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After a mysterious headline adorns the top of the Ponyville Foal Free Press, we take to the streets to ask citizens if it's true: is Fluttershy Best Pony?

Allergy Warning: Contains Flanderization.

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That was pretty cool, and the presentation was pretty amazing. :twilightsmile:

I knew something like this was coming.

5928661 Thanks! You can do a lot with [ right_insert ] blah blah blah [ /right_insert ] and its left side brethren. (Remove the spaces for it to work.)

I am wondering what is up with FimFiction....

Ha ha. Of course Fluttershy is best pony! En mi opinion, that is. Love this. Still don't get the messages but this is awesome.

5928811 See here: 4326833 stories and groups use separate comment numbering system.


Fortunately Rainbow heard the screams rescued us in time, which is a good thing since we don't have workers comp.

Should be an 'and' in between.

Oh how I have fallen, that those I dared called friends might call upon me to debase myself so.

Should instead be 'to call'.

Fortunately, if a frighteningly high-level mage is going engage in blind hero worship, Celestia's a pretty benign target.

Should be a 'to' in between.

Every pony is best pony.

This one speaks the truth. :heart:

Oh boy I had fun reading this one.

I think it was Luna who put that in the paper.


Err… it’s winter time, isn’t it?
Do you think AJ bucks apple trees during winter? :rainbowwild:

In my defense, seasonal continuity is also sorts of wiggity wack in the show too.

Wow. Student newspapers are getting really advanced if they're able to embed animated images in them. Or maybe it's the same kind of printing press as in the Harry Potter series...

In any case, a fun little meta story. Thank you for it, especially Fluttershy's response to the question.

Some minor nitpicks:
- You want "wreak", not "wreck" at the beginning of the story.
- Including a pic of EqG Rarity instead of pony Rarity breaks immersion a little.
- Follow-up: just got to frightening live-action Pinkie, which really breaks immersion.
(As for the animated pics, I just suspect magical photo development, like in Harry Potter.)

That said, congrats on being the first story I've ever seen with an effective use of pics. Plus the story was amusing, so have another upvote.

Also, Fluttershy is my waifu wifi:

It was only a matter of time before someone turned the little site alert into a story. :pinkiesmile:

That was a fun little story to read. :yay:

5929252 I'm glad you enjoyed it! :pinkiehappy:

Nice use of right_insert and left_insert.

What do I look like to you? A gossip column generator?

Uh... yes?

This was very silly but also very cute! The videos were a nice touch.

This was silly and cute.:yay:

5930218 huzzah! My own poor editing skills have passed as authentic school newspaper Port editing skills :scootangel:

That's a lot of pics.

Fluttershy best pony? More like worst pony

Fluttershy is indeed best pony. Anypony who can reform the master of chaos and win a staring contest with a cockatrice is worthy of such a title as "best pony". That is all.

5929379 I'm glad you liked it!

5929098 I agree the choice of images breaks immersion a bit, but given that this is a silly piece I don't mind so much. I basically went onto Derpibooru, turned off explicit images >_> and sorted them by point score, and found one I liked for each pony.

Perhaps the most appropriate and Canon-based response for Rarity (based on "Green Isn't Your Color") is an epic and most vehement rant about how Photo Finish dumped her and in exchange promoted Fluttershy as a world-class supermodel. For example:

"Best Pony? BEST PONY?!?!?! Darlings, not only do you glorify Photo Finish's most overrated model, you also DARE to force MY PERSON to concur that she is the most elegant Pony of all, as if she was a Goddess surpassing Her Holiness Princess Celestia Herself, and we are naught but MULES and DONKEYS?! It was I, I RARITY who helped her to ASCEND to the summit of Equine Culture in the First Place, to attract the elites of Canterlot such as Photo Finish into this wretched village of Ponyville in the First Place! What do I look like to you? Nothing more than a backwater tailor instead of an expert in all things fashionable, I who bore the first responsibility to remake that Fluttershy from a backwater maiden into a Socio-Cultural DEMI-GODDESS?! You idiots with colossally retarded brains should know that if it was not for ME, then that damned PROSTITUTE of Photo Finish will be naught but a mere HERMIT living near the Everfree Forest while surrounded by disgusting, disease-ridden animal VERMIN! Truly you offend me, YOU ALL OFFEND ME!. Oh how I have fallen, that those I dared called friends might call upon me to debase myself so. Oh, woe is me. And before I shall die from my infinite grief, then I shall pronounce this: May Photo Finish and her whore Fluttershy burn forever in the darkest depths of Tartarus...

(until Alicorn Twilight rainbow-power-punches Rarity back to sanity and friendliness)


*puts on robe, lights candles, starts chanting*
What shall we sacrifice to Our Lady Fluttershy; she who was, and is, and shall ever be Best Pony?

Celestia could command Twilight to date Crackle and I'm pretty sure she would do it.

Write this next please kthx.
It's already a chapter of 82 Extremely Short etc. etc., isn't it?

6008517 Not yet, but it should be. So far, I've only shipped Crackle with Photo Finish, as seen on the cover. :coolphoto:

And Spike doesn't have a goddamn thing to say.

6259671 Oh man, I just unintentionally reinforced bad Spike usage didn't I :twilightblush:. Let's say he was taking one of his 7 hour bubble baths so the CMC couldn't reach him for comment.

I think it's obvious who put the line in the paper.

-High level magic: Check
-Obsession with Fluttershy: Check
-Enjoys confusing people: Check

It was Discord.

Does Derpibooru let you sort images by score? Or do you mean you did it manually?

Also: Why is the word count 1914 for the chapter but 533 for the one-chapter story?

(Also, +1 to the story. Except for the fourth-wall-break/self-insertion part, anyway; sorry, but that was out of place even for a comedy.)

6505390 if you manually put a search term into the search bar rather than just clicking a tag, you can chose what way to sort the images. I wish I could set it to sort that way as a default setting.

Huh. Never noticed those drop-down boxes before; I wonder how long they've been there. I see they don't show up on your watchlist, even though from a search page you can choose to search within your watchlist. Thanks for the pointer.

Adorbs! And yes, fluttershy is best pony. She is tied with discord for best character.:yay:

My main issue with this is that it's supposed to be written by 3 fillies. Yet this is written with vocabulary that only someone like Twilight or Time Turner would write. I am not sure if there's any other pony in town that we know of, that would use such advanced vocabulary.

7690025 clearly, twilight sparkle is their ghostwriter.

7690268 That actually makes a lot more sense now....


Well. That was something.

Full review here, but in brief: it's a Super Trampoline story. Some of this feels a bit like "Fame and Misfortune" (which I liked, so I'm okay with that). A sweet ending. Also, the truest title of any ponyfic ever.

Fluttershy is indeed best pony. I already knew that. What I didn't know what that you could insert pictures into a fic. I have literally never seen this before today.

Now you know, and knowing is half the battle!

heh this one-shot isn't that bad and I'm pretty sure it's a ribbing towards my bio

Actually, see the cover art? Knighty used the message "Fluttershy is best pony" to test out banner announcements a few years ago.

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