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"You think you know me..."


This story is a sequel to Rest

Three Hundred Years.

I've spent all that time teaching both humans and ponies to never forget the war. I've slowly become content with not just my life, but the fact that I am the last dragon. I've made and lost friends, students, and gained a great deal of respect from both ponykind and humanity. I've seen things change for the better, yet there is one thing I am forced to confront one thing that I fear most.

Falling in love.

Can I, a long lived being who has already outlive those I care about, accept a future with a lover? Or am I too afraid to face such a devastating loss once more?

Edited by Chaotic Note and Socks

Artwork done by MajorDude

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This is going very well!
Keep it going amigo!
And also happy new year in advance to all!

This was the story idea I suggested. Thank you so much for writing this, I can't believe you picked mine!

Well, it's good to see that Spike has moved on from the death of his closest friends, for the most part at least. But life always has more experiences no matter what you do. I look forward to seeing what new experiences he does end up having, and how it ends too.

Thinking about it, you kinda have to wonder what the world would look like in 300 years, considering how innovative humans are. Mars has been colonized, but apart from that and the fading of Equine culture, there doesn't seem to be any lifestyle changes that really stand out. They still use trains for example.
But this is your story after all. It's supposed to be Spike's story, and should be focused on that over the world he lives in. I don't suppose it's possible for another Q/A about the world as it is now? You can't possibly cover everything through one story, so it would be really great if we could have some way of getting insight into the workings of this world.

I await for more~

oh shit, that long lived thing would suck. at least he is trying to stay in society

You know, we did talk about and hinted what happened to Equestrian government after the war, but never fully explored it.

Like, since I assume pretty much all of the princesses and alicorns are dead. And humanity has won obviously, what replaced the Equestrian Government? I'd assume Equestria would have a bit of a democratic presidential system? Or maybe a more complex parliamentary one? I'd be biased to say that the Presidential system is appropriate at this time tho... I wonder if Lyra and/or Moondancer became President of Equestria at some point after Twilight's death.

How big is Spike? Adult sized dragon, or a human adult size?

And so it continues.

Mild grumbling about the lack of a human revolution in 300 years.

7831908 i would harbor a guess and say that he's about 20-40 cm (7.8-15.7 inches) above the average worldwide human height.

I'm pretty sure that Hearth Warming Eve wasn't a religious holiday.

Don't mind me. I'm perfectly fine with the setting, just a mild personal amusement at the variety of settings of how people portray society in 300 years. One's this, and another I've been helping ... well...

That's right; it's a political celebration of the events surrounding the formation of Equestria as a united nation. I can imagine that modern Equines consider reminders of the old nation (which actually begged Celestia and Luna to rule over it) would be considered... in bad taste, to say the least. Insufficient time has yet passed (and, possibly, the social winds have been blowing in the wrong direction for too long) for anyone to start talking about the real message of cooperation, tolerance and the absolute folly of bigotry.

Well in that case it's probably she that's going to become a Dragon to stay with him.:raritywink: but I must say I am following this story the best I can and the one thing that hold's true is that it never dissapoint.

I forget, what happened to Pinkie and Rarity? I seem to recall that they died during the war but not how or why.

7833290 But does the potion give all of the fantastic powers of the resulting race or just the appearance and some of the minor abilities?

7833504 Even though this story was sad through and through I never lose hope for the better tommorow.:pinkiesad2:

Good chapter, can't wait for the next one, and for the love of GOD, stop making me tear up!s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/fc/e1/ef/fce1efcf8809cbfc64af49b01f526a0a.jpg

Can't wait for the next chapter :pinkiehappy:

I like this portrayal of the future after the war. I think it makes perfect sense that the idea of becoming a pony (or other creature) would have gone from an anathema to a fad given enough time and modification of the potion formula. It's sort of how we have renaissance festivals today that romanticize a period of time that was otherwise filled with hardships and would normally not be a time you would want to live in.

I forgot this was just part one when I neared the end. Needless to say, I will be looking forward to the next chapters.

And the story continues, nice to see some happiness (and this story at all). :twilightsmile:

i like this, and i really would like to read about the war

Comment posted by Praseodym deleted Jan 2nd, 2017

Squidward can relate.

Poor, poor Spike...

Man who cares about potions to turn you into a human or pony, when soon there will be a potion to turn you into a dragon and everyone can live for a millennium! (Well, everyone rich).

Well...:raritydespair: I can always count on you to punch me in the gut

7832857 Let's just say some of that "Advancement" was never asked for..

OMG It is so sad:applecry: Spike remembering her friends while knowing what happen to them T_T. i kid you not, i cry a little bit. specially for what happen to Applejack and Rainbow :fluttercry:

Damn you... This opened up feelings that I had been trying to eliminate from my life.

God damn it you. You take two months and then leave us with this at the end of the chapter? Ergh, just ergh. Damn waiting can drive one insane, you know.

But think of it this way, if I'm waiting, that means I'm enjoying it, right? Because I am. So you just take your time to make things great, and I'll be back to enjoy more chapters just as much.

Another wonderful chapter, well done:raritywink:

Comment posted by Skylarking the Stargazer deleted Feb 6th, 2017

How is the none existence of an afterlife the true meaning of Christianity?

You know what, I can't help but tear up a little for Spike.

I don't think I can handle being the only one left among my friends and family.

Comment posted by Skylarking the Stargazer deleted Feb 9th, 2017

Very sad to hear that all the Crystal ponies are completely gone. I would've thought that at least some of them weren't in the Crystal Empire when it was nuked, but now them and that once shining city are gone.

Btw, small typo:

she buried them both of them

The only thing I'd refute there is "true Christians". There are many different definitions of "Christian", from the very broad 'anyone who believes Jesus is the son of God' to the very specific 'anyone who believes in the literal word of the Bible, nothing more nothing less', and so many things in between. To start saying that a particular subset are "true Christians" risks running into No True Scotsman.
On the historical idea of heaven as being a place/realm for the dead, it is nearly as old as Christianity itself, even predating the Council of Nicaea.

I didn’t bother saying prayers. I really don’t think prayers work anymore. Prayers didn’t save my friends or my home.



true Christians do not believe in the existence of heaven or hell, but instead like Twilight assumed after someone dies: nothingness.

Um, where is your evidence for that? All evidence from the Bible says that there is a heaven and a hell. It's mentioned numerous times in the New Testament and preached to the early church, and Jesus mentioned both in His teachings.

Anyway, sucks that the Crystal Ponies are gone, and Flurry too :raritycry: Hopefully. Spike can get some help with what he's feeling.

Okay on a second thought I realized the countless amount of errors I have made in my comments, and I must apologize in advance (which includes deleting those comments).

(In Christianity) Heaven does exist (God's Kingdom), but the realm of "hell" does not apply to humans (only mentioned once about fallen angels waiting for judgement). Humans after death fade away into nothingness, returning to dust, unless they obeyed God's will and have put their faith onto Him throughout their entire life.

And no, no "TRUE Christians" are involved.

Why didn't I just say this earlier and make clarity of it? :facehoof:

7928016 It is mentioned that those who do not believe will be thrown into fire and brimstone. Also, the parable of the rich man and Lazarus depicts the situation as two lands separated by an impassable gap, one of eternal bliss and one as eternal suffering. Hell received most of its reputation and legends from Dante's Inferno, but it does exist, just maybe not in the way humanity is capable of understanding.

Guys guys... If we are gonna talk about Hell fire then I guess I'll chip in my two cents. As a Muslim we believe in the existence of Hell fire... However it is not a place, but in fact a thing.

Yes Hell is a large creature.

7924300 Yeah, I must admit I don't know where you're getting this from. :applejackunsure:

7929818 So evil people's souls are basically eaten up by a great big monster and then burn for all eternity in its guts? :derpyderp2:
The more you know.

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