I'mma Snuggle You

by SugarPinkieVA

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Twilight starts to viciously attack Rarity with snuggles one fine, seemingly-normal morning. Cuteness and an extremely confused Rarity marshmallow follows.

Twilight starts to viciously attack Rarity with snuggles one fine, seemingly-normal morning. Cuteness and an extremely confused Rarity marshmallow follows.

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Imma snuggle you

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"I’mma snuggle you!" Twilight screeched, suddenly bursting through the doors of Carousel Boutique, purple streaks flying behind her.

Startled, Rarity looked up from her dressmaking, almost stabbing herself in the hoof with a sewing needle. "Huh? What about moi?" Rarity asked, only hearing the last part of Twilight's shriek.

The white mare's confusion quickly faded away to horror when she saw the state Twilight was in. "Goodness, darling! What ever happened to your coiffeur?!" She galloped over to Twilight, who was visibly shaking, and tried smoothing down the frizzy ends of her violet-striped mane. "There, there," Rarity cooed, brushing Twilight's hair with brilliant blue magic," I'm sure we can fix your mane, and whatever is bothering you, but I first need to know—" Rarity abruptly cut off, looking down.

Twilight was affectionately nuzzling the other unicorn against her fuzzy neck, purring like Opal after a warm bowl of milk. "Wha-wha-?" Rarity stammered, feeling her cheeks heat up. The purple mare continued snuggling Rarity, stroking up and down with her head. Admittedly, it wasn't an altogether unpleasant feeling. "D-darling! What in Equestria are you doing?"

Twilight stopped, blinking her dark, pretty eyes. "I'm snuggling you," she replied innocently, her tiny muzzle squished in disbelief. "I told you when I came in, Rarity, remember—I’mma snuggle you!" She yelled again, eyes glazing, as she dived back into Rarity's neck.

"WhhAAA!" The fashionista squirmed as Twilight nosed her sensitive fur. "But-what? Why?" she asked, trying to comprehend exactly what was happening. This didn't make any sense, especially for Twilight. If this had been Pinkie, on the other hoof, it might have been excusable, and just passed off as “Pinkie being Pinkie”—but Twilight?

Absolutely ridiculous! Twilight was Twilight just as much as Pinkie was Pinkie—a smart, beautiful, sophisticated, beautiful, completely logical mare. What would cause Twilight to change, and randomly start cuddling her?

Not that she was asking it to stop.

"Why?" Twilight repeated, retreating her head from Rarity. "Why? Because snuggling. It's very simple. I'd expect you, out of all ponies, to understand this, Rarity!"

Before Rarity could answer back, the snuggling-crazed mare tackled Rarity to the soft, carpeted floor, her attack increasing in bookish cuteness. Laying her back, they were both pushed up against a tall, wooden table, a bouquet of flowers arranged in a glass vase balanced on top.

Goodness. I hope it doesn't fall, Rarity thought, before finding herself laughing—the purple unicorn was sneezing; she was trying so hard. But trying hard so hard to what? Rarity wondered. Snuggle?
Twilight sneezed again, and covered her mouth in Rarity's neck.

"Ewwwwww!" Rarity screeched, sitting up. "Darling? What was that!?"

Twilight wasn't listening and attempted to attack the fashionista once again. She squirmed over Rarity's shoulder, but Rarity quickly blocked her. "Enough!" Rarity bellowed, frightening Twilight. "I will only let you do this if you apologize for sneezing on my gorgeous coat, immediately!"

"I'm sorry." Twilight didn't seem sorry.

"Sorry for what?"

"Sorry for sneezing on your gorgeous coat."

"Oh, well, apology accep-"

Twilight jumped off of Rarity's stomach, comfortably settling while she kneaded like a cat. Apparently conversations didn't last very long with this version of Twilight. Speaking of which…

Rarity cleared her throat, hoping to catch Twilight's attention. Maybe she'd be willing to speak with her while they were snuggling? "Twilight, may I ask what brought on this behavior?"

The purring from Twicat puttered out, and she seemed to be considering Rarity's question. "Well, I think," she began, "I think it started with a potion."

"A potion?"

"Yes, a potion. And I drank it."

"I figured as much, darling."

Twilight frowned, but her eyes stayed happy. "Yes, well, I did. And that's it."

"That's it, darling?" Rarity raised an eyebrow, blowing strands of Twilight’s mane out of her eyes. Without realizing it, Rarity's hooves were absently wrapped tightly around Twilight's barrel, hugging.

"Yeah," Twilight nodded. "I was trying to make a love/honesty potion, but I messed it up, and then Spike accidentally added it to my morning coffee. Pshh. Spike really needs to start paying more attention! I swear, he's so ungrateful for the cat food I feed him! And it's even wet!"

Rarity decided to ignore that last comment about Spike's diet, but somewhere in the back of her head, she decided to sneak him marshmallows at night from then forward.

"Wait, why a love potion, Twilight? Who were you trying to woo?" Her face lit up. "Oh, was it Ma-"

"You." Twilight grinned, fluttering her lashes.

"Wh-what?!" Rarity coughed, sputtering. She stared at Twilight in shock for a moment.

"Mmh," said Twilight, hiccuping in excitement. "I love you."

Rarity smiled, her stomach bursting into Fluttershy-butterflies. Who cared if it was just the spell making Twilight say these things? It was still true, right? Or was it a dream? Did Twilight—cute, amazing, smart, beautiful, clever Twilight really like her? The one pony she had a crush on ever since meeting?

"I-I-" Twilight cut the white unicorn's stutterings off with a swift kiss. Well, it was more like a messy head-butt, but it worked just fine for Rarity, anyway.

But then Twilight began giggling madly half way through, and that made Rarity start to laugh. Rarity pulled back, her beaming face hopeful.

"Do you really mean that, darling? You actually love me? Not just the potion?"

"Oh, Rarity," Twilight snorted, nuzzling her marefriend again. "There was no potion."