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Amature fanfic writer and a Wings Of Fire fan, making stories that I want to see so I do.


Furoato Sho is a young Japanese Senior High school student living in the US. His life is fairly standard, living in the west side of the world as a transfer student. But when not in school doing school work, he animates stick figures fighting other stick figures and posts it in the Hyun's Dojo website. But one day when animating his own character named "Ballista", an accident happened in his apartment and now he suddenly found himself in another world, with different people, in a different body.

Something fun. : ^ )

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 21 )

I like the blend of mostly English and a bit of Japanese that you are writing. This is an interesting start, I hope for more! Thank you!

Holy shit someone actually did this.
I’ve been waiting for something that’s had to do with hymns dojo

The only stick man I've seen was animation vs animator on YouTube

975200someone already did it's with umbrella it is long dead though


Hello again! How do I keep finding you?

Magic. Also, my avatar is a cat. It can't not be noticed.

Bow to the cat! And don't forget the dog either...

This looks awesome can't wait for more

This looks awesome can't wait for more

The gifs use in this chapter may force weaker devices to stop the webpage causing constant refreshing.

Maybe the link idea was better
Oh well ill just change it

I like so far... Keep up the good work...

I had my suspicions before but yeah, it's confirmed, let the league of legends references begin.

This is very intriguing, rotting this on. ^^

No objections here astounding work!!

Welp, next chapter on More Than Just A Figure:


Awesome! Keep up the great work!

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