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...or, alternatively, "Boy, Twilight Really Gets Around!"

A collection of very short snippets, ficlets, random ideas, and other musings that I've been collecting for years now, even while I was 'inactive' as a horseword writer. A lot of these come from discussing episodes, character motivation, and headcanons with a number of other different brony friends and writers.

Surgeon General's Warning:
For your convenience—no matter the character, setting, or subject being explored—all of these stories have been neatly stored and delivered in a standard Shipping container.

Though they are largely unconnected, some have developed running themes and jokes. Most of these stories center around Twilight Sparkle being the straight mare to the madness that is her romantic entanglements and life in Ponyville. They explore different temperaments and interpretations of our favorite nerd: sometimes adorkably inexperienced, sometimes confident, sometimes uncannily worldy.

Each one will feature an Author's Note that explains in better detail what's wrong with me the motivation, discussion, or episode that led to its creation. Most of these were written off the cuff on Skype or Hangouts, so they're mostly just for fun and not very detailed or polished; but I still enjoyed how they turned out!


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When the Stars set her free...
When the Sun fell... When the Nightmare consumed the land...
When the Elements of Harmony were but a forgotten legend...
We were there.
The battle against Nightmare Moon, as told by one of its survivors.

What? What're you looking at me like that for? Of course that's how it happened!

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A selection of short stories based on Vinyl and Octavia, from the Allegrezza fanon.

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In which I, Twilight Sparkle, (the biggest idiot in Equestria), fail miserably, utterly, and conclusively in my valiant endeavor to keep my decidedly-more-than-Friendship feelings hidden from one Rainbow Dash (the sexiest fastest mare in Equestria).

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Octavia is a high-class pony. Fine alcohol is her wont, and uncouthness her intense chagrin. Such is her surprise to find herself lumbered with an insufferable oaf of a DJ pony. However, sometimes these situations work themselves into a satisfactory ultimatum all the same.

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Twilight Sparkle is summoned to settle a legal matter involving The Great and Powerful Trixie... What in Equestria did she do now?

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