• Published 13th Apr 2012
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[PonyType] - Jaytee

When a mutated and virus infected Alex Mercer is thrust into Equestria, his life begins changing...

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The Beginning

His eyes shot open as he felt another shell enter his chest. He looked up to see no more than 50 or so Blackwatch Marines shooting at him with all they got. Not a problem at all... He thought. He charged the marines, easily tearing through them one by one. He had a millisecond of peace before he heard the sound that always made him hate being the Prototype.

He slowly turned his head to be looking down the barrel of four tanks. Not one. FOUR tanks. He swore lightly under his breath before be jumped as high as he could attempting to avoid the hail of fire and shells the tanks were pouring out towards him with 75mm shells and .50 caliber turret rounds. He concentrated on landing in the midst of the four tanks, concentrating all his energy to his fists. He heard the satisfying sound of wind rushing past him, and the rumble of tanks approaching quickly.


He impacted the ground with a force that was capable of flattening a small house. He kept his fists in the ground, preparing for the hell that was about to ensue. But it never came. His cloudy, mysterious, grey eyes shot open in a snap that was close to being audible. Where was the boom? Why is there no screaming? He slowly stood up to reveal chaos in every direction. It just wasn't unfolding. Alex curiously looked around to reveal everything was frozen in place. He was unsure how to undo this, or what to do in general.

Son of a bitch, I broke the world.


He woke up from the bed he had decided to take refuge in. He looked out the window to reveal everything was still in place as it was yesterday. He stood up, pondering what to do next. He slowly stood up in the room, and threw himself out the window. He smacked the ground with an audible thud, standing up straight without a scratch. He curiously looked around the city for what seemed like weeks. Leaping buildings, robbing convenience stores, sleeping on the blades of helicopters, and other things only a man with this opportunity could dream. His boredom brought him back to the original site of the stop freezing. He looked in between the half-flipped tanks into the large crater he had created. He could see a faint glow in the very crest of the crater. He pondered it's existence for a moment, before proceeding to try and dig it out. He summoned his claws, and carefully cut away at the cement around the glowing object. After around a half hour of digging, Alex noticed something. He had dug about one foot down into the crest of the crater, and the object seem to go down along with it. Well if I can't have it... He looked at the building next to him. If he couldn't take it, nobody could.

He decided he would pound it to dust, for shits and giggles. He bounded up the wall of the building, reaching the top before he slowed himself, planted one careful foot in the wall, and back-flipped off. Again, he turned all possible energy to his fists, and hurtled towards the ground. He saw the glint, and aimed directly for it. His body flew at an incredible pace, reaching the ground now with a force that would most certainly turn any rock, mineral, metal, or particle, to the equivalence of non-existence. The noise it made was deafening. It was actually almost too much for Alex. A ringing began to become audible in his ears, growing in volume quite quickly. Oh god, did I break me?! Son of a- Alex didn't even get to finish the thought as the very ground below him opened up like a large mouth, opening up and closing again quickly, seemingly swallowing him whole. Alex was suspended in nothingness as he head began to hurt, greatly. He could hear a faint screeching, and his body heat up quickly. His eyes slowly fluttered closed as he got a last glimpse of a clear, jet-black midnight sky, dotted with stars, immediately before passing out, heading straight for the ground.


Twilight was reading a book in her library late a night, as usual. Se was enthralled with her new spell book, Advanced Teleportation: Lessons in Objects, Large Groups, and Long Distance. She was just finishing reading on how to teleport a group, knowing how to teleport herself already. She pondered the thought of finally being able to teleport her friends place to place. Her thoughts her interrupted by a loud screeching, and a bright ball of red appear out of her bedroom window. Surprised, she nearly jumped clean through her roof. She rushed to balcony, only to watch as the fireball was quickly approaching the town. No, not the town, her house.

"Oh buck!" Twilight was never one for profanity, but this case was a clear exception. She immediately ran back inside, grabbed Spike with her magic, and rushed down her stairs. She heard Spike mumble something she could not understand due to the screeching being too loud at this point. She had just reached the outside of her house as soon as the ball of fire struck the ground beside her house. She screamed louder than she had ever before as the fireball slid deeper into the dirt in front of her house, narrowly missing it by a ponies length. She slowly approached what she had thought to be a meteor. The fire within it had died down, and curiosity had gotten the best of her. She walked slowly toward the edge of the crater, what she found nearly made her scream in terror. Again. She had come upon a biped creature resting in what should be a meteor's crater. The beings she was looking at had some sort of blue clothing around what she assumed to be it's walking appendages. The rest of it was covered in black, with some red design on it's back. Is that it's cutie mark? How odd... It shifted in it's grave. She let out another loud yelp and spike proceeded to fall to the floor with a thump.

"Ugh Twilight... Why are we out so early.. why does it smell light something is on fire?"

No reply, he looked at the crater in front of him, not able to see within it due to his height.

"Twilight, wha-" He was interrupted by a very drastic sounding Twilight. "Spike, go to Rarity's. Tell her it's an emergency and you need to stay there tonight."

Still groggy, he looked up at her, then back at the crater. He shrugged it off, not wanting to walk anywhere. He mumbled something quietly to himself.

"Now, Spike." He obeyed quite hastily, slowly jogging in the direction of Rarity's. She looked back at the creature in the crater. It groaned and rolled over, revealing it's tan face. She gasped, and almost took off back inside running. Right before she did, she noticed it was writhing in pain. As much as she wanted to run, she couldn't leave an injured creature in need. Especially before a cold winter night.

She decided she was going to bring it inside and examine it tomorrow. She was tired. Her horn glowed lightly as it wrapped around the weird looking creature. Her horn glowed to it's brightest as she had to put effort into picking up the rather heavy...thing. She backed through her door slowly, pulling it in with her. She set it on the couch. Examining it closely, it looked rather intimidating. She decided to put a magic seal on it that Celestia had taught her in case of an emergency. She saw the purple wraps begin to glow around his limbs as she satisfyingly led herself to her room and put herself to bed.


Alex's eyes slowly opened revealing him to be in a large... Library? He had to assume. But it also looked round... Like the inside of a large tree. He had never seen this place before. He let out a soft groan as his head began to hurt, trying to remember last night. His hands were locked. His head shot up to reveal his arms were tired, and so were his legs. He wiggled around a bit before deciding to himself. Screw it. His hands morphed to claws, and, with all his might, tried to tear the rope. For the life of him, he could not get it to break. He was infuriated. Not even Blackwatch had material this strong. Where was he? He struggled a little more before realizing he had gone too far and rolled off his resting place. He hit the wood floor with a loud thump. He looked back at what he was sleeping on. A couch? Why am I not being mercilessly attacked? WHERE AM I? The thoughts raced through his head as he let out a rather loud growl.



Twilight was woken up by a soft thud. She slowly sat up in her lavender bed, matching her mane and fur color. She rubbed her eye with her hoof and she began to lazily get up, dismissing the soft noise. The sun was about to rise and she decided to sit on her balcony and watch it rise. The sun was about to crest over distant mountains when her thoughts were rudely intterupted by something she had not expected.


She heard a growl that matched that of an angry bear. She nearly jumped clean out of her skin. She regained her composure as she realized it had come from the creature she brought in last night. The restraints! It could not be happy now. She turned and ran down the stairs to the main room of the library, to the biped creature.


Alex smacked his face to the floor as he realized he was restrained. He heard something walking down stairs. He couldn't looked up to see what it was, but he was hoping it was nicer than the things he was facing originally back in Manhattan. he smacked his face to the floor again. He head the steps nearing him quickly, he realized it was not in twosteps, but four. Two people? Oh god. Well, Alex, this is it... He turned his head up to where the footsteps were coming from to see a lavender pony looking at him. His eyes shot wide. "What the fu-" He couldn't ever finish the sentence before the pony yelled something rather loudly.


Alex was stunned. He looked at the pony wide eyed, mouth making an "O" Shape, not able to finish the "uck" in his sentence. He was stunned. For one of the first times in his life, he was at a loss for words. He blurted out the first thing that came to his mind.


Their eyes remained locked. a look of horror crept around on the both of them.



They screamed in unison for what seemed like eternity. Their eyes remained locked to each other, neither wanting to break eye contact. Twilight was the first to break. Her eyes scanned his body. Face, ok... broad shoulders.. are those... CLAWS?! Her face turned to horror as she scanned the claws. They were about a foot long each in length, and 3 inches wide in width. Sharp as can be. Alex noticed this, and immediately returned his hands back to normal form.

Twilights eyes went wide as she witnessed the claw turn into a fist. She looked back at him.

"Magic?" She muttered, almost silently. Alex's keen senses pick up on the silent speech.

"You could say that. Are you the one who put..." He ruffled his hands in the restraints. "...these on me?"

She looked at him with eyes that could have cut into his soul, if he had one.

"Are you going to hurt me?" She asked, her gaze not leaving his intimidating body.

"No, unless you try to kill me first."

Twilight processed this for a moment, before shrugging it off. Her horn glowed as his restraints seemingly disappeared. His eyes went wide. Magic... He push all questioning thoughts aside before standing to full height in the main room of the library. He was about twice the size of the small unicorn in front of him, towering over her like a mammoth to a puppy. He looked at her horrified, and terrified face. Might as well be nice... He crouched down to eye level with the unicorn.

"Hi, I'm Alex. And you are..?"

She was hesitant. This thing was huge. It was even taller than Celestia herself. He had claws. Claws. She was unsure of the being before her, coming to rational thought that if it wanted to do damage, it would have by now.

"Twilight. Twilight Sparkle. Mind if I ask you a few questions?"

"As long as you answer a few of my own." He replied, looking into the unicorn's violet eyes. She reluctantly agreed as they sat down onto her couch. She gave the first obvious questions, who he was, where he was from, what he was, what his appendages were, and what were they called.

Alex was growing tired of this. Twilight could ask a million questions a minute, it seems as if he had to explain the whole human race to the unicorn. Reserved, though, he continued answering.

"How did you get here?" That's when it hit him. He had not idea. He explained to her how he had simply been sucked through the ground (leaving out the destruction and killing) and thrust into this world.

"Last question..." he braced himself. "What other magic can you do?"

His eye twitched. How could he explain this? Oh I could say something along the lines of 'oh, I can randomly grow and alter my appearance and appendages to what I please and know.' His eye twitched again.

"Uh Alex..."
His mind was snapped back to reality.

"Sorry, sorry. Lost in thought. I... I can do a lot. There really is an unlimited arrangement of things I can do."

"That's fine happens to me all the time... and CATCH THIS WITHOUT YOUR HANDS!"

Alex was barely prepared for the book to fly at his face. Instinctively his hand morphed into his whip, and it shot out and stopped the book mid-air. Almost by second nature. He looked at her with questioning eyes.

"Does that count?"

Twilight just nodded slightly, staring with plate-sized eyes at the black and red tentacle in front of her. It was truly grotesque. With what seemed like veins popping out, unsure of what is sitting in front of her. Realizing her horror, Alex retracted his whip, turning it back into a hand. Her terrified eyes looked at him.

"It's more to keep me alive and safe... Too much?" She shook her head.

"No." At this point, he was happy about leaving out the part about being able to crush a being and absorb it's memories and powers and such.

"So...Where in the hell am I?"

She looked at him with eyes that clearly told him she was terrified.

"P-..ponyville. In Equestria."

Where have I head that before... Was it a TV show? I don't know... He looked at her.

"Thanks. So what now?"

She finally broke her intensive stare.

"Let's go meet my friends, I think they'd want to meet you. But first I need to do something." She ran to a desk, picked up a quill and quickly wrote something down on a piece of paper. He heard her mutter something along the lines of 'time to try this out.' But he thought nothing of it. He watched as she rolled up the parchment of paper, and concentrated on it. Her eyes closed, and her horn glowed intently. It grew brighter and brighter as the paper became enveloped. It quickly disappeared as she looked up happily.

The note read...

Princess Celestia,

With utmost importance, I need you to gather the other Elements of Harmony and meet me at Applejack's farm. There is not much time to explain what's wrong, but it's the safest area for this... thing. Please hurry. I'll be leaving as soon as I send this letter.

Your frantic student,

Twilight Sparkle

She looked up to Alex, with a gaze in her eye he knew all too well. Eyes that are scared, plotting something. He raised an eyebrow.

"Come on, let's go meet my friend Applejack first, she'd be up this early."

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