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The Undead Curse certainly took its toll on the people of Lordran. With the mad Hollows running amok and the lords having all but abandoned them, only the mightiest warriors and determined souls had any chance of keeping their sanity. However, no one is invincible. They all met their ends, one by one. But something strange happened. Events beyond their control led them to the tranquil land of Equestria. These are the tales of what happened after. These Legends of Lordran all wake up to a land of peace and happiness, but they carry the scars of war. Can the brightness of Equestria overcome the darkness slowly eating away their sanity?

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This seems like it could be quite interesting, will you have Artorias in this too though? Would be alright if he wasn't, though hawkeye gough would be interesting, maybe make some amusement out of that he thinks he's blind only because of some sap in his helmet's slits.

And Solaire lives to praise the sun another day. I look forward to reading more of this.

Amazing writing, and I also wanted to tell you one thing, I have managed to make playlist of the best fan-made songs of Dark Souls, could you put it up in the next chapter? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=shUtp9hhFpA&list=PLZqjPbC3nv0V2Fw6TpY56cnsvgTp-B-uB

my god finally a dark souls crossover :rainbowkiss:

4702993 I have seen to many darksouls crossovers

oh god, solaire is going to windup worshiping solestia

Don't worry, Artorias is a must, although I'm still debating about Gough. Tarkus, Chester, and Seigmeyer are also ones I'm pretty set on.

4704357 I have 3 more characters to ask of, if you don't mind.
1. Chosen undead, I can understand why you wouldn't put him in, because it isn't required that he sacrifice himself to the first flame, but I get the feeling from how close he is to solitaire that he will be taking that route and I would love to see what he would do.
2. Knight Lautrec. I want to follow this bastard around for a while and see what happens.
3. (this is the least likely but I like him a lot) Laurentius. He was always one of the most pleasant guys to talk to in the game and when I accidentally made him go hollow, I actually felt bad.

Please tell me this isn't dead, I need more of muh Pony Souls


Sorry about all the wait, but a burned out power cord and a crashed hard drive make writing a tad difficult. I'm making the next chapter a decent amount longer as a consolation.

4907663 please do take all the time you need, I was just hoping that you where still writing since there isn't very many well written dark souls story's

EEEEEEEEEE! I got mentioned in an AU of a fic I like! I'm so hyped!

Post Chapter edit: I like the compromise you made on the debate of Solaire's father. I'm hyped to see Artorias come into play.

Prediction: Seigmeyer will be stumbled upon almost out of nowhere. Most likely sitting in one of the princess' bedrooms.

Before I forget, Havel will also be in this. He'll be playing both himself and Tom.


...will the filthy magic casuls get rekt or not?

Onion bro and sun bro hanging out with abyss bro? Fighting evil? I'm okay with this.

Oh man I am going to look forward to Laurentius joining in, I've played DS1 and I have to say, he's likely my fave NPC, he is just so friendly, heck, he even gives you a pyromancy flame, which is a piece of HIS OWN SOUL. I doubt he would have much difficulty making friends, he is just so damned likeable and kind, now that I think about it he'd probably hit it well off with Fluttershy if I remember his personality correctly.

What looked like a katana felt like a hammer.

lol katana souls

*pwning n00bs in da burg*

*sees this while browsing in his free time*

"Rekindle? Eh, it's probably a sequal to a shipfic or something."

*next day, checks it cause I got bored*

"Dear... god... WHAT HAVE I DONE!?"


Ok, I'm still trying to understand the lore of dark souls, and I'm confused, WHAT IS "the dark"?!


Essentially, the Dark is the Abyss. Humans were born from the Dark, and Lords from the Flame. The Lords see the dark (Abyss) as a threat to their power and seek to eradicate it. On the off hand, humans have a very little amount within each of them. So little, in fact, that they actually help the Lords keep their power intact. However, in large quantities, it's a massive threat. Artorias was sent to stop the spread. He was consumed by it.

I'm terrible at explaining this. Just watch Vaativydia's take on it.

I always figured the Abyss was what resulted from the corruption of Humanity. Kinda like how the Witch of Izalith created the Flames of Chaos by messing with her soul.

Merry christmas you well timed man ( or woman) :)

A pleasent surprise to find the story had reupdated.

Seigmeyer armor is still weird to me

Fun fact: I finished the new chapter at three in the morning. Just because.

Anyhow. Now that, for the most part, all the characters for this part have been introduced, it's really about to heat up. Get ready for a showdown.......

Siegmeyer uses a Zweihander, not a Greatsword like Tarkus. Other than that the story is great, chapter was a little short though.



Technically speaking, the Zweihander is listed as an ultra greatsword, so it qualifies.

As for the chapter length..............I fully agree. Going to try to make longer ones.

5486596 What I mean is that what Tarkus uses is the Greatsword, which is actually an Ultra Greatsword I think, essentially it's a large stick whereas the zweihander is actually quite a bit sharper.

In short calling it a Greatsword can confuse people familiar with Tarkus's weapon as Siegmeyer uses a quite radically different weapon in design.

Needs a chapter with "Trusty" Patches.

Well, I reckon Solaire and Siegmeyer (Is that how you spell it? I can never spell that damn name right...) have quite a bit to talk about.

Cliffhangers are a bitch. Especially when you don't update for a couple years. But hey, I'm sure you got your reasons. :twilightsmile:

I guess Solaire forgot you have to kill the things before you put them on your head. Guess that's the problem with being undead. You forget fear.

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