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Calling it now: Rainbow dies first or Rarity does.

What was that horror game, lake view something or other?

Lakeview Cabin is the name of the game.

Is this based off of that?

Loved your other stories! Looking forward to this one. Hopeful no one dies, you don't have the "tragedy" tag but things could change. Keep up the good work!

“Strip Risk?” Pinkie Pie perked up.

I am intrigued by the possibilities here.

Also KITCHEN KNIFE stabstab

“And thanks for that.” The purple-haired pony added on.

I'm guessing this is a typo?

Anyway, sign me up for some suspense!

Reminds me of Azumanga Daioh when the girls went to the cabin for the summer.


Eh, not really? Insomuch as I'm drawing from the same slasher-movie mentality that game probably draws from.


Eheh. Ooops. Thanks for catching that. I'll get used to this 'writing people' thing eventually.

I like how you write Pinkie so care-free. Hope this story won't end badly...

This will bring so much laughs!

You know, when I read

It's just … it almost seems like Cadance is a completely different person.

my first thought was that we were finally going to see how changelings work on this side of the portal. Maybe we still will, this story could go kind of like The Thing where the killer could look like any one of them. (Of course, this would clash with my headcanon that Chrysalis is the username of some goth woman who stole Cadence's identity over the internet, but I'm always open to alternate fun ideas.)

Awww maaaaan today does not have a forecast of sunlight

Hmm, so where's Cadence?

So, pinkie's been naked all of last chapter. It's going to be pretty hard to confirm its the real her. . .

Aaaaand there is the twist! Changelings. The relaxing vacation will be a violent bloody bath! Lovely...

To be completely honest, I expected this to take a "Friday the 13th" turn. Good work on the Changeling from outta' nowhere twist. Look forward to more!

Well, I certainly hope someone picks up that phone.

well that got dark pretty fast, and wow for a former equestrian Sunset is kind of brutal. going straight for the kill with no remorse instead of capture and question.

Well that escalated quickly.

How many are there?

Uh, all of them, I think.

well SOMBODY has been reading green lantern

I don't want to say I need more but I need MOAR.... :fluttercry: please

I was a little weirded out at the Rainbow Dash part with her changeling, but after some thinking, it wasn't so strange after all.

And now, the battle versus the horrifying, mutant creatures just outside the comfortable lake-side house begins! So many good horror films I've seen like this...

I kinda saw the Rainbow Dash bit coming, but I thought it would be with Pinkie Pie.

Her dreamy, nature-induced smile faltered once she saw the rack of antlers hanging above the mantle. “Uh. They … collected those from when the deer naturally shed his antlers, right?”

Fluttershy, honey... the fridge is big enough for a deer for a reason, :eeyup:


“We might have been infiltrated by horrible shapeshifting internet monsters from another dimension.”


EDIT: Also also, is anyone else wondering how Sunset knew that the Twilight she ran into in the kitchen wasn't the real deal? :trixieshiftright:


Wait. Crap. It was SUPPOSED to say "insect." I guess autocomplete or something farted on it. Fixed now!

(horrible internet monsters from another dimension are still pretty bad, though).

To quote Hard Reset: 'Remember when I said my high score was fifty three? Eighty seven. Take that, everypony. To be fair, the chainsaw helped a lot.' :twilightsmile:

Seems like Twilight is about to go Evil Dead on the Changlings

Go forth, young Twilight: make Doomguy proud, :eeyup:


And this, my friends, is when Twilight joins the ranks of badasses, on par with Bruce Cambel...yeah, I know his name is Ash in the movies, doesn't matter. Only Bruce can play that character, at least the way it SHOULD be. Therefore, she will gain HIS badassitude. Yes that's a word, run a Youtube search, you'll find it.

7216757 I'd forgotten about that line. I need to go reread that story. Maybe even the trilogy.

'Help, we're being attacked by giant bug monsters that look like our friends'

Sheriff: ... Miss, have you been abusing anything related to drugs in the past hour?

Next chapter: Twilight Sparkle did it in a shed! With a box of scraps!

Chainsaws... Wonderful, deadly little machines!

Twilight with a chainsaw? Just so perfect. It'd be even better if she was a cheerleader.


... Wait, is it too soon to respond to an Iron Man reference with a Captain America meme? :trixieshiftright:


thank you for not killing anyone off

um on a unrelated note did you play lollipop chainsaw by any chance or did this story on last friday per chance?

also what next?

When the chainsaw arrives, you'll know that everything is gonna end...

As for the last part: genre savy for the win!

That ending makes me think of that bad sci-fi Lou Diamond Philips movie where the last mutant bat digs its way out of a collapsed mine, only to get run over by a truck, :rainbowlaugh:


Still wondering how Sunset knew the Twilight that came onto her in the kitchen wasn't the real Twilight, :twilightoops:


Actually, that's a very good point! And it reminds me of a little bit I meant to include, but forgot a good place to put it in ... until JUST NOW! Consider the story amended.

(And, uh, suddenly a lot more shippy).

...seriously I would have figured Twilight for pulling this....

And let's be honest, she has earned it.

That said...good final fight, and of course Twilight pulled a Vegita, being so utterly insane she came right back around to being rational...though in Vegita's case, it was so enraged to being calm. Ultimately, excellent story and well done final scene. Best of luck and hoping to see more stories from you!

Never have only one plan, even if that plan is a chainsaw. And always beware of nerds, especially genre savvy ones.

A magnificent installment in the ongoing saga. Thank you for it.

Oh great, now I gotta re-read the whole thing to find it... :raritydespair:

Well played, Tumbleweed... well played, :trixieshiftright:

EDIT: And it was literally added at the very end anyway, :applejackconfused:

“Fluttershy's right! There's nobody else I know who can argue like that.” Rainbow Dash said.
“Or flirt.” Pinkie Pie noted.

God dangit D:

Meanwhile, in 'Hard Reset'...
Seriously, though, Equestria Twilight already has some serious issues with Changelings for multiple perfectly-valid reasons. I suppose it's only fair to let her EQG counterpart get in on some of the action, eh? Someday, they can hate enormous bugs together!
- Headwind

Snnnnrk. Twilight's genre-savvy anti-sequel powers. Also: FINALLY!

I'm also hoping for a mention of how explaining the cabin to Cadance went in the next chapter of this little anthology. That should be funny.

7211699 This is Rainbow Dash we are talking about, she has discussed making out with herself in the past.

And now that w'ev got that out of the way


I just picked Australia because I like marsupials.

This is adorable. And it reminded me of a scene in which Fluttershy is informed that the menagerie in the Royal Garden of Canterlot includes a kangaroo, from this other fic: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/260317/twilight-sparkle-of-the-royal-guard-the-rising

This is gonna get groovy!

NEXT STORY: Twilight convinces her friends to go to another convention. She shows up in a Lollipop Chainsaw cosplay.
Everyone freaks out.


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