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After agreeing to Twilight's proposal of having a date in an alternate universe, Rarity finds herself contemplating many things, including but not limited to: what it means to be a human, how are you supposed to walk on two legs, meeting teenage versions of yourself and your friends, and last but not least, questioning your entire relationship and the nature of soulmates.

Going on an inter-dimensional date with her marefri—sorry, girlfriend—was not supposed to lead to the existential crisis of a lifetime, but there was Rarity anyway.

Set in the same continuity as "The Swap". Absolutely not set in the same continuity as "Your Own Worst Enemy".

Cover art by the wonderful Maxima.

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also here is a screenshot just to prove how long I've been working on this godforsaken fic


Yay!!! 😁

Well this should fun. For us. Not necessarily Twi and Rarity.

lmao that reference


Now I understand why Rainbow was going to that show with Rares, lol.

Secret bonus RariTwi 👀

This is absolutely delightful so far. I do so love it when you just write the characters being their charming selves and playing off of one another, and I could read these kinds of interactions forever without getting bored.

Ooohh this is great! :twilightsmile:

Nice story. Looking forward to seeing more.

“And don’t scream , okay?” she said, to which I logically replied by screaming.


“Oh, nothing!” she said casually, shrugging her shoulders. “I guess I forgot to tell you that humans always wear clothes.”

My eyes widened. “Always?”

Twilight nodded. “Yes. In fact…” Her smile went from shameless to sinful. “It’s actually illegal to not wear clothes in public here.”


Very illegal.”

I leaned back on the monument, a hand on her chest. “Oh my…”

Forgot about this moment from your earlier descriptions in chat. I still love it.

This is really enjoyable so far, and makes me want to see more now.

'Absolutely not' -eyes-


Loved it and look forward to more!

WELL. For those of you who saw that, you might remember a scene where Princess Celestia in EQGverse has to use a computer, and she stares at it for like a minute, until she realizes she doesn't have magic and grabs the computer with her hand all "ohohoh how pedantic!"

"Ah, a keyboard. How quaint."

Yes! Finally you’re posting it!

I love this so much <3

I've read the synopsis without looking at the author, clicked 'next', blinked. 'Hey, it really feels like a a Monochromatic thing.' And decided to double-check. Well, what do you know.

Clock is ticking Mono. Clock. Is. Ticking. :raritywink:

Yay, new RariTwi from Mono! This'll be fun.


And now we get to the good stuff.

Well, Rare didn't have a fainting spell when she went through the gate, so good for her. Though her confusion at learning about SciPie and RariDash is understandable if she's assuming everything works the same between universes.

I’m always up for multiversal shenanigans. All the more so when you’re making them. Eagerly looking forward to seeing where this goes from here.

(Also, I consider that Celestia swap to be the canon EqG finale. Goodness knows we never got anything else.)

Yes, there is going to be quite some angsting about soulmates, isn't there? (And Rarity may have a point, assuming everyone has the same parents...)

This is adorable. And shenanigan'y. Can barely wait for more :twilightsmile:

Oh those couples. Much drama shall be had!!! :raritystarry:

Sooo you're blackmailing *yourself* Mono? Ordered two copies of your books by the way. :twilightsmile:

This is a miracle

That was really fun! I'm excited for more.

Thanks for the chapter!

“Why not get someone else, then?” Rainbow suggested. “Why not Pinkie? Selling clothes can’t be that different from selling cupcakes.”

Gasp! 😱

The mention of Princess Celestia using a computer had me thinking of Scotty in Star Trek.

Really loving this one. I adore stories about people looking at the strangeness of how things might have gone

This is wonderful!! I can't wait until Rarity (pony) meets Rarity (human)!

This story will be finished and posted throughout the course of the next two weeks, mostly because I told Cursori and Blue that if I don't finish it in two weeks, I'm giving them $50 USD because god damn it, I started this in 2018 and I WANT IT DONE

Looks at everyone reading the comments. Can she do it? One weekend and two chapters done on the ninth will monochromatic finish the story or will she owe her friends 50 bucks?:pinkiegasp: Find out next time on "SOMEONE TO HOLD ON TO!" :pinkiehappy:

Twilight got over the whole "ripping a hole in space-time" thing I guess? Now she's the one encouraging it!

“Am I wrong, though?” she asked

Twilight's so good at maneuvering Rarity! Knows exactly which buttons to press.

you can’t improve on perfection

Flattery will get you everywhere darling :raritywink:

Twilight and I could be the perfect wingmares and set them up!

When you want to write an established relationship but you also want to write How They Got Together

Rarity. Do you trust me?

Don't you dare close your eyes~

“Am I? Dear me, it must be the influence of the company I keep!” I fluttered my eyelashes, tilting my head ever so slightly. “It would seem that perhaps you, my dear Princess, are the silly pony here.”

Mono can I just say I don't even care if anything happens in your stories? I could just read your banter between these mares and love every second!

“They’re all wearing clothes! And cute outfits, too!”

When everything's spiraling and losing control,
anchor yourself with something you know.

Glasses, maybe?

Way to reduce someone's entire being to an accessory Rarity :rainbowlaugh:

Pinkie reached out to grab Glasses’ hand and interlaced their fingers together, nodding as she did so.

Didn't expect that!

Interesting to see where this goes, the romantic in Rarity would love the idea of soulmates in any universe but I've always felt that would take away from what they have to just say It Was Always Meant To Be. It trivializes their work and efforts.

RIP challenge, or so it would seem :trollestia:



Me in my server's writing jail where people can shame me if I'm not writing

Great laughs <3

Loce seeing these interactions, they are just so much fun to read.

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Human Rarity was amazing! Flirting Dashie was genius!
Thanks for the chapter!

Rainbow is the best.

this is getting hilarious.

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Well, considering you were basically asking for it....external-preview.redd.it/CsEMb3MIcxI0B1a-lIdzJVYwXHvtWIeqFChivenp0xg.png?auto=webp&s=3b84f7dfe0b1ca0568acdae7b48b7453dc50e8b5

This was cute. I liked the flirting with everyone and Rarity's complete awe for Rarity.

She answered that everyone there had probably seen stranger things by that point, which really led me to question the kind of education humans had.

Heh. Kind of unique circumstances.

They were me, but not quite.

Entirely understandable. It may be Rarity, but it's Rarity who's been immersed in a different culture, experienced different influences, and had different experiences. The base is the same, but the particular being even as close as they are is uncanny.

I do love seeing people encounter their counterparts. Definitely looking forward to more. (Also, sorry for the shelf alert. Misguided reflex.)

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