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This story is a sequel to A Sheet in the Wind (Iota Force Issue #5)

There is an ancient Pegasopolitan saying. Literally translated, it read, "Those who seek trouble often find it. Those who prepare for trouble are often found by it. Those who do both always meet it." However, this is somewhat longwinded in modern Equestrian, so a more modern, concise version of the saying is used in the modern day:

"Where heroes go, trouble follows."

Thus, it is sadly unsurprising that, on a week-long field trip (AKA vacation) to the Crystal Empire, Iota Force, Ponyville's young super hero team, encounter a mystery that demands their attention... and that in doing so, some of them get dropped into the middle of danger.

Now, trapped and isolated, Icy Flight, Archer and Truffle Shuffle must escape from the depths of the Caves of Sombra, fight their way through a gauntlet of traps and illusions and, somehow, stop the young pony responsible from reaching her goal and escaping.

Cut off from their town, their friends and even the rest of the team, can they survive and get through when they're all alone.

Well, maybe not quite totally alone...

This is the sixth story in the Iota Force series. Reading the previous stories would be helpful and will help give some things context, but hopefully the story will stand on its own. However, just to be safe, a summary of the series' premise, characters and previous stories can be found here.

Edited by Raven618

Cover Art by Mix-Up (Link to his Deviantart page).

Chapters (13)
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Comments ( 35 )

I mean, the fact that they're superheroes on vacation means that something bad happening is a given. And the Caves of Sombra would probably be the most obvious candidate even for the in-universe characters who haven't read the long description.


CTRL+F is your friend. Lyra might be one of the notional adults who needed to be sent away with the children, but she hasn't been confirmed as such yet.


Ah, sorry! Thought we'd gotten all of them, must have missed that one. Fixed now.

Yeah, the real reason for that bit is because rhyming verse is a pain in the arse to write. Canon simply doesn't have the time or effort to spare in making Zecora a main character.


Entirely probable, if not particularly exculpatory. Certainly doesn't make the method chosen any better, but it should still be noted.

Still, I am perfectly willing to put the effort in myself and, to be honest, I rather enjoy coming up with versed dialogue, so I'm not that bothered by it.

I'm not exactly defending their decision, either. This is one of the comic storylines that I'll give slight tweaks to fit into a coherent single world. (The others include moving the deer to White Tail Woods and changing the Fillydelphia ethnic enclave to kirin.)


Indeed, I apologize if I seemed to be arguing the point - I wasn't taking it as defense, just explanation, and I appreciate you noting it since I hadn't.

Wait. Fire Eyes? Eh, I guess he's bound to return at some point.

Almost everypony knew that mind control was one of the most horrible things one could do to another pony

Canon aggressively disagrees, but see the author's note from the previous chapter.

Great start so far. Can't wait to see how this vacation will soon become a Busman's Holiday for Iota Force. :yay:

Intriguing... I'm really curious about this stranger is, in our very last scene. Friend or foe? Hmm... :applejackunsure:

All the same, excellent work as usual! I was quite impressed by the fight with the golems, and it's enjoyable to see the back-and-forth between our heroes and Conundra. Looking forward to seeing just who is behind that helmet. XD

For those playing at home, Mysterio was a founding member of the Sinister Six. Having other characters with a vendetta against Iota Force meet with Conundra is the sort of thing you'd do if you were planning the eventual team ahead of time.


Pretty sure it's Fire Eyes from the first story, though a new character entirely wouldn't be outside the realm of possibility.


Intriguing theory. We'll have to see how it pans out. :raritywink:

Whether 10659979 is correct or not, there's no way in Tartarus that someone who's hiding their identity so thoroughly while speaking so ominously of a protagonist is good news. At best, the two villains will be at odds. At worst, the original Sinister Six included Mysterio and multiple elementalists.

Solid work as always. I enjoyed, as usual, the ingenuity on display in getting through the traps in Sombra's caves, but the character interaction is the real gem of this installment. :yay: (Wonder what Truffle's referring to, when he confides in Icy here... what's the fear that he imagined? Hmm...) Also, Conundra really, really makes me think of Diamond Tiara-as-Mysterio, and while I have no clue as to how accurate the first part of that comparison will be, I'm still quite enjoying this character, and also immensely look forward to the inevitable showdown - or what look we might get at the face behind the illusion.

Have we had any relevant info on Icy's father in the series? I can't remember...

That's not what half-swording is usually for, Zat, but I'll allow it.

a grown pony in a hotel mostly full of kids

Curiouser and curiouser...

“Typical – how stupid was Sombra if he couldn't even get one of his most famous spells right?”

To be fair, it worked just fine when he cast it. And however long afterwards it was come across, technically a thousand years but the spell didn't actually experience most of that. In other words, user error. :trollestia:

Considering their costumes' coloration, I was assuming Moonbow Six. Because puns and it's obscure enough to be something most people wouldn't know yet Daring Do means that this fandom is predisposed to knowing it anyway.

I'm unsure if an entire issue in this style would be a good idea. Lemony Snicket made it semi-work for an entire series, but even then I can only say "semi-" because he also left us with more questions than we had going in and then did it again with the prequels. Total troll, and that's not even his real name.


You're probably right. Much as I love my little narrative tangents (in case you haven't noticed - I've been very subtle about it, after all), it's generally advisable for there to be a concrete narrative to hang them off of. Still, don't worry - this is just a little teaser about the next crisis the team will be involved in and a slight glimpse into the mindset of their next opponent rather than a sample of a style.

We will be getting a somewhat deeper look into their head during the issue itself, and I will be interested to see how that works out, but it shouldn't be overwhelming. We'll have to see.

Sounds like Icy will be facing her fears soon enough. It'll be interesting to see, that's for sure. I suppose the question is where it takes place, considering the implications in the preview. Snowy ground is probably not a good place for a villain to be fighting our heroine, is it?

This was a lot of fun to read. Especially everything to do with Dinky. :yay:

This was a lot of fun. I particularly enjoyed the joke at the end. :yay:

Wow. I did NOT expect that answer with who was searching for Icy! :pinkiegasp: But hey, looks like I was right about wondering if it could be "friend" or foe. XD

This was a fun chapter, as always. Very much enjoyed the character work, as usual you do great stuff. :twilightsmile:

Ooh damn. That's a hell of a cliffhanger for sure. Icy Flight will be in for some real trials ahead in the next story, for sure...

You frighten me sometimes. This is one of those times.

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