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Fuck you kids, fuck you Pinkie, fuck you Dash and specially fuck you b:yay:ch wife.

Lol that pretty much sums it up :)

The story potential to be really good. Other than a few errors the writing was good. But (I hate to say this) it feels like them being anthro isn't called for (is it ever), it doesn't add to the story. If they were ponies it would have played out almost exactly the same with the only real difference being how he hid his scars and how he held the knife when he killed himself. Anyway it's your fic abd there's definitely worse ones out there so this earns a plus in my book.

I can deel with ponies getting set on fire killed tourted the hole 7 miles but if theres one thing I hate its cutting dont get me wrong this is a great story and I praise you for the fact you wrote a dark story not one of mindless killing and what not but just depression and what people do to themselve. I may not like cutting but I loved the fact you used it in the story, I would have liked to know who did it but I can live with out knowing but you know whats comming know people who want to see how the kids and Chreerlee react

5301373 I know what you mean about the anthro not strictly being necessary for this fic. That's just how I prefer to write my stories.

Thanks for reading :)

5302566 I might do a sequel to this, as with most things it depends upon my mood on a given day. Thanks for taking the time to read it

5302811 thankyou very much

Very good! Could use some indentation and there a few other mistakes, but other than that it's great! Keep up the good work!

PS: I'd very much like to see how you do with a similar concept where the main character just grows numb to everything instead of ending it.

Anyway, I look forward to reading the other great stories you will no doubt make!

5318837 generous praise indeed, thankyou very much, I'm glad you liked it. I may do an alternate version sometime, if demand warrants it :)

5318843 besides, who knows the stallion my survive the suicide attempt and be found in time. Who knows? ;)

5318872 if you want more, ask. I'll happily supply the demand :)

This was a truly awesome story, though it was sad. No offense, but the mare was no mare. I'd call her a bitch, but that would insult dogs lol. No mother or woman would leave her children and husband like this, yet sadly it happens every day giving women a bad reputation. You did an awesome job depicting how she left and how it, and the depression, effected him.

5391580 glad you liked it sunny, this was a tough one to write actually, I know a lot of readers are sensitive to the subject material

5391602 It can be tough to use it, but you did an excellent job on it!

Solid work. It's sad to see how families become separated and the following consequences it has on everyone. It would wear away anyone's mind when you find out that the one you loved for so long leaves you suddenly. The cracks in this guy's psyche are growing larger by the second as he continues to press on with his hectic daily routine.
There is a lot of telling in this. I understand it's a first person view but I don't feel like I'm reading an actual story, more like you're telling me what's going on and that detracts from the impact of your work.

I love all of your work, the detail and effort put into it all is amazing.
Especially this one.

5806196 thankyou for the lovely comment, i do appreciate it

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