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Aspiring writer and huge sci-fi fan. Also Luna is best pony.


Spartan Adam-D014 was a lone wolf assigned to the UNSC Lightning. What was supposed to be a routine mission ended up with the frigate being ejected from slipspace unexpectedly, and with Adam landing on a strange planet inhabited by colorful, friendly equines. But something's not quite right... Adam's turning up in Equestria was more than mere coincidence, and Adam is determined to find out just what is going on.


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Shit just got real. Excellent writing my good sir or ma'am. I love that he reacted as I think a Spartan would. Its also nice to see them not immediately becoming friends. I look forward to your future work. Good luck!

*Sigh* Why must pony's suck so much at first contact.... Your about to meet a new creature and you bring a dozen of your guards and try to order it around... :facehoof: Lets hope they see their mistake and this gets worked out

ahh the classic halo in equis story not much love given to it but its still a good type of cross over let you continue to write and let the nay sayers tell you it sucks but in the end you are the one with the last laugh :heart:

Fuck, Celestia and Luna raise the sun and moon. That really brought this story's rating down for me.

First chapter and is better than the more popular stories, seriously this is disgusting, you could make a story of halo and replace the characters with ponies and that will be the only change in the story and those types get more attention than what this story deserves.
Keep doing what you do best and by god, DO NOT SCREW THIS OVER LIKE THE OTHER STORIES even if it takes five weeks to finish a chapter, just take the quote

Quality over Quantity

Well the ponies really fucked up this time.:facehoof::rainbowlaugh:

This is awsome

I have the same formatting problem. I still don't know how to fix it. So I have to change it manually. Excellent chapter! Keep up the good work!

I really hope Adam wasn't named after the guy from Arby n' the Chief; I really disliked that character. :flutterrage::twilightangry2::ajbemused:

Absolutely amazing! I can hardly wait for the next chapter! Great job on using actual stuff from Halo!

Phew. Hostility defused (well, mostly). :ajsleepy:

I'm not sure the pony's have the parts to repair his ship :rainbowlaugh:

Um ponies = 18th century tech + 20th century = incapable of space travel at this time = no parts for pelican = no way to repair slipspace drives, reactors, or engines. WTF!?:rainbowlaugh::facehoof: Anyone else thinking that Celelstia is being a little premature?:facehoof:

Rest assured, the issue of ponies not having parts will be addressed in the next chapter.

I like what I been reading so far, but if I could suggest something: why don't you place something to separate the moments the story centers around different characters? Like a line.

It may make then story easier tonfollow .

The story did originally have line breaks between character switches. However, because I write the story in MS Word and copy it into Fimfiction, the formatting gets screwed up and the line breaks go away. After I upload the next chapter (should be in a couple days), I'll go back and add line breaks to all previous ones.

I thought a Super Soldier Spartan would immediately go... IMMA PRESS ALL THE RED BUTTONS!!!!! But still very good job!:moustache::moustache::twilightsmile::moustache::moustache:

Active camo is a bitch:ajsmug:

Well, the wound can't be treated by magic, yet the assault rifle can be effected? What? It is either all things from outside the planet can't to effected by magic, or they all can, there shouldn't be an inbetween.

Comment posted by SpartanD014 deleted Jun 4th, 2014

4492309 The problem with them trying to heal the wound was not because it couldn't be affected by magic; rather, it's because the princesses did not know how to heal it. Eventually, given time, they could have figured out, "Oh, there's a bunch of lead shrapnel in his shoulder, let's just get that out and then patch it up." However, because it was a wound that they had never seen before, they were unable to save the guard in time.

I'm too lazy to do the fancy gray quote boxes.
In the paragraph after Spike said "tell me everything" there is "Hey eyelids" when it should be "Her eyelids."
Also in dictating the letter Twilight said "heard it crashed" when she actually heard it crash, "heard it crashed" would imply that someone else told her about the crash not that she heard the crash itself.
I need to learn how to do those quotes, this way takes forever. Anyway, nice story you have here.

4510982 Thanks for catching those! I'll go in soon and get them fixed up.

Absolutely amazing! I wish it was an hour until the next chapter instead of a few weeks!

Love this story. Great job :yay::yay:

A FEW WEEKS GAH DAMNIT!:flutterrage: I want more.:fluttercry::fluttercry:

“Well, about 500 years ago we created a website called Wikipedia,” Adam replied. “It was essentially a massive encyclopedia, constantly being updating with all information known to humanity. Most computers are now preloaded with a downloaded version of the site, so basically, this computer has everything on it. SERIOUSLY!!!!

Awesome. Nuff said.

Rainbow Dash is going to sneak on to that computer and somehow find beastality!


I hope next chapters are as big from now on.
I love long reads.

Well, it's a fairly good chapter, but there are some...events that don't really make much sense. This Spartan is supposedly a lone wolf, yet he can't hit a target in the head with a full clip from a MA5D? He feels pressure from a creature smashing him while he's fighting it? Spartan's can lift 2.5 tons, and I highly doubt a creature merely stepping on the chest piece of MJOLNIR Mark VI GEN2 would come close to scratching it, let alone denting it. While I do have some nit-picking, overall the story is actually pretty good. Better than most out there in terms of the capabilities of Spartans at least.

Ehh, not the most graceful crossover, but decent enough to be entertaining.


Wow. I can hardly believe that a new chapter came out so soon. I think that the logs are a nice touch, and you should definitely keep them in. Except where it would damage the story, not help it. Keep it up!

4530134 must have been a really powerful manticore haha

4532841 If it's stepping on him, then strength would not matter. Muscle mass would have an effect simply due to the fact that more mass is more weight when within a gravitational field. As I said, I'm just nit-picking details that really don't have an overall effect on the outcome of whatever scene said details are in.

Spartens are able to lift a scorpian tank and throw it

Another my good patron.

4534474 Agreed he should have been able to throw the Manticore off. But they can technically flip an Elephant forward Operations Base. I've flipped one before. What you need is a alot of explosive and veichals on one side before you blow them up flipping it over. The AI's reaction is funny :rainbowlaugh: but a Spartan can technically flip an Elephant but either way he should of had no problem throwing the SOB off. Also a Spartans shields can take more of a hit than what the Manticore gave him. I mean you get smacked by Gravity Hammers half the time and that only drains a small part of your shields.

It was an enjoyable chapter and I'm looking forward for the next one

Cant wait for the next chapter! :pinkiehappy:

Oh how innocent little society we got here. She just wonder the human race ever have wars in their history. Luna you are too young for this, even if you are a thousand years old Alicorn . You can't handle the true violence we got in the universe. But not just she. Actually her sister, her subjects and maybe the whole planet too. They just too young for the real life. Yeah, they got in the past Nightmare Moon, Discord, Chrysalis and a few more. But, actually they just a bunch of bullies on the playground unlike the Covenant the Flood or the rebel threat we got. The whole planet just like a tiny little flower in the asphalt sidewalk. I think I started to feel sorry for them.

Lol, have humans ever been to war? Adams got quite a history to explain the answer to that one.

this will be verrryyyy interesting when he tells them that humanity has soo many wars

don't worry i never frown upon anyone who uses the griffons as the antagonists i actually enjoy it alot especially if the griffons arrogantly believe they are superior to the humans and then proceed to get the crap kicked out of them by said humans for there arrogance


Amazing. There are no words, phrases, novels, or ridiculously long poems that can describe how fantastic this story is. I tip my non-existent hat to you.

I agree with RJ down there

"I will now show you where I have made my home." A cookie to those who get that reference.
Awesome chapter. Can't wait for the secrets of Lightning to be revealed.

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