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Hey, just here to say thanks for the favorite on An Investigation Into Chaos. I really appreciate it, and I'm truly glad you enjoyed my humble little story.

Cheers, Null

P.S. Since you were interested, I have yet to figure out a premise to follow that story up properly; however, once I get some other ideas on paper so to speak, I do plan on doing a lot of work with prequal stuff.


Don't feel bad about it I know life can get in the way of things and quality work takes time.

1184905 Sorry I update it so infrequently. Real life is hectic.

Well to be honest it's a combination of liking the story and getting tired of looking at the story in my Read Later List without any actual updates so I moved it to my favorites.

Thanks for the fav!

Thanks for the favorite! :yay: I hope I can continue to write things you will like.


That's great news and I'm eagerly waiting for it.

I shall try my best, working on it off and on. I hope to have The Pony That Is Never There updated by Wednesday~Thursday next week though :twilightsmile:

I really did enjoy it alot and while I understand that it's not your main priority/objective to update that story right away I hope that you won't keep us waiting too long.

  • Viewing 18 - 27 of 27
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