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Apple Bloom, little sister of Ponyville's Gym Leader, Applejack, is about to begin her very own Pokémon journey. On the morning she's set to receive her very first Pokémon, she learns she'll be accompanied by two other girls from Ponyville: Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo.

What awaits these three young girls as they travel together? What new Pokémon will they discover? What rivals will await them on their journey? What dangers will they face together?

Join Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo, and their Pokémon as they explore the Caballos region...

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Wow. A triple battle first thing? I like this region.

Also, a fricking VICTINI!? Who thought it was a good idea to give Diamond Tiara a nuke!?

Ahem. Sorry about that. In any case, definitely looking forward to more.

While overall pretty good...

I lost all suspension of disbelief when Filthy Rich was able to buy Diamond Tiara a Victini, the Legendary Victory Pokémon. No way anyone who could catch Victini would sell it, and no way Diamond Tiara would be able to get Victini to stay with her.

Sorry, but a rival character starting with a Legendary just isn't believable. That needs to get changed.

5451830 right.....totally forgot about that.
Another question: why have 3 random starters? Wouldn't it make more sense to have 3 starters from the same region? (If I'm sounding rude I'm terribly sorry)

Why do I already think Filthy Rich wasted his money on that Victini? :rainbowlaugh:

5451843 I wanted to mix it up.

5451828 OK, putting a halt to this right now:

Did it occur to anyone that maybe Victini isn't a Legendary Pokemon in the Caballos region? Or that perhaps a collector DOES sell such extremely rare Pokemon for the right price? (Which there is precedent for, see also Pokemon Hunter J?)

I'm upvoting just because of the specialty Pokéballs. I have an inexplicable affinity for that sort of thing. :pinkiehappy:

This is going to be quite the tutorial battle... Emolga's going to be the main challenge, I'm sure.

"Regional legendarity" doesn't really make sense, not in the age of global connectivity. Why would something be so rare as to be the subject of myth in one area and available in pet stores* in another? Yes, exotic pets are a thing, but no one doubts that Siberian tigers and boa constrictors exist. Also, some exotic pets are of rather dubious legality, as evinced by your own example. Doesn't seem like the kind of image Filthy Rich would want to cultivate.

All that being said, it's not Diamond Tiara having a legend that bothers me so much as her having that legend. I know Pokédexes (Pokédices?) always exaggerate, but a being of infinite energy seems like the last thing someone should put in a spoiled child's hands.

*Deliberately exaggerating the availability here.

5451960 Dude. It's a fanfic. I'm taking one liberty because I wanted to give Diamond Tiara a particularly unusual Pokemon. Chillax.


At least she wasn't given a broken as hell Volcarona... At least this particular "legendary" is starting out at a reasonable level. Between the two, Volcarona curb stomps Victini in all the stats that matter (ignoring any bug-type moves it could learn), even with a negative trait hindering its growth. God only knows how powerful it would become if a level 1-5 Volcarona was given to that spoiled little twit...

Apple Bloom ran her hands through her static-maimed hair. "Dagnabbit, AJ! Every dang time!"

You think the threat of electric shock would make her more likely to wake up!

fed her a bite of bacon

I've always wondered how they get meat in the Pokémon world...

"There's some Pokémon that'll be easier t' catch with these here,"

Grass types?

Diamond Tiara's was a Victini.

OH DEAR GOD THE SPOILED TEN YEAR OLD HAS A LIVING NUCLEAR BOMB WE'RE ALL GONA DIIIEEEE!(Not saying this is a bad choice, mind; it's just a choice that terrifies me immensely)

Professor Golden Oak retired a few years ago

What you did there, I see it.

"Okay...say hello to Torchic!" Miss Cheerilee held out the final Pokéball, and a Torchic appeared.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again; I am fairly certain this joke is mandated by federal law.

"Oh cool, a Fire-type!" Scootaloo said, suddenly excited. "Now that's what I'm talkin' about!"


Well, a wonderful start, and can't wait until you feel like writing more!

Your face is also good, Im a Soos as well! Weird huh? Also, you stole my idea! I prolly shoulda mentioned it, but this is basically what I was gonna do. Guess I gotta settle for Dashie Potter...

5451960 She probably asked for Victini because of its "always wins battles" property, which doesn't always hold true for obvious reasons. I'm banking on DT being a crap Trainer (and I wanna see her ass torched in classic Team Rocket fashion :twilightblush:), but I will not be disappointed at all if Moth subverts my expectations on that.

There are worse things she could have... Like the living apocalypse that is an angered Vocarona...

Reciting the MST3K Mantra as we speak. Sorry. Sometimes I forget that not every story needs to have every possible ramification analyzed. :twilightsheepish:


Eh, having starters from multiple regions available is canon as of X and Y. A trainer who had started in Lumiose City instead of Vaniville Town might have started with a Kanto starter.

There's also precedent for trainers capturing legendaries in pokeballs. The player of each game manages it obviously. Emerald's Battle Frontier is chock full of legendary-using trainers: Dome Ace Tucker uses a Latias in the Battle Dome, Palace Maven Spenser uses a Suicune in the Battle Palace, Salon Maiden Anabel uses an Entei, a Raiku, and a Latios, and Pyramid King Brandon uses all three legendary golems and all three legendary birds. Greevil uses a Lugia in Pokemon XD, though he made it a shadow pokemon first. Blue had an Arcanine in Red and Green, back when that pokemon was considered legendary. The games, anime, and films feature a bunch of trainers who use or own or claim to own or pursue legendaries, mostly antagonists who don't use pokeballs for some reason. The anime also features people who interact with legendaries but who don't try to capture them. That episode with the baby lugia comes to mind (I like lugia, can you tell?).

I'm not usually a fan of Pokemon crossovers, but what the heck, I'll give this one a shot.

Interesting start, and I now hate your Diamond Tiara. She makes Gary "Motherf:yay:ing" Oak sound like a pretty nice guy!

ever since Professor Golden Oak retired a few years ago, it's been my job to provide new Pokémon trainers with their first Pokémon."

Still beating that dead horse, aren't you :trollestia:?

Scootaloo and the chicken. They're gonna go far in this.

I look forward to the battle with Cpt. Spitfire.

The very first battle of the series and it's a triple battle. Well, this is either going to go extremely well or it's going to become a serious train wreck.

5451820 Why? Because "Screw the rules, I have money." That's why.

Diamond Tiara with an event legendary? Damn, Filthy Rich must have went through Hell and back to get that thing.

I can see Twilight being a psychic trainer. Or the new pokemon professor. Or both, actually. Oooo... a psychic and and dragon tamer professor! Why? Because she can.

"yeah? Well, I got a liberty pass and found myself a really amazing Pokemon. Just the Pokemon worthy of my skills. Wanna see? I guarantee you'll be totally jealous. After all, it only chooses the very best to be its trainer."

Obligatory Team Rocket cameo.
I'd totally be down for a Pokemon Harmony & Chaos Pokemon game. Where all the pokepony modders at? XD

I quit pokemon until I was finally able to acquire a legit Victini GameSpot edition pokemon. I love that little winged-butt pokemon <3

5452830 She totally made him buy her that exclusive liberty pass. xD

Did you chose Cheerilee's pokemon to be effective to the CMC's starters, or did you just choose some random pokemon and they happened to be effective to them? Also, I'm calling that at least one gym will have a Ponyta/Rapidash. Calling it. Love the fic, can't wait for the next one.

i was hoping apple bloom gets a charmander instead

And so it all begins! Also... DT gets a Victini? Well, it'll make it all the more satisfying when Apple Bloom eventually takes it out with a Meganium. Against typing, versus a legendary. :raritywink:

5451838 Check the GTS in the game. More people are willing to part with their legendaries then you think.

5451843 My guess is that it isn't based off of one region in particular. Totally new region means totally new starter set.

5451960 Let's keep in mind that this fic probably isn't even going to try and coexist with other pokemon regions or always follow 'canon'. There could be many Victini out there.

5452052 There's no reason two authors can use the same springboard. That being said, if you want to use the same insperation, you might want to avoid reading this until you get your own story structure written out.

5452066 Initially, that's how I figure it will go. Once DT and SS get that Strong Pokemon does not equal Good Trainer, they might get somewhere. It would be kind of boring to see them always getting curb stomped.

Overall, it's a good start. I didn't even realize this was a human fic until I saw the tags after reading. You earned that upvote. Keep up the good work!

This would be easier to follow if I hadn't stopped playing Pokemon years ago, and before that only played the German language versions.

normally i don´t like such storys, but it already sounds weird enough to get me interested. I think i start to read later, after i got a break from reading for a moment.


Check the GTS in the game. More people are willing to part with their legendaries then you think.

The trick is having the right thing to trade for them, and being on the GTS at the right time. The real trick is getting the event legendaries. VERY rare for them to go for anything less than an event legendary or something REALLY pain-in-the-ass to get.

Let's keep in mind that this fic probably isn't even going to try and coexist with other pokemon regions or always follow 'canon'. There could be many Victini out there.

This exactly. Frankly, I've never cared for the notion that Victini is a legendary. It LOOKS like a damn starter.

5453725 Eh, it won't be that hard to follow, so long as you use Bulbapedia or Serebii.net as a Pokedex as you go. :twilightsmile:

I just finished reading the 1st chapter & already I'm totally Psyched for more. Keep up the Awesome work with this story. ;)

this is a great story keep it up!:pinkiehappy:

I am so going to read this! :pinkiehappy: Why do I get the feeling that Scootaloo will be a mixture of Brock and her mentally advanced version? :rainbowlaugh: Joking, of course.

5451830 ...I get the feeling a Pokemon like Victini wouldn't listen to Diamond just because "money." I think a heavily groomed Furfrou (probably La Reine or Debutante trim) would be a better status-symbol Pokemon, because I don't think a legendary is going to behave for a pompous twat who abuses everyone below her. And you KNOW she'll think her Pokemon are below her.

That, or maybe find some way to work Victini's rebellion into the story somewhere down the line. The thought that it could be working with her happily doesn't make sense to me or sit well with me.

5452113 Great points! And need I remind everyone of one person in the DP saga of the anime: Tobias! This f:flutterrage:ker somehow managed to enter a tournament with a Darkrai that he swept the entire Gym Challenge with, as well as a Latios for backup on the very off chance Darkrai was KOd. One of the biggest ass pulls in Pokémon history, as far as I'm concerned, only there to have Ash lose to someone while he had his most badass team ever, spurring him to go to Unova.




IKR??? Her father is a :flutterrage: *squee*

Scootaloo has a long way to go if she wants to be a Pokemon trainer.

I hope Apple Bloom's aware of the fact that her Chikorita has a type disadvantage going into battle with an Ekans. :twilightoops:

5454600 Yeah, but it's that or let Taillow become a snack...

5454607 True. She'll just have to be careful. Especially since she probably doesn't have any antidotes. :twistnerd:

I'm going to guess that Sweetie Belle isn't going to be too much of a battler, but more of the contest type. She doesn't quite seem to have the heart for battling.

Scootaloo, on the other hand, certainly has the spirit needed, but she really needs to work on learning. Apple Bloom had an unfair advantage being the younger sibling to a Gym Leader.


I think AB is fully aware, but she has to do *something*, right? And as it stands, neither Sweetie Belle or Scootaloo are good at battling. Plus, Chickorita had a type disadvantage against Scootaloo's Torchic too, and she managed to win decisively.


Well, Best Pony confirmed. I now have a part of the story to eagerly await! I also kinda like how you're naming the chapters kinda like episodes of the anime. It's a nice touch. Keep up the good work, Mythril! :pinkiehappy:

Judging by the lack of reaction, I doubt Rarity is going to end up being a gym leader. Maybe a coordinator, but not a gym leader. I could be wrong though.

5454858 You're exactly right. Rarity is a Coordinator.

Wow, Scootaloo has a lot to learn.

I can already see the problems each of the CMC will face as trainers. Apple Bloom's a little too confident in herself, and will probably face quite a few humbling moments.
Sweetie Belle's a little too coddling of her Pokémon, and will need to learn how to give them the push they need to shine.
Scootaloo needs to learn about Pokémon in general, and needs to learn the difference between looking cool and being cool.

Seems like a fun journey so far.

Yeah, Rarity seems like the coordinator type...

Also, we know only four of the Mane 6 are gym leaders from that one blog about this story.

Personally, I'm hoping the other two gym leaders are Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie. Twilight would too obviously be a psychic type leader, but how would you define Pinkie and Fluttershy's bag of tricks?
Pinkie would probably use a Ditto, a Mr. Mime, some evolution of Totodile - called Gummy, because he has metal denture-type implants - and one from that cannon-type Pokémon I can't remember.
Oddly, I could imagine Fluttershy having Angel the Lopbunny, and the rest are all strong ghost types. She's easily frightened, so she runs the Ghost Gym. ...well, considering in canon her cottage is right next to the terrifying Everfree Forest...

Well, our young heroines are off to... A start, at least. Sweetie has some knowledge, but not any fighting spirit; Scootaloo, on the other hand, lacks both knowledge and empathy for her Pokemon. It appears AB will be earning one or two more additions to her team; let's hope things go well!

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