World they made it to Equestria?

There will be...

Thanks, there aren't many MLP/Warhammer fantasy fics out there so I'm please you enjoy it.

This is a very interesting story so far, I eagerly await more



By the Emperor! You will have it! (As soon as it's finished being written :twilightsheepish:)

Skaven in Equestria? Now that's a recipe for disaster.


Well shotguns do solve everything, but I believe that the Skaven prefer long-barrel rifles when they work with gunpowder. The ponies will have to come up with their own weapons of rats-destruction.

9610529 Opal's got her work cut out for her, I guess.

Is their going to be an update yes or no?

Ya gonna get off your lazy ass and keep this story going or are you going to pull some weak ass excuse for being lazy?

Rest assured I am working on this fiction, but I am also working on Family and a new Zootopia story as well as finishing a one shot on another website.

A good fight, and a victory beyond compare for King Usur.

I look forward to the continuation.

Thanks for the kind words. :pinkiehappy: I'll try to make the wait not so long this time.


I've a feeling that Flash won't be bringing the reinforcements Shining expected...

New Nehekhara shall rise

for settra and nehakara

Fuck age of sigmar

Agreed. They could have rebuilt the Old World with a new status quo, but they just got rid of everything and what we have now is either sanitised, recycled assets or pretending to be 40k.

They should have kept the old world but you know fucking update it since a lot of its fluff didn't get updated in 30 plus damn years

And the ponies will pay for it

Very interesting! I look forward to the next update.


Thanks very much :pinkiehappy: I'll make sure I don't leave this as long for the next update. I really need to get back into a regular writing pattern.

Yeah, it is surprisingly easy to fall out of habit xD
If only it was that easy to drop bad habits instead of just good ones lol.

Dang, this is getting good.

So Flash is undead, great. Now he can finally get Twilight's attention as an abomination of esoteric magic!

The pegasus jerked to life with a sucking gasp, coughing and spluttering as it tried to take air into dead lungs, it fell forward in a shower of snow and shattering ice onto flailing hooves.

Why would he need air anymore? Their magic does not bring him back to life but resurrect his body with death magic. Meaning that his body does not work anymore. No air, no blood flow, no nothing.
And one ho is ressurected is bound to the liches will. That is how necromany works switch they use.
Its like saying that skeleton warriors have their own will switch they don't.


It seems that he died recently enough that Rehu was able to find and stuff his spirit back into his body. As to the breathing thing, psychosomatic response? He believes that he needs to breath, so he breathes. For one thing if nothing else, conventional speech needs the use of air passed through one's lungs and throat, otherwise you just stand there gaping at people.

That would not make sense in a multiple ways. He cannot take breath because his muscles don't work. Been recently dead does not matter because of what death magic does. Zombies from vampire count are recently fresh but they do not have their personality. he cannot have personality because what it would make of skeleton warriors? Any other unit in death army does not have their personality unless its kings or liches. Meaning bringing some one to life is not sou simple. I remember it been quite complex to bring some king to life properly. With perfect rituals and incantations switch would take centuries. And they did it in seconds.

This is something I hadn't considered when I did this part of the story. I was trying to give the impression that Flash was essentially trying to imitate what he would have done if he were alive, at this point not understanding or realising he was actually dead. Although I suppose this is rendered a bit of a moot point if he's had his mind scrambled by magic, he is now just acting if he was alive with not idea he's has been dead then resurrected.

We could argue that since he is not a king and was considered an animal by Rehu, that he used a general version of a resurrection spell. Something that could be cast on soldiers or creatures rather than kings. The Tomb Kings themselves retained more of themselves because of this superior ritual, while their soldiers and beasts lost most of themselves as they had an inferior version, something that could be cast quickly and efficiently during battle or if they had to have their armies assembled rapidly, effective but flawed.

it lives the story lives

When will be new chapter


I'm working on it alongside the next chapter of family and a Zootopia fic. I'm sorry I can't say when it will come out exactly though.

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