A Lost Hero

by Happy2343

A Final Stand

You have been warned...

Phoebe immediately went rigid. Her eyes moved from Finn to the open window. She hastily walked over to the balcony, Finn followed closely behind. Both basked in the terror before them; a great black and gray cloud had seemingly covered the front end of the Fire Kingdom.

Phoebe took a breath and held it in, trying to remain calm. Her eyes fixed to the troops on her walls, ‘There aren’t enough…’ She realized, ‘I… I should go and… get… more…” She raised her hand to her eyes and stroked, she could feel the small amounts of fire beginning to fall from her eyes. She shook it off and turned back to the enemies.

Phoebe recoiled at the attacking force before them. She could see the ridgeline outside her walls, completely filled to the brim with ancients and monsters, all of which had a black or gray taint to them. Her eyes moved around and looked for the Lich, but she found only more monsters.

Phoebe’s hands rested on the window sill. Her eyes moving ever faster, trying to find the enemies leader. Her breathing had increased and grew more and more shallow with each monster she saw. Their features and weapons were always worse than the last. Always more dangerous. Her eyes widened, and despite having not blinked on over a minute, didn’t close. Her hands began to shake and tremble. ‘W-we’re going to die here…’ She thought.

She had already come to terms with the fact that they were going to die, but she didn’t realize it until it was staring her in the face, or in this case, across the wall. Slowly encroaching on their defenses. She thought of the monsters killing her citizens, her friends, her; slowly killing them, torturing them.

Her eyes felt like turning the valves again, they began to close, her eyes didn’t want to see any more. ‘I...can’t…’ Phoebe’s mind completely shut down. Her shining intellect, her defiance, her bravery; all of it left her at that moment. Her mind began retreating into itself, trying to preserve her. Her hands moved to her sides, holding her stomach, keeping her from vomiting.

All this time, Finn stared on at the enemies with the same amount of fear and trepidation, but he did that, he stared. He saw them and instinctively grabbed his sword, ready to fight at a moments notice. He then turned his attention to Phoebe.

His eyes widened. He’s not only seen this before but experienced it. ‘Jake…’ He let go of his sword and moved to comfort her. ‘She’ll probably hit me.’ Finn thought, ‘Eh, what the heck, I love her, I don’t want to see her fall apart.’

Finn hesitantly put his hand on Phoebe’s shoulder and shook her. Phoebe snapped. She turned around and immediately punched him square in the face. As if on instinct, she cupped her hands to her mouth. “OhmygoshfinnI’msososorry!” She quickly said. The force of the punch had sent Finn careening backward. She was immediately on the ground, kneeling next to him.

Finn put his hand to his mouth, feeling where she hit him. He gave a small laugh. “That was one heck of a punch Phoebe,” Finn exclaimed. She gave a nervous laugh in return. He continued, “I bet you could kill the Lich with that kind punch.” Both gave a slight chuckle.

Phoebe stood up and she stuck out her hand, “Sorry again…” She sighed, “I didn’t mean to do-”

Finn grabbed her hand and, instead of getting helped up, he thought he should get some revenge. He pulled her down. She fell on top of his stomach with an audible “oof” from both of them. This time, they actually laughed, as if they were having not a care in the world, and, if only for a moment, forget the impending doom that was upon them.

Phoebe opened her eyes after finishing laughing. And looked directly into Finn’s eyes. Both the green and blue one. She knew that each of his eyes was different colors, but didn’t really look into them until now. To Phoebe, she spent at least an hour studying each aspect of Finn’s eyes. The way they looked, their color, and their shape.

It felt like time had stopped, it was just her and Finn. She looked down and only just realized she was straddling him. She blushed harder but didn’t get off. Instead, she leaned down and put her face right in front of the human’s.

His face moved up without hesitation, as if he had already made up his mind, and kissed her. She closed her eyes and moved into the kiss. He did the same, closing his eyes and moving in. She gave a moan as she began to feel something she hadn’t felt for a long time. Pleasure. ‘This might be the last time I get to… do this…’ She thought.

Phoebe broke off the kiss. Finn smirked, “Well, I guess we're a couple again?” Finn asked.

Phoebe blushed even harder than she was already and smiled, “Shut up and take off your clothes Finn,” She replied as she began to undo her dress.

Phoebe was standing out in the courtyard, her maroon battle armor was on and a sword at the hilt. Finn was there too, his clothes were still slightly off from earlier. Cinnamon bun stood beside her with his fire wolf, spear in hand. With them, there were several lieutenants and officers, ready to receive their orders.

Flame Princess looked around at the gathering. With the exception of Finn, CB and her, everyone else was scared witless. She could see many of them shaking or moving uncomfortably. Flame Princess sighed, ‘They’re just as scared as me.’ She thought, ‘but at least I’m not showing it.

Flame Princess immediately began giving orders. “You’ve all been briefed so I’m giving the short version: Defend the walls, if they fall, hold the town if that falls retreat to the castle.” She breathed in and out, “Are there any questions?” She asked. Flame Princess gave no time for a response. “Good.”

The officers scoured. Men began to move again, there were no complaints, no questions. Everyone knew what was at stake. ‘The fate of the world relies on our success.’ Flame Princess thought, ‘Let’s not disappoint.’

She turned to Finn, “Finn I know you want to fight,” His face immediately drooped, “But I want to study that portal spell, as a last resort.” He gave a ‘Really?’ look. Flame princess gave a, ‘We just had sex,’ look, ‘Do what I say.’

“Sure thing Princess.” He began to walk off.

“Finn wait!” He stopped and turned around.

He saw FP talking with CB; he was able to catch the tail end of their conversation. “...just be safe, okay?”

“Yes, Princess.” Was CB’s reply.

Finn watched as Flame Princess watched as CB walked off with his fire wolf. He could imagine her face and the way it looked, concerned, worried. But when she turned to Finn, she was smiling. She walked over.

“What was that about?”

Phoebe smirked, “What, jealous?” She replied. Finn’s face began to turn red, but was hard to see due to him being blue because of the flame shield, she somehow did see. “Relax Finn. I just wanted to be safe so I sent him away.”

“Alright,” Finn said, they began walking to the castle.

Silence persisted between the pair as they walked. Both were trying to look at each other while the other wasn’t looking. That meant both were constantly looking at and looking away from each other. The awkwardness only grew as they grew closer to the destination.

Finally, Finn decided to speak, “So,” he began. Phoebe turned towards him, “Are we a couple?” Finn asked with trepidation.

She immediately turned away to contemplate. ‘Are we a couple?’ She thought, ‘I mean… we did…’ She turned back, “I mean… we kinda... sealed the deal already.” She added under her breath, “I can kinda still feel it...”

“You mean resealed, right?” Finn asked.

“Yeah, I… guess so.”

They reached the door to the castle. Finn continued, “So, we are?”

“Yeah,” She replied, “Yes we are.” She affirmed.

Flame Princess smirked and added, "And if we make it through this, we'll see how far we can go."

She opened the door and stepped inside. Finn followed closely behind. Now very happy and giddy. They walked through the bare castle. The guards were all needed at the walls. The pair reached the makeshift laboratory, which was just Finn’s room.

Finn opened the Enchiridion to the portal page and began to read. “The portal will cause a large magical disruption when it appears.” He read further, “At both the location we go to and here.” He turned to Phoebe, “We have no idea of what it will do to the fire troops. Heck, we don’t know what will happen to you!”

“Finn, that’s a chance I'm willing to take, we can’t fight off the Lich forever.” She shook her head, “it might be dangerous, but that’s nothing compared to what the Lich will do.” She looked at the book, ‘It also can’t have this…’

She looked Finn in the eyes, “Finn, No matter what, you can’t let the Lich get that book.” She said, “Promise me,” She took his hand, “As your Princess, friend, and lover, You can’t let the Lich have that book.” He nodded. Phoebe turned and looked out the window.

Finn exhaled, “Okay, let’s begin the ch-“

"What the?" Phoebe said.


Fin felt tired, much more than usual. He tried to go back to unconsciousness, but something was stopping him. He just felt like there was something wrong. There was also some loud ringing in his ears. He moved his hands to cover this ears. Only one responded. Begrudgingly, he forced his eyes open.

There was nothing there. It was dark, hot and smelled like burns. He felt his right arm. It wasn’t moving; he felt it with his other arm. ‘Well, it’s there.` He felt up his arm until he hit the shoulder, there was a massive pain, causing Finn to hiss in pain. ‘Dislocated.’ He moved his arm and popped it back into the joint.

The events prior caught up to Finn, ‘Phoebe..’ He moved to get up and went face first into a rock, “Ah!” He exclaimed in pain. “That’s gonna leave a mark…”

He moved to get up again, much slower this time. With his hands, he felt around. ‘The wall must’ve collapsed on us or something. His eyes widened. Flame Princess!” He quickly summoned the grass sword and sliced the wall in two. He stood up, but nearly collapsed, ‘My legs feel like they’re made out of beans…’ He used the broken rock as a support as he dragged himself across the room. He idly notes his flame shield was gone.

He spied the Enchiridion under some debris. He moved to get it. However, once his body left the destroyed rock, he fell over. “Not beans, Jelly.” He crawled to the Enchiridion and successfully scooped it up and put it in his (thankfully) not ripped bag alongside the jar of white liquid.

Finn’s legs finally studied up and stood up without support. He breathed in and out, steadying himself. He shook his head, the ringing that had been there been there for what felt like ages. He exhaled.

His mind finally settled, his thoughts only settling on only one thought, ‘Where’s Phoebe.’

Finn looked around the destroyed room. His eyes settled on the giant hole in the wall. Outside he saw fire soldiers outside in the courtyard fighting various monsters. There was only a handful still on the walls, ‘The city is about to fall.’ Finn thought, ‘I need to get Phoebe.’

He began to scour the room, the various bookshelves were on the ground, the table overturned, the wall in ruins. “She had to have gotten away.” Finn said desperately, “She has to be alive.” Finn looked hastily through the wreckage; overturning the large piece of the wall revealed nothing, the bed, nothing, the desk, nothing.

Finn’s heart was beating faster as the adrenaline rush tapered off. “She’s not here…” Finn said aloud.

“No, she’s not.” A gruff and terrible voice said. “HA HA hahaha…”

Finn went white. He quickly reached behind him and pulled the Finn sword out. He turned and faced the source of all the pain and suffering in the world, The Lich.

Finn pointed his sword at the Lich, “You.” Was all he could say.

“Me?” The Lich said He leaned down to the tip of the Finn sword touched his skull, “What about me?” The Lich looked at Finn, “FALL.” He commanded.

Finn wavered. His feet beginning to waver along with his spirit, but she was able to regain control. He put his attention back to the Lich. And nearly into those green eyes; he already knew what it felt like to be controlled, he turned away from the eyes but didn’t take his eyes off the skeletal body in front of him.

“You're much smarter than before.” The Lich said, “But I can’t have you in my way child.”

The Lich raised his hand and smacked Finn’s entire body across the room like it was nothing. Finn, while dazed, quickly shook it off and reassumed his defensive stance, being much more careful now about the Lich. ‘He’s toying with me.’ Finn deduced.

Finn looked at the Lich’s hands, they were glowing with green, dark magic. The Lich raised his hand again, ready to strike Finn. Finn shut his eyes, dug his feet, and raised his sword. A massive force hit the white and cerulean blade, nearly sending Finn tumbling. Finn opened his eyes only to see the Lich’s other hand raising. He quickly called on the Grass sword to his left hand. The force of the hit nearly bent the grass sword and sent splinters of bone from the Lich into Finn.

The Lich began applying force to the two swords, forcing Finn to a knee. Additionally, the strain being put on Finn’s left arm and shoulder were beginning to cause his grass sword to falter. Finn Grit his teeth as the Lich applied even more pressure.

“You are strong child,” The Lich said, “But I am beyond strength.” The Lich raised its skeletal foot and kicked Finn in the gut, sending the human into the nearby wall. Finn slumped down the wall as the Lich walked toward him.

His eyes were barely open and all he saw was a giant blurry mass. ‘Stop… please.’ was all Finn thought. He looked up and saw the fuzzy outline of white across the black wall. He reached off to his left and grabbed the Finn sword there. “C’ mon Finn, you can do this! FIGHT!” Was what he heard the Finn sword say. Using it as a support, he stood himself up.

Only to be immediately grabbed by the neck. The Lich raised Finn off the ground and studied the human. The human, on the other hand, raised his sword and struck its face. The Lich flinched at the slight surprise and pain, then proceeded to throw him through a nearby wall.

Finn was again disoriented, he reached to his back where he felt a warm liquid flowing down his back. He applied pressure to stem the flow of blood. With his other hand, he used to get to his feet. Finn breathed in and out. He looked at where the Lich should be.

He saw it, but several rooms across and with too much wreckage in the way to walk through, Finn breathed a sigh of relief. He again felt his back, ‘With that kind of force, I should be dead.’ He brought his hand up from his back, there was no blood.

He got down on his knee and flung his bag around. There was the jar with glowing, white, liquid, but a little less than before. He looked at the jar and spied a crack being fixed by the liquid’s properties. Finn laughed, ‘No wonder I thought that jar was indestructible, it was being continuously fixed. I guess some just got out.’ Finn looked at the book it was next to, the Enchiridion.

He looked back to the Lich, it was still there, staring at him. ‘I can’t win,’ He thought, ‘I gotta move while there’s time.’ he thought. He took the book out and flung the bag around one of his shoulders. In one hand was the book, the other, his sword. He turned to the page with the portal spell and began saying the spell. ‘Okay, the chant.’

“u wi l a ctlsaoelnftnceo d rwomra psy eoohpll,”

Finn was seriously confused, ‘I coulda sworn I said, “I call upon the powers of old to answer my call”, that’s odd.’

He nervously looked back to the Lich, it was slowly cutting through various rooms full of rubble. ‘Gotta go fast!’ He read the next instruction, ‘Who to bring? What kind of-’

A crash behind him brought him back.’

“yent mad kis amde efrn,”

‘Next, where.’ Finn said to himself, ‘I DON’T KNOW WHERE!’ He nearly screamed out loud. Another crash brought him back to reality. He turned. The Lich was now two rooms away.

Finn tried to utter, “Someplace safe”.

“mpas ceoselaef.”

A giant crack that sounded like lightning sent Finn, once again, against the wall. Finn raised his head and looked at the Lich, it was also sent against a wall, thankfully, one opposite of him. Finn was able to jump out of the hole in the wall relatively easily. He looked at the Lich, it began to turn into some sort of black smoke.

Finn began to back up. ‘Where’s the portal?’ He questioned. As if on cue a bright blue light flashed in Finn’s eyes followed by a giant crack. Finn turned around into the nearly blinding light. ‘I have to get out of here.’ He spied the seam of the Enchiridion. He quickly scooped it up, put it in his bag, and ran at the portal.

Mere inches away from safety though, he felt something grab him; Finn turned his head. He saw the Lich’s body seeping with black goop and streams of black smoke. Finn fell flat on his face. His hand hit the pommel of a sword, he grabbed it and swung it at the unusually dense smoke around his feet, breaking it.

Finn stumbled into the portal in front of him.

He heard the Lich before entering, “I’ll always find you, Finn!”