A Lost Hero

by Happy2343

An Eventful Meeting

Twilight looked up at the night sky. The stars were endless, bright and beautiful. Like an endless sea of both imagination and wonder; constantly moving, ever-changing. ‘I should be thinking about finding Rainbow: not doing this.’ Twilight contemplated. ‘Losing Rainbow was my fault; I should be out looking for her.’ Twilight laid down on her stomach. The cool summer night making the grass crisp and cool feeling.

Twilight again took solace in the night sky. Every once in a while, in the corner of her eye, a shooting star would shoot across the sky, adding to the sky’s ever-increasing beauty. Twilight’s ears twitched at the sound of crunching grass on hooves. ‘Who else would be in my dream?’ She sarcastically questioned.

“Princess Twilight? Does something concern you?” An angelic voice said. Twilight would recognize that voice from anywhere.

Twilight turned to be greeted by a dark blue Alicorn with a starry mane. “Luna!”

She smiled, “Princess Twilight.” Luna acknowledged with a bob of her head.

Twilight frowned, “I don’t know how many times I’ve told you, Luna, you don’t have to call me ‘princess’. Just call me Twilight.”

Twilight stood up and walked over to the Night Princess. Princess Luna nodded to her statement and then said, “You didn’t answer my question young Twilight.” She said, “Is there a problem?”

Twilight’s smile faded altogether, “Yes…” She looked up, the sky was now dark, drab and filled with clouds, blocking out the stars that had shined so bright. She turned to Luna, who had a concerned look on her face. “It’s… something that’s happened recently, the magical disruption.” Twilight said, “You know about it, right?”

“Yes, both Tia and I had momentarily had our control of the sun and moon severely weakened, it hurt us considerably,” Luna replied.

Twilight dipped her head down, “Oh, I just couldn’t use magic…” Twilight replied. “Anyway, the girls and I found the source of it.” Luna’s posture changed. “I think it was a portal of some kind.” Twilight continued, “There is something in the Everfree forest. I… I think it has Rainbow Dash.”

Luna’s face contorted into a painful look, “Hm… that might complicate things.” Luna said, “I saw her dream bubble, something about being first in a Race…” Twilight smiled, “So she’s safe… for now, but this isn’t a good situation. Are you sure she’s been taken?”

Twilight nodded, “While Rarity and I were searching the source of the magical signature, Fluttershy flew in; she was completely out of breath…” Twilight paused to take a breath. “She said something about a ‘Thing’, I teleported there to get there as fast as possible,” Her head dipped, “But she was gone.” Twilight saw Luna give a pained expression “We searched the entirety of the old castle There were only signs of a fight; we found a few of her… feathers.”

“Fluttershy is taking it pretty hard, they grew up together, Rainbow was her only friend as a foal, they’re practically sisters; she’s making it worse by blaming herself on not flying fast enough.” Twilight looked away and then back, “I could tell that was her best though, she passed out right after landing…” Twilight looked at Luna, “Could you… see how she’s doing?”

Luna only nodded. “Thanks.”

Twilight breathed in and out heavily, “Later, after she recovered, Fluttershy said she felt like she was being watched the entire time they were in the library while searching.” Twilight paused,
“Is there anything else I should know?” Twilight could tell she was serious, ‘Nightmare Moon level serious.’

“I… found a destroyed rootworm, cut clean through, like, it was cleaner than a magical blade.” Twilight replied, ‘And those things are the sharpest things I’ve ever seen.’ She finished in her mind. “Is there anything else?” Princess Luna asked.

“That’s all I have to say… can I expect you here tomorrow?” Twilight asked, “I know how you are about these things sometimes.” She said playfully, trying to lighten the mood. ‘Celestia knows it needs to be lightened,

Luna smiled, “I suppose so Princess Twilight,” She said, “Goodnight.” The clouds seemed to dissipate as Luna left.

As she was leaving Luna’s mind was roaring, ‘If there’s anything I’ve seen out of that thing’s dreams, then it’s more damaged than evil.’ Luna reentered the dream realm and found a certain yellow pegasus’s dream.

Meanwhile, Rainbow Dash walked into the castle that Twilight called home. She began walking the halls, searching for Twilight’s room. ‘I can’t have her worrying about me when I’m fine.’ She thought. The halls were more imposing in the night than in the day. She instinctively looked over her shoulder, making sure she wasn’t being followed.

‘Next chance I get, I ask Twilight if she can install some sort of lighting system.’ Rainbow kept on walking, ever so often she looks back to see nothing. She couldn’t shake the feeling of being watched no matter how fast or slow she went.

Rainbow again looked back, this time to see shadows moving behind her. “Twilight?” She turned around and walked towards the moving shadows. She was able to hear the slight murmur of what sounded like a spell. “yeib snmdriw nirigrware nb ngttyhnm o odp oigl b” ‘What the buuuuuck?’ Rainbow thought. She turned into the circular map room. ‘Wait a second.’ She facehoofed, ‘I’ve been walking in a circle for the past ten minutes, haven’t I and now I’m hallucinating; I must really be tired.’

Standing on the map table was a large figure, easily five times her height. It was the one speaking, “esdmtwngd ng oadyhr oetlli rtbho wir”, Rainbow just stared at the being and slowly backed up. ‘I’ll just… leave and come back tomorrow.’ She thought while backing up, ‘No… It’s doing something to the map.

“Hey! Stop!” She yelled. The shadow turned and stopped its chanting. The shadow jumped off the table, ran to Rainbow Dash and began wrapping itself around the pegasus’s left forehoof. Rainbow reeled back and flared her wings. As did the shadow, taken aback by the equine with wings.

The thing raised its arms in the air and a bright light filled the room. “Wha...,” Rainbow said as the blindness left her eyes. She rubbed her hooves over her eyes and looked to where the figure was. ‘Where’d it go?’

A door burst open, startling the Pegasus. She jumped up at least five feet in the air. “Rainbow?” Rainbow Dash landed and turned to see Twilight. “Oh thank Celestia you’re alright!” She ran up to Rainbow and hugged her, nearly choking her.

“Twi-Light... can’t… breathe” She stammered out. Twilight gave a “huh.” and then let go, “Sorry… Sorry,” Twilight apologized, “Umm… so… what happened?” Twilight asked trying to sound noninvasive as possible.

“Can we talk later… I’ve been walking most of the night.” She pointed to her wing.

“Sure,” Twilight said, “You can stay here, the sun is due to rise soon, so be ready.” She said playfully.

“Oh yay,” Rainbow replied sarcastically, “Just what I want.”

“I’ll go tell Fluttershy. Okay?” Twilight said, only Rainbow nodded.

“Okay, it’s right over there.” She motioned with her hoof. Rainbow happily walked over, opened the door, and flung herself at the bed. Right when she hit it, she was out.

The midday sun provided more than enough light for reading. Finn, however, was still having a hard time reading the books. They were, at times, usually the beginning and end, unreadable. It was by a stroke of luck Finn had found this dimension’s Enchiridion and the same luck that had brought him a very helpful book.

Finn kept rereading the same lines over and over again. His mind was dead set on these ‘Elements of Harmony’ and how they could be used to defeat his enemy. Finn closed the book, making sure to keep his thumb where he was reading. ‘Talk about powerful magic… by the sound of this … these things are super weapons. If I had them when...’ Finn shook his head, no use in thinking now.’ He opened the book.

The six Elements of Harmony: Magic, Loyalty, Kindness, Honesty, Generosity, and Laughter, were created out of the Tree of Harmony. The Tree has been described as a ‘Giant Crystal Tree’. The elements can only be used in unison with each other; any other attempt to use them by themselves will result in failure.

Finn closed the book. The book's title, while heavily damaged, was still legible. ‘The Elements of Harmony’. Finn looked around the library. The books here could yield a wealth of information if used correctly. ‘Too bad I don’t have enough time to study these books. I could really use this.’ Finn thought. Finn stood up out of the somewhat uncomfortable chair and began walking out of the castle. ‘Man… I used to really hate books and stuff… my, how the times have changed.’ Finn reread the page again. ‘Time to get these things.’ He thought.

He reached and felt his left shoulder, ‘It still hurts…’. Finn cautiously moved the blue fabric aside. It gave way to reveal black and scarred skin. Finn took his right hand and moved it to the infection. He slowly touched the skin. “ARGH!” The amount of pain that had shot through his body was the equivalent to that of an arm breaking. He breathed out heavily, riding out the pain. “Let’s… let’s not do that… again, Finn…” He said to himself. Finn looked back to see the grass sword wrapped around the ends of the infected skin, stemming the growth. Finn rearranged himself, putting the shirt back into place.

Finn nearly walked off before noticing he had dropped the book on the ground. He set his backpack on the ground and put the book in. Finn’s eyes gazed over to a vile no larger than a bottle holding a bright liquid. ‘I could’ve used this stuff to heal her wing…’ Finn mused, ‘Why in the world would I set her free when I need her?’ He sighed. Finn zipped up the bag and slung it over his back. Finn heard the distinctive clink of the bottle.‘Maybe… I just felt bad about holding her?’ He questioned.

He walked into the throne room, ‘No… It was because I couldn’t feed her; It would’ve been wrong to starve her.’ Finn reached the door and slowly pushed the door. There was more resistance than normal and Finn failed to see a light blue glow on the door. “What the… why is this so much harder than normal.” He pushed against the door even harder.

The door suddenly gave away, opening so suddenly so that Finn fell on the ground when the door moved away. “Ow.” Was all he said as he got back up.

“Hello there Finn the Human.” A beautiful and powerful voice roared. “I do believe we need to have a little chat.” The voice, while elegant, was stern. ‘Chat my…’ Finn shook the thought out of his head.

Finn got up fully, his vision had stabilized. He saw in front of him several what looked like bat-pegasi and a blue pony with both a pair of wings and a tall horn. ‘Only seven of them…’ Finn thought, ‘I’ve seen worse odds.’ He drew his white and blue sword, “Unfortunately, I don’t really have the time.” Finn replied, “Let me guess, you’re Princess Luna?”

The blue horned and winged one nodded, “Yes, we are the Alicorn of the Night.”

‘Good, Alicorn, because saying horned and winged one over and over again was getting repetitive.’ Finn said internally. Finn got in a defensive position. The other bat ponies, which were previously standing with their spears straight up, all got into a defensive position with their spears pointed at Finn. “Steady…” She said, turning her attention away from Finn. She then turned back, saying, “We would like for you to come peacefully, so we can… discuss this in a more… civil manner.” She said.

Finn’s stance faltered a bit, ‘Just like the last ones…’ Finn sighed. “I mean no disrespect, but I refuse to let history repeat itself… Go now or I will attack.” He said with a stern and equally demanding voice as Princess Luna.

“History repeating itself?” She mused, “Please explain.”

“I will attack if you don’t leave now,” Finn replied, dodging the question when none of them moved he sighed, “Alright then.” Finn moved into an attacking pose and ran towards the princess. ‘If I could just escape… then no one needs to get hurt.’

Princess Luna seemed taken aback by his sudden attack, ‘I was sure he was bluffing…’ She thought, ‘no matter.’ “Only incapacitate him. I want answers.” She said to her guards as Finn reached her. She immediately put up a shield spell around her as his sword met, not her head, but near her hooves. ‘He doesn’t want to hurt us either.’ She quickly thought.

Her guards quickly joined in the battle, within seconds, Finn was surrounded. The guards were in a circle around him, all pointing their spears at the human. He turned around to asses the situation, at the same time she dropped her shield. ‘All too easy…’ Luna thought. She prepared a stun spell to hit him in the back.

Finn, however, expected something like this; he quickly turned around and, with as much force as possible, punched her square in the muzzle. ‘Gotcha.’ Luna fell backward, taken completely by surprise at his sudden attack. Her guards were too focused on helping their princess and moved to protect her.

“I’ll be seeing you, princess.” He mocked as he began running away. Princess Luna, still recovering from the punch, shot another stunning spell at the now running human. The spell only managed to hit a nearby tree, sending shards of wood and droplets of sap everywhere.

Finn looked back to the mare, who was still being helped up by her guards, ‘My is she a beauty…’ He thought, turning away and escaping into the brush, ‘Why do they always have to be deadly?’

“This Finn... escaped from you; well Lulu, you must be getting rusty.” Celestia finished with a snort. “I told you to bring a larger amount of guards.”

“You don’t have to keep reminding sister.” Luna huffed, “I think now, the best option is to protect the tree of Harmony.” She turned to Twilight,” That is where the elements reside, correct?”

Twilight nodded. “I will depart immediately then,” Luna replied. She began to walk out but was interrupted by her sister.

“Sister, there is something else that must be discussed. Rainbow Dash… has a disturbing report.” Luna huffed and then turned around. “Then… I’ll prepare to leave…” Luna turned to Twilight, “Can you get her… I’d like to hear this… report.”

Celestia turned to Twilight, “Is she still sleeping? You told me she was up all night?”

“Yes.” Twilight replied, “I’ll go get her.” Twilight walked off to one of the side rooms and went in.

In the meantime, the two sisters talked. Luna talked, “What is this ‘disturbing report’?”

“We only talked briefly, but she told me that there was something messing with the map. She said it looked like a-”

“AHHH!” A high pitched scream rang throughout the castle. In seconds, the room, which was Dash’s, was surrounded by Guards and Princesses. The guards were waiting outside. “Wait are you waiting for!” Celestia screamed, “Open the door!’

The guards nodded and burst in. Twilight was in tears looking over a slumped over Rainbow Dash. Luna asked, “What is the matter?”

“H-her l-leg…” Both Celestia and Luna walked up to the pair. The sisters looked over the leg of the Pegasus. There were pulsating black spots all over it.