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"To my dearest friend, Twilight.

I know you have heard the rumors of how we handled your death, but I want to lear things up."

A death of a loved one is never easy. A death of a friend is hard and impossible to get over. For the element of laughter, this is true as well. How does one who embodies the spirit of hope and life, cope with the loss of her dear friend. This...is Pinkie's story.

A Fall of Starfleet side fic.

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congrats on the oneshot. would like to read more of that sort

This was really sad but sweet, and I don't know why anyone would downvote it.


I am going to say that two of them are probably people who might of confused this with Fall of Equestria and thought this was full of raping Cariboou.

The other probably just hates sad stories.

7631568 Ah. That series.
I was going to say one of the downvotes may have come from You-Know-Who, but then thought better of it.

This is really sad, but really sweet at the same time. Congrats, you might be the best Pinkie Pie writer I have come across on this site.

Poor Pinkie and everypony of the Mane six.Also*grabs a scythe*Which one of you stardweebs taunted her, I will have your wings!

Really gives me "Lithium" vibes.

"I like it, I'm not gonna crack
I miss you, I'm not gonna crack
I love you, I'm not gonna crack"

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