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Set a few months before the main story, we visit the world of Starfleet before Conquest's war. We spend a day looking into the lives of three ponies as they look upon the world that is before them and the future that lies ahead. What does Hearth's warming bring to our friends and heroes.

As Usual, don't own Starfleet characters. That is Mykan.

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It was founded on Equestria and therefore it was FOR Equestria. It plays no part for Unicornicopia or anything related in such a way.

Right, Myke. And Christmas is never celebrated outside Rome where it originated.

Come to think of it, are ANY holidays celebrated in Unicornicopia or United Equestria?


The only one that shows up in the cannon that we see anybody celevrate is founder's day, wich is, of courser dedicated to how awesome and wonderful Grand Ruler is.

Remember, Accordin to Starfleet cannon...HEarth's Warming Eve, never happened. There was no seperation between three tribes,no unifcation, and o story. Appeartenlty, according to Starfleet, all of hat strife never exisited.

“Hurt her heart, even think about betraying her trust, and I will have a new draconic shield in my room,” Esteem said, walking away from Spike.

...Is he implying he has an old draconic shield?

Also, I think the last sentence in the story is incomplete.


Of course! Good guys willingly hating and fighting each other for longer than a few hours? How totally preposterous!!

Nice to see a Unicornicopian be affected by the holiday spirit too.


Yes, Esteem is. That was the first and last time a Bad dragon got within five feet of his little Rarity. The moral is, don't scare his nieces and even think about hurting them.

The Diamond Dogs should consider themselves lucky.


I just love how it kind of ruins his whole "Ponies don't know pain and hatred" ideals and he is forced to remove it to make sure he is right. A little selective editing hurt nobody.


I am glad too.

Comment posted by N Harmonik deleted Feb 13th, 2017

Starfleet really needs to calm down. They're worse than actual totalitarian regimes. Name me a totalitarian regime, no matter how oppressive, and I'll name you a few holidays of theirs.

And good Heart Warming's Eve to everyone.

I just wonder why isnt this in the heartwarming section of your Rise of Harmony Fanfic...
I mean Daphne's and Buddy's relationship is too adorable ...


Well, as always, I hope that people with Tvtropes accounts will put their favorite heartwarming moments into the section.

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