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A year ago, no pony thought there was much to celebrate on Hearth's Warming. They were under the rule of a dicatator, under times of war, and their savior was dead. Now, times have changed on the small planet of equines: the war is over, freedom is restored, and Twilight Sparkle is alive once more.

Hearth's Warming is here again, and the Equestrians can celebrate it with good friends, family, and a song in their hearts. However, there are still some souls that could need help, and what is Hearth's Warming, but a time to help those in need?

Chapters (4)

"To the city of Titans you will go, to the days of future past and back through Apocalypse. See the end of ends, and then battle my illusion.

Twilight and friends find themselves in a world of heroes, changed into their power ponies selves. There they must ask, who sent them and why? Meanwhile, two young women deal with nightmares from their past, reminding them of the horrors that they have wrought. United, the trio must go through challenges and many battles to find the cause of all of it, and save the universe once again.

They will travel through hell and back, seeing once and for all the heart of a hero and why friendship will never fail.

A crossover between X-men, Teen Titans, and MLP.

Chapters (5)

One night, Rarity tells her daughter a story about her. About her life and a question that she still has yet to answer. Is she still pure or is she a tarnished diamond.

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Feburary 14th, just a few months before the war of Conquest. Lighting discovers Applejack is missing from her post on this day and goes on a hunt for her. Everypony around him tells him to stay away and leave Applejack alone on this day of all days. What is important about this day and why is Applejack gone? Where did she run to?

The answers lie at the base of two tree entwined with each other and a rock that reads "PB + BM" and in the distant past.

A fall of Starfleet side story.

Chapters (1)

Far from the war with Conquest, far from the strife and struggles of Starfleet, and far from home, Sunset Shimmer awaits the end of Summer and the beginning of her senior year. Her friends are all waiting to finish their days of school and begin their lives as adults.

However, a dark cloud hangs over the rise of their futures. A being seeks to corrupt and change all that the heroes of the world have fought for. He seeks to destory the world and devimate the lives of all that Sunset has come to love.

She will face war and strife, love and loss, on this...her final adventure.

A crossover with Power Rangers, Digimon, and Yu-Gi-Oh.

Chapters (8)

Set a few months before the main story, we visit the world of Starfleet before Conquest's war. We spend a day looking into the lives of three ponies as they look upon the world that is before them and the future that lies ahead. What does Hearth's warming bring to our friends and heroes.

As Usual, don't own Starfleet characters. That is Mykan.

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"To my dearest friend, Twilight.

I know you have heard the rumors of how we handled your death, but I want to lear things up."

A death of a loved one is never easy. A death of a friend is hard and impossible to get over. For the element of laughter, this is true as well. How does one who embodies the spirit of hope and life, cope with the loss of her dear friend. This...is Pinkie's story.

A Fall of Starfleet side fic.

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