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I write about high school girls on a site about ponies...nope, nothing out of the ordinary here.


Swift Justice has a good life in Canterlot High, he has decent friends, good grades, and a crush on a certain pink haired president of the party planning committee. He wants to ask her out, but things get complicated when a new student enrolls and Pinkie tries to set Swift up with her! Will Swift be able to get the girl without completely embarrassing himself? Probably not.

*A series that's set in Canterlot High after the events of Equestria Girls.
*Thanks to CogWing for the title, cover art, editing, and basically being the co-author at this point! You rock Cog!
*Swift Justice is my OC, pls ask if you wanna use him for something.
*Don't let the character tags fool you, there's no Flashlight.

Chapters (23)
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Comments ( 386 )

Got a put a comma after a character addresses another charcter name, bro, see?

Not bad; not bad at all. I give you a fave and a like, but *ahem* NOW I NEED TO SEE MORE!:pinkiehappy:

3936980 Hope you're enjoying it! can you tell me what you liked?

The relatibility factor of the whole thing; just the pressure of a friend causing one to make such a simple mistake lol.

3945442 Thank you! can you tell e what you liked about it? (Im also writing the next chapter as we speak btw)

3945449 The fact that it's EG, and I just...liked it, I can't really explain why I like something- but I like where this is going:pinkiehappy:

3945456 Thanks! Hopefully next chapter or two will be up by the end of the day!

3946907 Can you tell me what you thought was funny?

Comment posted by Azure_Shadow deleted Mar 28th, 2014

LOL; REJECTED! I know the feeling there Flash, AND THAT IS WHY I AM GETTING HAMMERED TONIGHT. yay another drunk Valintines day, WOOHOO!:pinkiehappy:

3947145 I had fun writing the end of chapter 2, it came out of nowhere.

Those are often the best stories and chapters.

I mean the chapters and stories that just suddenly come to you often times turn out to be great.

3947255 oh yeah! Did you like the end of chapter 2?

It's half decent. It's not "OMG MY SIDES' kind of comedy, but its good enough for a chuckle.

Now here's why I don't usually like Flash fics... characterization is all wrong. I'm gonna be real harsh, so as to let you know.

When he first bumped into Twilight in the movie, he played it cool. He was a little shy, and nervous, but he PLAYED IT COOL Not,

"Hey, so I know that you're new here, but would you like to hang out sometime?" asked Flash who now had a soft smile on his face.

Yeah no. He didn't ask that the first time. In fact, they did dance in the end. If anything, if he saw Twilight again, he would rather be quite shocked to see. Then stunned that she doesnt know / recognise him. Not any of that above. :facehoof:

Yea I did lol; way to end a chapter .

Good, funny, and I'm interested to see where it gose, but you need to take your time, a few days or so, to look over it again and fix any grammar problems, oh, and if your going to do author notes, it would be a bad idea to delegate your last one before you add a new one.

I liked what I read so far. I'm always game for comedic romance.

If you need an OC to ask out Rarity to help yours ask out Pinkie, I got you. :raritywink:

3953839 thanks! I'll keep that in mind. :pinkiehappy: do you think you could tell me what you liked so far? Does Swift seem a bit Gary Stu-ish to you right now?

3954001 I don't think that's the problem. He reminded me of Clyde (my OC) in my series as he also seemed to just 'hit it off' with a character after talking for a while.

In my personal opinion, I don't think you can label those sort of things as "Gary Stu" because you also had a build up to it and it wasn't all of a sudden with like one or two sentences. As long as there's some backbone, I'm content.

3954267 thanks! That helps a lot! This is my first time I've ever really written an OC character. I'm used to writing pre-existing characters so I already have an idea on how they act. So I was worried about actually building a character. And maybe Rarity could make a passing remark on her boyfriend maybe.

3954422 Anytime friend! I'll be sticking around until the end of this so just have fun with it! It's your story and OC after all. If you want to incorporate Clyde into this, I'll be happy to help you again. More ClydexRarity is always good for me. :raritywink:

3954480 great, happy you like the story! Maybe Clyde could make a cameo somewhere, I'd just need you to pm me about his character.

Where's sunset shimmer, didn't pony Twilight tell the human mane five to look out for her?

3956452 :twilightsheepish: I didn't know what to do with her, I thought later if just explain she was in In school suspension until she, snips, and snails served their punishment from EG.

Aha! Now this story is cooking with gas! (Sorry, my favorite teacher always used that quote and I use it all the time.)

No negatives from me on this part, other than really minor punctuation. That can all be fixed in a few seconds though.

3971848 Ya, i thought it was better than talking. You like it so far? Anything you wanna comment on?

3971891 Just wait until future chapters, it gets more complicated!:yay: But what do you think of the story so far?

3971940 Thanks for telling me what you thought of the story, I'm writing the next chapter as we speak so expect it soon! Once i've ran it by my editor, ill pm you when its published!:pinkiehappy:

I...am having a few issues reading this. Then again, I just read a heart breaking story about Fluttershy and Discord.....so it could be me, or it could be the story...I'll reread it tomorrow in hopes I'm not trying like crazy while I'm reading.

3978747 take your time. We've all read that one story that clouds out judgement. Stay strong my friend.:fluttersad:

3980702 Hmm... I already own all of the Scott Pilgrim books, so im thinking some sort of manga book

something tell me that this Story will have a heartbroken Flash.

That cover art looks like Pinkie's having dinner with a zombie.

3996359 artist was going for an anime sequel MC is shocked look.

3996392 Usually it's only the top half of the face that has blue LINES for shock.

3996398 I guess. I just told the artist to make Swift have a dumb/shocked look on his face, and I thought he did a good job.

3996342 well im actually worried about Flash that's why due to the fact that Twilight rejected flash outright instead of giving him a chance.

3996471 I wanted to make it kinda ep1 Twilight where she's a bit anti social. Plus as twilight I thought she'd be too caught up in getting adjusted somewhere new and in school to care.

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