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Spike has admired Rarity for a long time, to the point where he would follow her to a fault. But when he thinks Rarity doesn't want his company as much as he does, he wishes that his feelings were mutual.

And wouldn't you know it, he gets his wish. All the attention, all the love and kisses a young drake could hope for. It's a dream come true...

...Until all that attention becomes invasive.

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Aww this was funny and cute.:yay:

And again. You made me all warm inside.
It was cute, comedic and sweet. It was is fabulous.
Good job! :raritywink:
(I remember you showed me a bit of this. It's good to see what it's become. )

Dime #4 · Jul 3rd, 2013 · · 5 ·

I didn't even read this story and I gave it a like and a favorite.

I could tell my the description that I knew I liked it.


Well aren't you a sweet heart :raritywink:

Excellent story. A few mistakes, but excellent nonetheless...

Rarity…all day every day. All day every day…

I don't know if the ending was very nice or very scary.

All depends on how you look at it really. I mean, why else would somepony make a shrine for their favorite dragon? :rainbowkiss:

Maybe, it would be good see another side from history? Tipe: when was Rarity build this gallery?

While I'm not a fan of Sparity this is a nice one shot you came up with.

This was very simple and enjoyable. Certainly something along the quality of this would be an interesting episode to watch. :eeyup:

Well that was what I was going for, so it's nice to know someone thought that way :raritystarry:


Then who was phone!?


Seriously though it took me a bit to figure out what you were saying. A good way to phrase it would be "Maybe you could write some more scenes for this story? For example, you could write about when Rarity makes the gallery." (Though in this case the author probably should have used the word "album" or "*scrapbook" instead of "gallery")

*A scrapbook is a photo album that has lots of fun things like stamps and paper crafts to build a theme around the pictures.

Have a nice day! :twilightsmile:

Sorry! Sorry! Sorry! Sorry! What I mean is that quiz "would be interesting to know what led Rarity put together this album of her and Spike in his wardrobe."

Man, the language barrier is one thing!

Oh, yes. I am Brazilian.


Don't worry, dude! Your English is way better than what little I know of other languages. I just figured I'd point it out so you knew it didn't quite come across the way you intended.

Keep calm and Pony On! :pinkiehappy:

Congratulations on making the popular list and I understand why so many people like it.

It's a nice way of teaching Spike about personal space and learning how obsessive it is when he tries to spend all day with Rarity. Now that he learn what it's like on the other side of the fence turned up to 11, I think he'll spend time with Rarity at the proper times now.

Well... Then there is hope Spike. Don't mess it up! :rainbowlaugh: Love this story cute and funny, and feels like an episode except for the bathing Rarity thing because that is creepy even for Spike.

A very nice read. Outstanding job!:pinkiehappy:

“Don’t expect me to clean up after you again…especially since you broke my favorite mug.”

A moment of silence for Twilight's favourite mug. :ajsleepy:
Requescat in Pace.

A small smile formed on her face as she opened her drawer cabinet, displaying a picture gallery featuring her and Spike together.

:rainbowderp: Not sure if this was because of the star's wish...
... or it was there all along. :raritywink:
Oh ambiguous ending...

I quite liked this. I half expected Rarity to go sort of OOC when the wish took effect, but the only OOC-ness is that at the end, Rarity said "Yeah, I bet."
Seems out of character for me. I just can't imagine her saying that.
Also, I don't really get what happened. How did Rarity go back to normal?
Anyway very interesting idea and aside from what I mentioned I quite enjoyed reading this.

That cover hit me right in the feels...........all two of them

Acceptance of your fate/wish is what reversed it. I could have been more specific about how it happened but I think most got the picture...I think :twilightsheepish:

Ohhh, okay :twilightsmile:. It may be that I've had horrible sleep lately. Or maybe I just derp sometimes :derpytongue2:.

so good and clean that it can be an episode on the show.

Can you make a version of this where he never gets tired of the attention she is giving him?

Can't say I will. That would kind of ruin the point of the story to me.

Now if you want a Sparity tale that actually has the affection given mutual and not tiresome...well...just stick around :raritywink:

Nice and sweet.:moustache::raritywink:

Excellent, I'm glad I checked this out.
It also reminded me of a few fun facts about love, courtesy of Vsauce.


Quite so, I'd wager.

:moustache: A marvelous story! I could picture the whole tale in my head and I played out like an actual episode of MLP! Its fics like this that have been making me a much larger fan of Sparity fics.:raritywink:


Oooh, how cute the two of them ^^

Spike should'a dragoned up and came up from behind her in the first place!

Dat ending!:pinkiehappy: She loved him before the star.:twilightsmile:
Love me a good Sparity :raritywink::heart::moustache:

Glad you liked :pinkiehappy:. I work hard on best pairing :moustache::heart::raritywink:

They really are the best pairing!:twilightsmile:
The only pairing better than Sparity is Mi Amore Armor, and they're already married!:rainbowkiss:

The good:
Rarity, Spike, and Twilight all seemed pretty in-character. Most people tend to screw that up somehow.
This teaches a good lesson so many people learn the heard way; there is a such thing as too much time with somebody. Reminds me of my ex
Zecora's lines were good, and not forced. Kudos.
Had some nice feels.
Made me genuinely wonder if that was a plot that Twilight and Rarity put together to punk Spike and teach him a lesson. Was a nice little mystery, and what really got me to stick around.

The bad:
Pacing was all over the place. In one sentence Spike is walking home, next sentence he's inside and talking to Twilight. Just as an example.
Way too much use of "Spikey Wikey", it's like Lavender-Unicorn Syndrome. Gets a bit tiring to read.
Very rushed feel, like you wanted it done as quickly as possible.

The ugly:

Knock Knock!

Narrate the knocking.

“I’m not sure. “I don’t understand what would make Rarity so attached to you all of a sudden...”

Extra space, cause I got the eyes of a hawk:trollestia:

““I knew my little helper would appreciate such a divine gem. I hope you enjoy your snack Spike.”

Whoops, extra quotation and extra space:facehoof:

I won't point out every little thing I saw, those were just the most noticeable:twilightblush:

I'll leave this with an upvote for the story, and the good lesson it teaches while having a nice atmosphere, and a bit of mystery.
However, it does need some editing, mostly in the pacing department. There's little things all over the place my editor would skin me for:raritydespair:

tl;dr fix the pacing and little errors and it'll be a masterpiece:moustache:

So, besides Hydras, Manticores, Parasprites and Changelings, Equestria also has an enormous monkey's paw in the sky? :derpyderp1:
Wow... Our earth suddenly seems really cozy.
Just kidding.
I really liked the story and Spike's learning his lesson. Even though I expected the story to take a more "The way she acts, she just is not Rarity anymore" kind of turn. But what you did was very elegant.
Great story! Fav and Upthumb :yay:

I wish Mylittlepony is real.:derpytongue2:

This story is insulting. Can you tell me where in the entire 7k words did Spike or Twilight worry about Rarity even once? Its all about how Spike is having a tough time, and how Spike will just have to live with it. What about Rarity? She is essentially made a slave to the wishes of another, forced to view the world a certain way, and her life will suffer because of it. Her dreams, aspirations, and relationships with friends, families and future lovers takes a back seat to a forced attraction to Spike. Not once did Twilight or Spike show concern about how this affects her, and instead just focus on how they should help Rarity for Spikes sake.

She trotted back to the library to break the bad news to Spike.
“Spike, I’m sorry to say this but there’s no solution. You’ll just have to live with it.”
There was no answer.
“I know this is upsetting but there was nothing I could do about it!”

“What! So I have to live with this for the rest of my…urm…her life?”
Twilight nodded.
“Oh that’s just great! So now I’m stuck with Rarity until one of us croaks!”
“Well you have no one to blame but yourself,” Twilight lectured. “You were the one to wish for this to happen.”
“It’s not really my fault. How would I know that my wish would have actually been granted? I still care for her, but this is just ridiculous.”
“She never gives me my own personal space! Half the time I don’t even have the energy to do anything because she’s too busy sucking whatever life I have out of me…”
“Spike, I wouldn’t…”
“…and on top of that she doesn’t know when to leave me alone! I’ll be eating a stack of sapphires and she’ll be breathing down my neck!”
Twilight kept trying to motion Spike to cease what he was saying.
“Yeah, I know you don’t like me whining but I just don’t want to hang around Rarity that much anymore. She’s being a little, well, grabby and as much as I hate to say this, it’s really getting annoying and old. It kind of makes me wish I never…”

If I were Rarity I'd tell both Spike and Twilight to go fuck themselves.

The next day Spike & Rarity bumped into each other at sugarcube corner. "Rarity?" Spike smiled .
Rarity cooed "My Spikey wikey how about we enjoy some Vanilla Oat Swirl Ice Cream together?" :raritywink:
"Sure thing!" spike answered "Hey Pinkie ..."
Rarity finished "One bowl of your finest Vanilla Oat Swirl Ice cream Please Miss Pie" She looked deep in the Drakes eyes, He swallowed and smiled back at her.:moustache:
I hope you like Marsh mellow bits with your ice cream my Spikey poo?" They sat down and she took a vanilla blob and smeared it on Spikes snout,
He looked in suprize as she licked it off playfuly "Sharing is such good fun!":facehoof::duck::moustache:
Pinkie bounced by and droped a baby supplies Catalog on the table"That's how the Cakes got Pumpkin & Pound.You silly fillies"

Aww, what a nice, cute and silly story. I loved it and I like that Rarity invites him back at the end, like going through this and hearing what happened and what he did for her changed her mind about his affections a little. It was sweet.

Little to mushy in the beginning but its a cute story indeed! :raritywink:

It's a cool story. One that I could totally see being an actual episode of the series.
I would've liked to see a few scenes in which Spike grows increasingly dissatisfied, tough. There's this one paragraph that states 'after a couple days, he came to regret it, because she started to smother him'. Even that would fit absolutely perfectly within the storytelling structure of the shows episodes, but I nevertheless would've liked to... 'experience that for myself', basically? Instead of being told.
Doesn't change that this is a great story, tough.
Thank you!

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