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This a group dedicated to the...ehm....lone hero/heroine human type stories/characters.

Y'know those stories where the human stands alone with only a pony (ponies in some -cases) by his/her side. Those stories where the human isn't afraid to go a little hardcore, and just be a major Bad-ass.
Anyway, in this group, there will be several folders for different themes of stories such as: Anti-heroes, Lone heroes, Bounty Hunter heroes, etc. Also, Just wanted to point out that stories involving consensual sex between pony and pony, or pony and human hero/heroine IS allowed.

Things that *won't* be tolerated are:

>Any rape scenes or rape-like themes unless the hero/heroine is saving somepony from being raped (only exception).

>Also, no trolling. Anyone purposefully insulting another's religion, race, gender, or sexual orientation will be removed from the group ( this also includes in any stories posted in this group) Everyone is entitled to their own opinions.

Other than that, just let loose and have fun. Use your imagination's greatest potential and I can't wait to see what you guys come up with! :pinkiehappy::twilightsmile::pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

Also, This is the group's theme song:

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I prefer to be a villain to be honest to be a hero you must not kill anyone or anyone who is annoying like Prince Blueblood

Hey everypony. I jus wanted all of you to kno tht u are all amazing and u all are special :twilightsmile: Don't let anyone tell u otherwise :twilightsmile:

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406954 Awweesome!! Right on!!:pinkiehappy:

Well this comment got deleted, soooo.......... FIRST

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