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This story is a sequel to Iota Force Issue #1: Baptism by Fire

When Icy Flight met and joined Iota Force, Ponyville's resident child superhero team, found out her own abilities and helped fight off an invasion of Lava Ponies, she thought that was the weirdest thing she'd see that month.

She's still not used to Ponyvile yet, so we can forgive this very foolish assumption.

Now, Icy and Iota Force must draw on all the strength, wit and comic book knowledge they can summon as they face a foe who fades over the fringe between fact and fiction. Can they tangle with a true comic book villain with their careers being cut short?

This is the second story in the Iota Force series. Reading the first is recommended.

Edited by Raven618

Cover Art by Mix-Up (Link to his Deviantart page).

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 5 )

Icy could feel herself smile, and genuinely wasn't sure if it was sincere or terrified.

A common reaction to Pinkie Pie. The answer is, of course, "both."

Most intriguing setup, though I think I already see where this is going. Still looking forward to the journey. And you write a very nice uncanny Pinkie Pie. (As opposed to adjectiveless Pinkie Pie, Pink Force, Pink Factor...)


Personally, I've always liked Pinxcalibur, but uncanny is fine too.

Also, I think Rainbow Dash prefers X-Treme Pinkie. File that one under "duh!"

Be interesting to see if you're correct about where it's going (feel free to say "called it!" if it does) and I hope that I can still surprise you a little. Or, at least, entertain you on the way.

This is a good start to a sequel. I'm really interested to see where Icy and her fellows will go from here. XD

“Dunno!” Pinkie chirped. “I came down last night for a twenty-three-to-midnight snack and stepped on something long and squishy. I couldn't see what it was - at first I thought it was one of Gummy's friends, but when I looked down, it was gone, and that powder was there. So, I picked it up, smelled it, tasted it, it wasn't nice, it tasted like...”

What did it taste like?
What did it taste like!?
Damn It Pinkie! WHAT DID IT TASTE LIKE!? Pepper? Cinnamon? WHAT?

Speaking of something bright being focussed into a burning intensity, Pinkie's party was that evening.

Flawless transition, and I mean that sincerely.

Awesome moment with the glass-cutting hair.

In any case, I'm holding to my current hypothesis regarding the Miniac, though there's evidence both for and against it here. Definitely looking forward to Iota Force meeting with Spike the mysterious expert whose identity is not at all clear.

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