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Amature fanfic writer and a Wings Of Fire fan, making stories that I want to see so I do.


M-10, nickname Mio, is a Combat Medic Protogen, his personal task is to travel the unknown universe in search for various materials, herbs, healing agents, antidotes, etc. in order to expand the knowledge in medicine and in medical ways. Part of his personal task is to travel even the most dangerous planets, areas, and biomes, and even try to fight even the most terrifying of abominations just to discover, retrieve, make, and mass produce medicine and healing practices for the benefit of both the Primagen and the Protogen, as well as help peaceful species who need it.

During his travels, his field scanner was left occupied, and was unluckily hit by a stray passing meteor, unluckily hitting the engines, and unluckily falling into orbit in an unidentified planet.

I honestly just thought about this and decided to make one, Protogens are cool. Either way this is just something to make for fun.

Drawings bad, don't tell me.

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Furoato Sho is a young Japanese Senior High school student living in the US. His life is fairly standard, living in the west side of the world as a transfer student. But when not in school doing school work, he animates stick figures fighting other stick figures and posts it in the Hyun's Dojo website. But one day when animating his own character named "Ballista", an accident happened in his apartment and now he suddenly found himself in another world, with different people, in a different body.

Something fun. : ^ )

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Greilyn, Azzy, Lunar, Valara, and Corgda Xandoo are kobold adventurers who works in an adventurers guild in the city of Ace Draco. They received a quest from their Guild Master named Kreylee, telling them that there has been a strange magical signature located far west of Ace Draco, in the Forest of the Forgotten. Their mission was to investigate the deepest parts of the forest, observe what caused of the strange magical signature if safe, flee the area if anything dangerous was spotted that they could not handle, and report back to the guild if anything was found suspicious immediately. Upon arriving to the scene, the adventurers looked for clues regarding to the strange magic. Unfortunately, one of them stumbled upon a sigil of a sun and moon, and when the group took a look at it they were then gone in the continent of Lacosta. Now they happen to be wrapped up in some conflict between what appears to be a tall dark blue horse and six very colorful ponies.

This is just going to be made just for fun, but that does not mean that I would not continue it. I honestly like the drawings of kobolds very much, they all look cute.

The art does not belong to me as well as the characters names. The art was made by SorcArts and the names are names given to them by other people. I'm just making some very interesting story with them being the characters.

Suggestions and feedback is appreciated. Enjoy reading!!
Violence and minor gore tags because their adventurers and such. IDK why I put romance, I might put some romance chapters if suitable, its just that I might suck at making it like a good love life or a cheesy one IDK. Missing tag for comedy. OC tag but not for me but for the creator of the character. Maybe a pony OC or someting.

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Ever wondered what it would feel like to be turned into a mind reading, future forseeing, body camouflaging, venom spitting, dragon with "unrestricted" enchanting powers? Well I have. All because it started with the books I bought online

Hi my name is Jonathan Rawls, at least it WAS my name before. But now you can call me Stargazer, your one and only NightWing/RainWing hybrid in Equestria. Apparently, one of the original characters that I created and buying books from a very suspicious website creates quite the synergy, also noting the fact that I somehow got transported to Equestria as well. And how did I get Animus magic anyway? It's not even part of my OC. I don't know if I coud manage that kind of power. Hopefully is not like in the books where it's a double edge sword. Hopefully. Now I just need to read all three manuals that I bought from that shifty website and somehow my memories are merging with one another Interesting.

My first story for the new year and first story ever. Been wanting to start a story for a long time but school is stopping me from doing it, so I decided to start my first story on the new year. Constructive criticism is very much appreciated and suggestions are also welcome. Enjoy the story. Amature story teller out.
PS. Profanity tag for minor cursing

[An MLP:FIM and Wings Of Fire Crossover]

Extra Note: This story's update schedule is incredibly random, but I promise, no matter what happens, no matter how long it takes, this story would never die.

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